Friday, April 24, 2009

Tombstone Pizza Rebate

Ha ha! I had a good laugh about this Rebate. Go HERE to print it and to see all the details...

  • Purchase 7 Pizzas and receive a $5 credit
  • Purchase 12 pizzas and receive a $10 credit
  • Purchase 17 pizzas and receive a $15 credit

When you mail in the rebate, be sure to include a copy of the Utility Bill you want to receive the credit!


RDavidson said...

I am going to take a moment to vent. I recently moved to Denver for the summer for my husbands job. I knew moving her would have its perks and disadvantages when it comes to my couponing. One of the disadvantages is no stores carry the sunday paper past Sunday, and no good coupon-newspaper-deals. A perk is they almost always have the sale things in stock because they dont have a whole city of women trying to buy them.

So today I got an add for "Kings scoopers" grocery store in the mail. Across the top it said "Double coupons". So I look at the back page in small print and it says "Coupons up to 50 cents doubled up to $1. 51 cents to 99 cents redeemed at $1. Coupons over $1 redeemed at face value." Okay so fine. I think COUPONS OVER $1 REDEEMED AT FACE VALUE. So that means they will not double my $1.50, $2.00 coupons right? Well I go the the store, spend an hour getting everything worked out and perfect. Only to get up the checkout counter and find out they will not double my $1.00 coupons! I was furious to say the least. Am i wrong? What would you think when you read Coupons over $1 redeemed at face value?

Mackenzie said...

I was just turned onto your blog (which I love by the way)by my sister....but I live in Arizona and have been noticing that the store sales are quite different. Do you know of anybody who does this type of thing in AZ or where I can find out all the screaming deals. Any help would be great. Thanks a ton, I now love using coupons because of you.