Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Walgreens Clearance

I made a trip to Walgreens yesterday to look at the Easter candy clearance. They still had a pretty good selection and I was able to get 4 bags of Crunch Easter eggs for $.75 using a $1 off 2 printable (sorry, I can't remember where I printed it) and a bag of Hershey's Bliss for $1 using the $1 off 1 coupon from 4/5. There were lots more, I just didn't have anymore coupons. The best part was that at the checkout, a register reward printed for $10 off a purchase of $25 or more at Fashion Bug! I heard that there was a deal on Scunci Elastics 18 ct. for $2 with a $2 register reward making them free. I wanted to get them but by this time my almost 2 year old son had unwrapped a chocolate egg, managed to eat half and get the rest all over his face, hands, and shirt, gallop around the entire store where I could only find him by the sound of his little shoes clopping on the floor, run all the way behind the photo counter to help the cashier check someone out, and run out the front door towards the parking lot as someone walked in, all the while leaving little chocolate fingerprints on anything he touched! Needless to say, I left the Scunci's for the next KCL.


Joanna said...

Yes, I think they are part of the Scunci deal. My husband was rolling that deal this morning and he came home with a couple $10.00 off a $25.00 purchase and $10.00 off $30.00 purchase. You can use them in the store or online.

Heather Wheeler said...

Anna I can just picture Logan running through the store!... I am glad to know my kids aren't the only naughty ones out there!

Anna said...

I never actually bought the Scunci's so I'm not sure why I got the RR......

mrsmorris said...

What a sweet (no pun intended) story. That little boy is going places! Mine is 14 now and doing great (no arrests, doesn't talk back, Honor Roll) but I still long for the days when I could scoop him up in my arms (chocolate and all) and hold him tight.

Julee said...

I got a $10 fashion bug coupon from my Albies shopping trip last night - didn't read to see how much I have to spend though.

Steelefamily04 said...

I just went to walgreens and I got..
6 pack schwick intuitions 3.29, 3.00 coupon
speed stick deodorant .82
.75 coupon
degree mens deodorant 1.09
.50 coupon
olay face cleaner 1.89
1.00 coupon
secret deodorant 1.09
.75 coupon
hope this helps someone

mrsmorris said...

My second post today, but my first nightmare at Walgreens. Purchased 6 of the trial size Degree, 1 Colgate toothbrush (used $1 coupon) and 1 box of baby aspirin on clearance. Paid with 2 $3.50 RR and 1 $1.50 RR - owed $1.85 OOP.

My $6 RR printed out, and before I could ask where the $3.50 RR (for the toothbrush) was, Jackie the cashier took the $6 RR, folded it in half and clutched it to her bosom. Then she said, in a tone usually reserved for four year olds, "You can't have this. You paid for these with coupons."

I asked how RR were considered coupons and Jackie didn't know. Nor did she have any authority to hold my RR hostage. I swear she had an invisible line of nitrous oxide running to her nose. Just that head in the clouds, TRA LA TRA LA type person. She said she couldn't give me the RR and was looking at me like I was trying to scam Walgreens.

The asst. manager appeared and she too was confused by Jackie's refusal to cough up the RR. She went to ask the manager, who told her "if the machine prints it out, they can have it." Crisis #1 solved. THEN I asked about my RR for the toothbrush. Jackie told me that offer wasn't a RR, it was a mail in and she handed me the Easy Saver booklet. Thanks Jackie, but you're wrong I thought to myself. Went back and double checked, just to be sure. Told her it was in fact a RR. She then walked back to the aisle and returned with an orange sign saying how it was a mail in. I went back with her, pointed to the toothbrush I purchased and the RR sign above it. I would have been a happy, HAPPY camper if just once she had apologized for being wrong three times. But no, nothing. She just turned and went back to her register.

I wanted to purchase the toothbrush separately and they were fine with that, but they had to void my entire transaction first, return the RR I paid with, get back their $6 RR from me, and start all over. When I purchased the toothbrush separately and used my $1 coupon, the RR DID print out.

So I am guessing (as I am still new to the Walgreens RR system) that because one of the $3.50 RR I used to purchase the toothbrush the first time around had come from a toothPASTE purchase last week. Do you think that's why it didn't print the first time?

I was certainly willing to have them cancel the entire transaction rather than scam ME out of $9.50 in RR. The asst manager told me the whole thing confuses them, too. I said I understood that and my ohly real complaint was a clerk who was wrong three times and never apologized.

Sorry this was so long....

andrea.roche said...

Everytime I go to Walgreens lately, it seems they are out of EVERYTHING. anyone else running into this problem?

Joanna said...

Yep, I know what you mean. Sometimes I'll ask when the next truck is coming in and try to plan to be there early that morning, or at least by noon.

Wow 2 AM? Not that early :)

Emily C. said...

Mrs Morris--yes, you were right, you can't use a Colgate RR to purchase another Colgate product, or another RR won't print out. This same rule applies to any brand--you can't use a skintimate RR to pay for the Edge Shaving stuff--they are made by the same company as well. That's why it's helpful to find two or more products offering a RR that are made by different companies and them buy them alternately to roll the RR. For instance, this week they have the chapstick 100% naturals for 1.99, gives back a 2.00 RR. They also have the Scunci elastics for 2, gives back a 2.00 RR. So I bought the chapstick (1.99OOP), and got my $2 RR. Then I bought the scunci's ($2), paid with my $2 chapstick RR, plus tax, got a $2 RR. Keep in mind, if you wanted to roll this again, you would have to buy the chapstick (1.99) and some other small item (I usually throw in a .09 pencil) to get your subtotal over $2 before you can pay with a $2 RR. But when you buy the scunci's for the second time, you won't have to add anything because thay are priced at $2 and when you pay with the $2 chapstick RR, the subtotal is zero (not negative) so the register will accept it. I hope that makes sense to everyone!