Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sunday 4/26 Papers $0.50!! KRAZINESS!

The Chevron at the Idaho Center is going KRAZY! They still have Press Tribune Sunday papers with 2 inserts in stock and ready to sell for ONLY $0.50 each! This unheard of price is effective all week or until the papers are gone. The convenient store owner is selling these for less than he paid- all because he loves to meet Krazy Coupon Ladies! Here are just a few highlights of the tons of coupons inside each paper. In addition to these pictured coupons there are TONS of PURINA coupons for dog and cat food. And LOTS more LYSOL. This is a great insert to prepare for free/cheap Lysol cleaning supplies the next time KMart double.
For you newbies: We suggest buying 4-6 copies (Can you believe it will only cost $2-3.00?!) to start your coupon collection!
This is BAR NONE the CHEAPEST you'll see any Sunday paper in the Treasure Valley EVER!


Tiffani said...

That's a great deal -it's just a little far! Thanks for the heads up, though!

gina said...

I agree. Too far. Wont having coupon images posted like that promote fraud or something?

Nice site you have here.

Joanie Demer said...

Hope our readers in Nampa or West Meridian can take advantage of the offer. Hot Mama, I borrowed the images from Ebay. There will always be fraud, we're obviously not trying to promote it. I don't know of any local stores that would fall for a photocopied/printed newspaper coupon. Don't anybody try it!