Thursday, April 16, 2009

Siam Thai Review: 4 Stars

I will preface this review by saying that I am very easy to please. Dinner without Kids automatically gets 4 Stars. Dinner without Kids that I don't have to cook or clean up after... were talking 5 stars right there!!!

Visit Siam Thai
Meridian Location
2951 E. Overland Rd, Meridian, ID 83642
Tel: 208-898-8939

Atmosphere: 4.5
It was nothing fancy- but it was clean and quiet- which is a big deal to me, I hate nothing more than LOUD music and waitresses singing happy birthday at a restaurant. It reminded me of other Thai restaurants I have been to... similar decor and feel.

Family Friendly: 3 Stars
There were kids there while we were there, and they seemed very welcomed, there are also highchairs available upon request, but no kids menu. Our waiter said that they do half meals on request, which could work, but besides the rice, I have no idea what I would order my kids!

Service: 5 Stars
Our drinks stayed full, our waiter has helpful with ordering, and everyone was SO NICE. The owner came out and made sure we were happy with our meals.. everything was great.

Food: 4 Stars
The portions were big, and very authentic. If you like Thai food, this will not disappoint. Anna's husband ordered the Mandarin Chicken and loved it (and we caught my husband stealing off his plate a few times... seriously.) My husband ordered Moo Shoo and also really liked that.

Price: 4 Stars
Price is good for what you get.

Overall: 4 Stars
I will definitely go back- especially when I am craving some Good Spicy Thai food. I had a great experience!

Also, thanks to author Anna and her husband for joining my husband and I- and helping with the review. I just want to apologize again for my husband and his "Russian Accent"... I am sorry we all had to endure that the entire evening!

Have you visited Siam Thai? If so, leave a comment and add your review!


andrea.roche said...

Looks yummy....but not as good as melting pot tonight!

Chelsea said...

I know the majority of readers here are in Idaho, but I just wanted to mention (for all us Utah'ns) that there is a new restaurant opening in Centerville, UT and they are giving away free burgers, just join the mailing list!

TheTalkingTurtle said...

If this is the Thai restaurant near Timberline in Boise we have been here during a very crowded lunch hour and couldn't understand why it was packed! The food was mediocre, at best. It sounds like the kind of place where certain entrees are good and others are not. :-(

TheTalkingTurtle said...

PS --- ADDRESS & CITY published alongside each restaurant review would be helpful to all of the readers. Thanks so much!

Anna said...

Heather, the accent was great. We had tons of fun! (Ryan wouldn't have eaten all of that food anyway) We would love to do it again!

Allmaras said...

The Pad Thai is good!