Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thunder Mountain Line: Special Offer

They are extending the Buy One Get One Free offer to ALL AVAIABLE EXCURSIONS
This includes the excursions where a meal is served!!
Only available to the FIRST TEN Callers on each excursion!!
The BOGO offer for non-food excursions remains limited only by availability.

Have you noticed our newest KCL advertiser offering a special promo just for our readers? It's the Thunder Mountain Line: scenic Idaho train rides
Can you hear your children squealing with delight? And here's the offer that will make you squeal too. Just for KCL readers, for a limited time Buy One Get One FREE for all available excursions. Based on availability only and must make advanced reservations over the phone 331-1184. Not valid with any other offer. Ask for the Krazy Coupon Lady special to recieve discount when booking over the phone.
Hope some of you and your families can enjoy this deal. I'm going at the beginning of May and my son can't wait! Thanks Thunder Mountain!


Road to 26.2 said...

If you have never been on this ride you should! We've taken our kids on this numerous times (thanks Grandma Jan!). It is a fun and unique experience.

TheTalkingTurtle said...

Just rode through this area yesterday and everything is so much greener this time of year. Saw deer, blue herons, eagles, osprey, etc. and small yellow wildflowers, too. And very brave (or crazy?) kayakers in the frigid Payette! :-)

Camille said...

We did this last year and had a blast! My daughter was only 7 months, but my neices and nephews enjoyed it soooo much!

The Barker Clan said...

Anyone have an idea of what the initial cost per person is? per child? Will they allow more than one buy one get one per family? We have wanted to do this and it would be great to get a good deal on it!

Joanie Demer said...

Barker Clan,
I'm doing the "Horseshoe Bend Express" in a few weeks and that's one of the cheaper runs. It's $26/adult and $16/child. Check out their rates here: http://www.thundermountainline.com/rates09.htm

E.Daw said...

Just wondering...is it bogo on all passengers? In other words, if I have 10 people that wanted to ride, would it be the cost for five, or is it one bogo per family/household?

I have several children and have always wanted me and them to experience the TML but have put it off until they got older because of the cost. This sounds like a great deal for a family!

Julie Hall said...

I had a ton of questions so I called Thunder Mountain to get more info. I believe the gal I spoke to was named Kristie and she was super nice. She said with the BOGO offer, that is good for the train tickets only. If you choose one of the rides that include dinner, then the free ticket holders will still have to pay for their food. And yes, if you have a bunch of people going - let's say 10 - than you will pay for 5 tickets and get 5 free. Children 3 and under are free. Oh, and it sounds like you need to make your reservations before June 18 to get this promotion. Sounds like a lot of fun! Thanks KCL!

JoAnna D. said...

I just placed my order for 2 adults and 4 children (under 3 are free) and it was only $40 something dollars. That is so much cheaper than our annual "Day out with Thomas' excursion we've been going on the past few years. My little train enthusiasts are sure to enjoy this.

Thanks KCL's!