Sunday, May 31, 2009


Old Navy Weekly is up and one of our readers reported that the
$50 off $100 coupon
is in the bottom left hand side,
click the left arrow twice until you see a blue polo shirt,
Click that --it's $50 off $100

Thanks Kelsie!!

Okay- I dragged the 3- 4th of July Shirts (1 red, 1 white, 1 blue)
into the right hand corner by the transformer shirts
and then I got the $20 off $100!

When you drag the black scarf in the right corner
and put it on the model with the blonde hair and black and white dress-
you'll get the 30% your order of $50 or more!!

Get 10% off your purchase when you drag the black and white sun dress
(in the right hand side of the screen)
onto the model with the blonde hair

CVS 5/31-6/6

- ECB stands for Extra Care Bucks and are like Register Rewards
- You will need to have a CVS Extra Care card in order to receive the ECBs
- You can sign up for a card at the store, or go here
- CVS Stores in California and Nevada are switching from Long's to CVS- and have not started the ECB program yet.
- To fin
d a store near you, go here

Krazy ECB Deals

Alka seltzer 12 ct $2.99 get $2 ECBs (limit 5)
Use $1/1 IP
Final Price: FREE after Coupon and ECB

Hawaiian Tropics Prices Buy 2 get $10 ECBs (limit 1)
Use 2 $2/1 IP
FREE plus overage after Coupon and ECB
Other Krazy Deals

Campbell’s Tomato or Chicken Noodle Soup 2/$1 (Limit 8)
Use $1/2 IP
Final Price: FREE

Arm & Hammer Detergent But One Get One Free (Limit 4)
Use 2 $1/1 IP
Final Price will Vary

Rite Aid 5/31-6/6 {2 KRAZY Transaction Ideas!}


Schick Quattro for Women Trim Style Razor or Refill, 4ct $7.99

Submit for the $3 SCR #57 (limit 1)
Also Use the $4/1 from 4/26

BUY 3 Maybelline Great Lash or Nail Color (3) for $9.99
Submit for the $5 (wyb 3) SCR #67 (limit 1)
Use (3) $1/1 Tearpads found in the store

BUY 2 John Frieda Products B1G1 starting at $5.99
Submit for SCR #6 $3 SCR (wyb 2) (limit 1)
TODAY ONLY Use the $2/1 from 4/5

BUY 1 Aquafresh Advanced Toothpaste 5.6oz-6oz, $2.49

Submit for the $2.49 SCR #99 (limit 1)

Use the $1/1 IP

Use the $5 off $25 Rite Aid Coupon

Price Before Coupons and Rebates: $26.46
Price OOP: 13.46 (not including frieda coupons)
Final Price after Coupons and Rebates: FREE!!!!

BUY 1 Wahl Clip ‘N Trim Clipper or Chrome Pro Clipper 25pc kit (Starting at) $25
Submit for the $10 SCR #74 (limit 1)
Use the $5 off $25 Rite Aid Coupon
Final Price: $10

Old Navy Weekly. . . today!

Stay Sharp today Krazy Ladies! It's Old Navy Weekly Time! We don't know when it will be up and running, maybe not til later tonight, but we do know the $75 off $100 IS BACK! Keep refreshing and then come let us know as soon as it's up. Let's see if we can help multiple KCLs score the big one!

Free V-8 Juice at Albertsons

Albertsons 46oz V8 Juice is $1.88 through June 6th. If you still have your printable
$2.00/1 V8 coupons, these will be free.
If you don't go HERE to print $1/1.
When used with a doubler it will be free too!

stay tuned for tons more krazy deals for your doublers!

Broken Heart= Mended! Albertsons Doublers are Here!

Idaho Statesman has Doubler Coupons on pg. A-11. Oh Happy DAY! THANK YOU AMY!!!

Looks like the following newspapers contain Albertsons Doublers: Idaho Statesman, Seattle Post-Intelligencer/Times, Portland Oregonian, Salt Lake City Deseret Morning News, Salt Lake City Tribune

For your Press Tribuners: Don't wallow in your grief for too long. Get creative- FAST! Think of anyone you know that you can ask for their doublers. They're so hidden I'm sure at least 95% of them never get redeemed. Consider asking people at church, neighbors, family. Do you have too much pride to go knock on a few doors? If you want doublers bad enough, you can find ways to get them!! I'll sell you mine for $4 :)

