Thursday, April 9, 2009

Walmart Deals for the Week

Okay first, if you are going to shop at Walmart- go prepared! Go here to print their coupon policy.
And just a reminder:
Walmart WILL
-Take Competitor Coupons
-Accept Printable Manufacturer Coupons
-Accept Newspaper (or regular) Manufacturer Coupons
-Price Match from a Competitor (just take the ad in)
Walmart Will Not:
-Take One Store Coupon (competitor) and One Manufacturer for 1 Product
(In other words, 1 Coupon Per Item--- your mileage may vary)

Prices may vary by store and region- but here is what is being reported

AirHeads Extremes, $0.64
Use the $.55/1 from 3/22/09
Final Price $.09

Johnson's Baby Swabs $1.38
Use the $1/1 from 3/8
Final Price: $.38

Daisy Sour Cream, $1.08
Use the $.50/1 from 4/5
Final Price: $.58

Kraft Salad Dressing $1.58
Use the $1.50/1 from 3/29
Final Price: $.08

Quaker Rice Quakes $1.38
Use the $1/1 from 3/29
Final Price: $.38

Duncan Hines Cake Mix, $0.96
Use the $.35/1 from 3/29/09
Final Price $.61

Freschetta PizzAmore, $1.98
Use the $1/1 from 3/1/09
Final Price: $.98

McCormick Seasoning Packs, $0.50
Use the $.75/1 from 4/5/09
Final Price: FREE

Tropicana Trop50, $2.00-$2.98
Use the $1/1 printable
Final Price: $1.00-$1.98

Axe Shower Gel, $0.97 (trial size)
Use the $1/1 from 4/5/09
Final Price: FREE

Kotex LightDays Pads, $1
Use the $2/2 printable
Final Price: FREE

Olay Bar Soap (2-pk.), $1.97
Use the $2/1 from 4/5/09

Thanks to moneysavingmom and dealseekingmom for help compiling the lists! Good Luck!


Niki said...

Hi all!
Anyone have any issues using the McCormick coupon for spice foil packets? Just wondering...Thanks!

Heather Wheeler said...

Niki- I haven't tried it yet, but I have a friend who did! Let us know if you go! Thanks

rcat said...

I don't know if anyone else is going to use their b2g1 crystal lite coupon at albertsons - anyway if you do and are going to the park center albies make sure you go to the back and get the crystal lite that is on clearance. It is 2.50 a pack (same as the sale price) except in the clearance packs you get 14 packs ratherj than 10. hope it makes sense or (cents) btw i have a 2 year old on my lap hence the erratic typing

Amber said...

Just an FYI for anyone in Canyon County - the Walmart by Sams Club is now taking IPs again. Halelujah!

Jord, Whit and Aspen said...

I want those Johnson baby swabs but I can't seem to find the coupon in the 3/8 SS or RP. Also one cashier told me I couldn't use the McCormick coupon on a seasoning packet so I just went to another cashier and they didn't even mention it.

Anna said...

I went and tried some of these deals at the Fairview/Eagle Walmart. The Airheads, Kraft dressing, and Axe all work (although they were out of Axe so I got it at Target). I could only find a 2 pack of Olay which was $2.48 making it .48, I'm not sure if they sell them in single bars, I couldn't find any. Finally, a big bummer, the Freschetta pizza is marked down, but for $5 instead of $1.98 so it ends up $4. :(

Debbie Budge said...

I'm trying to find the coupon for the Olay bar soap Anna. I have the 4/5 adds from the paper - where is the coupon? I can't find it! Please Help!

Niki said...
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Niki said...

Debbie,the coupon is in the middle of the P&G, on the bottom left corner of the black page.

The soap is NOT PICTURED! That's why you can't find it...but the fine print says it's good for bar packs. :)