Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ronald McDonald House Wish List

Did you know that the Idaho Ronald McDonald house has a wish list for food and toiletries that they are in need of? Right now they need breakfast and granola bars. I'm so excited that our reader, Rebecca let me know about the wish list. I can't wait to have another place to donate when I find a great deal. Don't know what the Ronald McDonald house is? It is a home to families of children facing many pediatric illnesses, from the relatively minor to serious and life-threatening. The majority of families staying at the House have premature babies being treated in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit; children in the critical care/trauma unit; or those undergoing treatment for cancer or leukemia. Check out their wish list here and keep them in mind next time you're building your stock pile!

The Make-A-Wish foundation (which grants wishes to children with life threatening conditions) here in Idaho needs your help! Right now Betty Crocker is doing a Stirring Up Wishes which they are going to grant twelve wishes in twelve weeks. At last check Idaho was in fifth place for their respective category and we are hoping that if everyone will go on this website and place a vote that we can change that! Thanks Amanda for making sure that we were aware of this important campaign!

One last do-gooder spot for Tiffany Reeder Photography. Tiffany is passionate about adoption and she wrote in to let us know that she gives $100 off her photo sessions for all adoptive families. If you know someone who'd be interested visit her blog.


Pattie said...

The Ronald McDonald house is a great organization and I encourage you all. Most of us have children and never know if we could find outselves there one day. When my son decided to come at 29 weeks I was lucky enough to live close enough, but many of his newborn 'friends' were from other places. 2 in particular were there from Twin Falls and they literally 'live' in this home for months until they can bring their baby home. And they arent working so they can be close to thier chiildren so money is usually tight. Another was from the San Francisco area and was born after his moms water broke while visiting friends when we left he had already been there for 2 months. His parents knew nobody, but his dad took time off work and they never left.

Brittany said...

New blinkie = HOT

Joanie Demer said...

Thanks Brittany,
You will always win the most observant award! I'm pleased with how it turned out too. Just call me the blinkie makin' machine!

AMBER said...

My daughter has had 18 surgeries,with several more to come. 17 of them have been in Washington. We travel to Seattle sometimes as much as every 3 weeks for care for 2 of my 4 girls. It would be impossible for her to receive care if it weren't for RMH. Thanks for reminding me. I have always wanted to help out the one locally by hosting a dinner, but have not been able to by myself.

Hey- that's a thought- we could get together and host a dinner for them.
Basically you just call and arrange for a night to cook a big dinner for families. Bring food (shouldn't be hard for us to get, hehe), cook, and maybe do a craft with older kids or siblings that might be there.

Joanie Demer said...

Amber, What a strong woman you are! I wish you and your daughters all the best. I love your idea about Ronald McDonald volunteer service. What if KCL promoted a Ronald McDonald dinner every other month? We could alternate that with the Idaho Food Bank. We're doing the Food Bank in May, but we could start preparing for Ronald McDonald in June. How many people are needed to put on a dinner? Send KCL an email and let's talk more about it!

Keri Lyn @ She Saved said...

Awesome Post! What a great idea and so easy to do. Thanks for the info...and please keep up posted of what their Wish List is from time to time!
At one time, I took bags (and I mean bags!) Of new, unused stuffed animals (you know how these seem to take over your house!) to see if they could use them and they told me that they actually (at that time) had too many of that type of thing. The woman there referred me to Nursing Homes, Care Centers, etc for passing out these furry friends. It turned out to be SUCH a great idea and I had never expected it to be the hit that it was. So now, we keep a bin just for the "extra" stuffed animals that seem to find their way into our home (ok...the socks sneak out an the stuffed animals sneak does that work!!??) and sometime around a holiday we will go pass them out.
Anyway ~ thanks for the RMH reminder...a great local organization!!

AMBER said...

Info on "Food From the Heart" meal program

It is so nice to have dinner prepared when you have a kid who is drugged up and in pain, so you don't have to have them sit in the dining area for you to prepare, eat, then clean up. And it is a wonderful chance for the families to visit with each other. Or when you need to get back to the hospital and don't have the time or energy to do it yourself. We always look foreward to dinner nights when we are at RMH.

So now we just would need to pick a day, call and see if that day is available. Then decide on a meal.

I could do anything but mondays.