My paper, the Idaho Statesman, got 2 inserts:
I got my $1/1 8th Continent Soy Milk. . yesssss!
$1/2 scotch tape products, I'm pretty excited about
$2 off Act Mouthwash and $2 off Cutter Repellant coupons, to save for KMart Double Days
On the back of the front section, a $1.50 Target Coupon for Degree Deodorant
Albies ad with some good deals including $1.88 V-8 Fusion

Target Deals Week 5/31-6/6

Here is the list of deals and coupon match ups for this week at Target. Some of my favorites this week: the Krazy Venus Razors at $0.99, Smart Ones for $0.90, Pup-peroni $0.35 and Free Kraft Mayo! Learn before you go: Target Coupon Policy

On the back of the front section of my local newspaper was a full page ad for Degree deodorant and a $1.50 TARGET coupon. Keep your eyes peeled for yours!
Gift Card Deals & Coupon Match-Ups
Venus Embrace $7.99
$2.00/1 Venus from P&G 5/3
Final Price: $5.99
When you buy 2, final price $1.98 {or $0.99 each} after gift card savings!!

Gillette Fusion $7.99
Final Price: $15.99 for 2, and $10 gift card

Venus coupons expire today, tomorrow we'll have to pay $2.99 each instead of $0.99.

Pampers Big Pack $19.99
$1/1 from P&G 5/3 (expires today)
Final Price: $18.99, plus $4 gift card

Bounty Paper Towels 12 -pack $14.00
$1/1 Target Coupon
$0.25/1 {up to $1/1 in some areas} P&G 5/3
Final Price: $12.75, plus $4 gift card

Charmin 16 or 20 pack $14.00
$0.25/1 {up to $1/1 in some areas} P&G 5/3
Final Price {of being a TP snob} $13.75, plus $4 gift card

Tide 150 oz liquid or powder $18.99
$0.35/1 from P&G 5/3
Final Price: $18.64, plus $4 gift card

Smart Ones $1.80
$4/10 HERE
$3/10 HERE
Final Price: $14.00 plus $5.00 gift card {$0.90 each. when you buy 10, after gift card savings}

South Beach Bars 2/$5.00
$1/1 HERE
Final Price $1.50 each

Purex Complete $5.99
Final Price:$4.99

Pup-Peroni Dog Snacks $2.39
Final Price: $0.39

Poise Pads $10.99
$1.50/2 HERE
$2.00/1 Poise Printable Coupon
Final Price: $8.99, plus $5 gift card, when you buy 2

Other reported deals at Target that may vary by region
Dove Face Wipes (5 ct) $1.07
Use the $1/1 from 5/17
Final Price: $ .07

Evercare Lint Rollers (check travel size)
$1/1 HERE
Final Price: possibly FREE

Velveeta Shells & Cheese $1.50
$1/1 HERE
Final Price: $0.50 each, when you buy 2

Kraft Mayo $1.99 (varies by region)
Use $1.00/1 coupon from Smart Source insert 4/26
Use $1.00/2 Target Coupon
Final Price: $0.50 each when you buy 2

Ongoing Freebies on snack sizes by the registers or in the snack bar area:

Bliss Candy Bar $0.99
{read this post before using these coupons}
Use $1.00/1 Target Coupon
Final Price: Free

For more Krazy Target deals and for the only blog "Fe-Mascot" you'll find with skinnier legs than the Krazy Coupon Lady {wink, wink!} visit my friend, Ginger's site: Attention Target Shoppers!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Walgreens 5/31-6/6

- You can't use a RR on the same product you got it from. For example- this week if you buy the Bic Soleil Disposable Razor and a RR prints, you can't buy another Bic Razor, use the RR, and have a new Register Reward print. You can however Use the BIC RR to buy the Ban Deodorant. You could do multiple transactions with those 2 products and just swap RR's.

- Also, remember you have to have more products than manufacturer coupons, including Register Rewards. If you are buying Ban Deodorant and using a manufacturer coupon and a RR it won't let you unless you add a "filler" item (like a cheap pencil or piece of candy or a Sunday newspaper!)

-Here is what we have found is the best order to hand the cashier your coupons (if you have a different order that work better- let us know...) This way will allow for any possible overage! 1.Manufacturer Coupons,
2. Walgreen's Ad Coupons, 3. Register Rewards

Krazy In Ad Coupon Deals

Chinet Plates 2/$3

Use the $1/1 from 5/3
Final Price: $0.50

Hawaiian Tropic Tanning Oil $4.99
Use the $2/1 IP
Final Price: $2.99

One a Day Vitamins 100ct $9.79 (Save $4 Instantly at checkout)
Use the $2/1 from 4/19
Final Price: $3.79

Country Time Lemonade Mix $1.99
Use the $1.50/2 IP
Final Price: $1.24

Aquafresh Toothpaste .99¢w/in-ad coupon
Use the $1/1 IP
Final Price: $.24

Register Reward Deals

Ecotrin $2
Buy 1, earn a $2 Register Reward
Use the $2/1 from 5/17
Or Use this $2.25/1IP
or this $2/1 IP
Final Price: FREE plus $2 in overage after coupon and RR

Bayer Contour or Breeze2 $10
Buy 1, Earn a $10 Register Reward
Use (up to) $30/1 coupon from 3/1 and 3/22
Final Price: FREE plus $10 in overage after coupon and RR

Bic Soleil Disposable Razor $4.99,
Buy 1, Earn a $1 Register Reward
Use $3/1 from 5/17
Final Price: $0.99 per pack after coupon and RR

Ban deodorant 2/$3,
Buy 2, Earn a $1 RR
Use $0.75/1 from 4/5 SS insert
Final Price: $0.25 each after coupons and RR

Kerasal One Step Exfoliating Moisturizer Therapy $7.99
Buy 1, Earn a $5 Register Reward
Use the $1/1 IP (page 8)
Final Price: $1.99 after coupon and RR

Tresemme hair care products for 3 for $12
Buy 3, Earn a $5 Register Reward
Use the $1/1 IP
Final Price: $4/3 after coupons and RR

What does everyone use for "Filler" Items?? I try to find something on clearance, like yesterday I found a box of Kleenex on clearance for $.55 and used that, also their potting soil in on sale for $.99 and we need that, so that would be a good filler. If you need inserts from the paper, consider buying a copy of the Sunday Paper. What does everyone else do?

Sunday Coupon Insert Preview. . .

Aren't we ready for some new coupons? I am! Here's the complete list of coupons that may be included in the 2 inserts coming tomorrow! I bolded my favorites, hope it can help you know how many papers you want to buy, for those of you "commitment freaks" {spoken with love}, who haven't got multiple subscriptions yet! Remember, the Idaho Press Tribune is only $0.60 per Sunday paper! You won't find that price on the newsstand! Consider taking that leap and getting your subsctiption.

And don't forget to print all these coupons before the end of the month!

Act, any 18oz. any $1 (8/2/09)
Act, any 33oz $2 (8/2/09) {great when KMart doubles}
Athenos Feta Cheese .50 (7/31/09)
Bausch & Lomb Soothe and Soothe XP $3 (8/31/09)
Better than Ears, 9pk, Guilt-Free Treats, 8oz, or Nut-tastics, 10oz Dog Treats B1G1F (8/31/09) .25 each
Betty Crocker Warm Delights Bowls or Minis Bowls .50 (7/25/09)
Bisquick or Bisquick Heart Smart Baking Mix, 40oz+ .60 (7/25/09) .10 each
Biz 37.5oz, 50oz Powder or 25oz 2x Liquid $1.50 (8/31/09)
Biz 80oz Powder or 40oz 2x Liquid $2.50 (8/31/09)
Chef Boyardee Can or Microwavable Pasta .35/3 (7/12/09)
Cutter Insect Repellent (excludes Cutter Flea & Tick products) $2 (8/1/09)
Damprid Moisture Absorber $1 (9/30/09)
Dole 7 Lettuces or Tender Garden Salad Blends $1 on 2 (6/30/09)
Dole Mandarin Oranges, 11 or 15oz cans $1 on 3 (7/31/09) {use with Albies doubler}
Enfamil Premium with Triple Health Guard, 23.4oz+ powder $2 (7/31/09)
Eskimo Pie $1 (8/31/09)
Fresh Gourmet Salad Toppings, 3.5oz+ $1 on 2 12/31/09)
Frito-Lay 100 Calorie Packs, 5pk box $1 on 2 (7/5/09)
General Mills Cereals $1 on 3 (7/11/09)
Gold Bond Foot Cream, Foot Powder, or Foot Spray $1 (8/31/09)
Gold Bond Pain Relieving Foot Cream $2 (8/31/09)
Hamburger Helper, Tuna Helper, or Chicken Helper Home Cooked Skillet Meals .75/3 (7/25/09)
Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers .75 (7/12/09) .10 each
Hunts Manwich .40/2 (7/12/09)
Icy Hot, Aspercreme, Capzasin, