Sunday, April 26, 2009

RiteAid 4/26-5/2 And One Krazy Scenario!!

Electrasol/Finish Quantum Tabs (12 ct) $4.49
Submit for the $1.50 SCR
Also Use the $2.50/1 from 4/19
Final Price: $.49

Skintimate Shave Gel $2.99
Submit for the $2.49 SCR
Also Use the $.75/1 from 4/26
Final Price: FREE

Mini Drops Eye Therapy $.649
Submit for the $6.49 SCR
Final Price: FREE

Okay so here are where things get tricky. Thanks to abundantfoodsavings for this info...

There are a few items in which you can double dip rebates this week! Check it.

Rebate #62 - Purchase $25 of select Bayer, Johnson & Johnson or Wyeth products get a $10 rebate

Rebate #50 - purchase select Johnson & Johnson products get $5 When you Buy $15 OR Get $8 When you Buy $20 OR $10 When you Buy $25

(okay- so basically when you purchase products that qualify for both rebates, you can submit just have to stay in the guidelines of both rebates)

Included in both rebates are Tylenol 8 Hour, Arthritis, PM or Rapid Release 100 ct, or PM Rapid Release and St. Joseph Aspirin 180 ct

So Purchase $25 in Tylenol Products Listed Above!
Use the Rite Aid $5 off $25 HERE
Use the $1/1 HERE or HERE
You will also have coupons in lots of weeks of inserts 4/5, 3/22, 2/8, 2/22, 3/1
Even with ONLY the Rite Aid $5 off coupon These Items will be FREE with both rebates!


Blue said...
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Blue said...

okay i've gone to the newbie page and looked at the definitions to see what SCR is, but it's not listed there. Can you tell me what that is? I (gasp!) actually have last weeks coupons (i was on a flight and collected SS & RPs from customers) so i could do the electrosol tabs deal...which would be awesome. but i don't know what SCR is. thanks!

Anonymous said...

scr is single check rebate. Pick up RiteAids latest refund book usually at the front door of the store. You can submit your total rebate once per month either by mail or on line. Either way they send out one check.

Lara said...

I've got the SCR down and just did this online for the electrosol and the skintimate, but I'm confused about how to submit for rebates #50 & #62 (Tylenol deal). Thanks!

Lara said...

Or maybe since I just entered my entire receipt, will all of the rebates go through automatically?
Thanks! :)

Jilene said...

are these deals BEFORE or AFTER coupons?

Heather Wheeler said...

Jilene- I am not sure what mean mean exactly.... If I don't answer your questions feel free to ask again! :)
The first deals show the sale price, then what coupon to use, then the final price after any coupons or rebates.
The Tylenol deal doesn't list any prices, but you will just have to spend $25 before coupons and tax.
Lara- I am not an avid RiteAid shopper so I am going to look into what you asked and come back and comment. I am not ignoring you though!

Amber Schmidt said...

I am not an avid Rite Aider either but I am in NEED of tylenol!!! I may have to figure this one out!

Lara said...

I just received an email update on my RiteAid rebates...all four (skintimate, electrosol, and #50 & #62 for Tylenol) were added just by entering my one receipt-$24.24 coming back to me so far for this month! This is so easy! Pretty cool! :)

trash2cash4u said...

I am having some problems with this deal. I will contact Rite Aid, of course, but thought I'd should run it past you ladies ( and guys!) also. I purchased 4Tylenol products totalling over $25along with some other items, used the $5/$25 coupon and two $3/2 Tylenol coupons. I have been doing the SCRs for several years now, so I am familiar with the system and really read the fine print. All of the items I purchased were either Extra Strength or 8 Hour products, so they should have gone for either rebate. I did 2 (not identical as there was not enough product stocked) transactions because I use my mom's address as well. My accounts are showing that the #50 went through on both, the #62 is showing unqualified on one stating that not all items were purchased and #62 does not show up on the other at all. I will double check my receipts, but unless something rang up for a lesser price and I didn't catch it, I don't know what's going on and I don't want to miss out on this deal! Note: some of the items I purchased were Extra Strength but then said rapid release or something like that, too... Lara or anyone else who has done this deal successfully, I would be interested to know what you purchased. Sorry for the lengthy comment. =)

Heather Wheeler said...

I haven't done this one, but make sure you purchase PM or Rapid Release 100 ct. or PM Rapid Release 80 ct. specific versions for rebate #62