Sunday, April 5, 2009

Walgreens Deals 4/5-4/11

Easy Saver Rebates (ES)

(ES 25) Hershey Bagged Candy $2.50
-Use $1.50/3 Hershey’s coupon from SS 3/15
-Submit for $5 ESR #25 WYB 4
Final Price = $3.50 for 4 after coupon and rebate

Physician Formula Organic Wear Make Up Products (Buy $10 worth)
Use $1/1 from 2-22 Smart Source Insert
Earn $10 Easy Saver Rebate

Final Price after ESR: FREE + Overage
There's also an additional rebate you can try. Try Me Free Organic Ma

Instant Value Coupons (Find them in April Easy Saver Catalog)

Playtex Feminine Care Products $3.99
Use $1/1 from 3-22 Smart Source Insert
Earn $1/1 Walgreens Coupon from Easy Saver Catalog
Final Price: $1.99

Register Reward Deals

Chapstick 100% Naturals or True Shimmer Lip Balm or Butter .15 oz. $1.99 (Valid until 4/25)
Earn $1.99 Register Rewards
Final Price after Register Rewards: FREE

Skintimate Cream Shave $2.99 (Valid until 4/25)
Earn $2.99 Register Rewards
Final Price after Register Rewards: FREE

*Important, I was unable to roll RR from Skintamate to Edge and back and forth, etc. A new RR won't print if you attempt this!*

Edge Infused Energy Shaving Gel $3.59 (Valid until 4/25)
Earn $3.59 Register Rewards
Final Price after Register Rewards: FREE

For more Walgreens deals read Katie's post at Discount Queens.


Liberty said...

You are so awesome for providing so much info, I just had one questin about Wlgrns. They tend to be out of things A LOT. What things can I get rainchecks on? It really bothers me that they advertise something and have a shelf that jits about 15 cans on. I usually hit the overland/meridian one.

Jed and Becky said...

I have a question regarding Walgreens RR. How do you recommend using them? Buying 1/2 and then using your RR to get the second 1/2free?

Heather Wheeler said...

Liberty- You can get rainchecks on any of the sale priced items, but if something is on sale- and has either a weekly ad coupon or Instant Value Coupon (in their monthly booklet) only get a raincheck if you know they can get the products in before your store coupons expire.
Also, I would go early in the Sale (Mondays) and/or often. And learn their shipment days, so you can go on those days!
Hope this helps!

Becky- If you are buying chapstick ($1.99 RR will print) and Shave Gel ($2.99 RR will print) I would just alternate transactions, so you can use the RR from the first transaction on the second and new RR's will keep printing.
Try to find 2 products to alternate that have the same value rr printing.
Does that make sense?
Also, this month there are 2 shave gels that print rr's but you can't use those on each other- they are part of the same promo...

Becky T said...

I was wondering how you found out about the shave gel promo? I have scoured my ad from this week and last week looking for it and haven't seen it and the Walgreens by me (I live down south) never have any signage for their RR deals (don't know if it's like this everywhere or not...), so I'm kind of worried to go in there and buy it and not have it spit out a RR. Do you think it's safe to try it??

Also, I was wondering how you found out the chapstick deal goes until 4/25. I saw it in last week's ad, but didn't remember seeing that it was to go all month. Did I miss something? Just wondering how you found out about these two deals?

I know I don't live in your area, but wondered if you had any insights on this...there aren't a lot of couponers in my city so I get all of my tips from great blogs like yours! Thanks so much!

Joanie Demer said...

I'm running out the door, but I just saw your comment pop into my inbox. I got the shave gel last week and I too scoured and didn't find it in the add. But the RR printed. Just try one at a time and let the cashier know you're wanting to see if it will print. Anyone try the chapstick this week?

Gena said...

I bought a skintimate and an edge today (2 different transactions) and neither one of the RR printed. Luckily the manager was SUPER nice and helpful and he tried several times and finally got them to print. I don't know if it's working like that everywhere, or just that particular location (Ustick & 5 Mile).

Jennifer said...

I couldn't get a RR to print for the shaving gel either at the store on state (by winco). There were (small) signs on the other RR items but not on the gel. Bummer, because dh and I both use that kind of gel. I did get a RR for the chapstick, toothpaste, and frosting no problem.

Thrifty Queen said...

I have been told by Walgreens that if you use a RR then a RR will not print. I was very discouraged and have not been using my RR because they are not excepting them and a coupon or a RR will not print if a RR is used. Am I crazy!!! I need to know if you can use a RR to pay for something and still get a RR to print after (as long as it is not the same item).

Heather Wheeler said...

TQ- If you use a RR on the same product that you got it from, a new one WILL NOT print. If you use a RR from something else, a new one WILL print. The Walgreen's system counts a RR as a coupon and so you if you are using a manufacturer coupon (for a specific product) and a RR you need to make sure you have 2 items or else it won't let it go through. You need to make sure you have more products than coupons. Does that make sense?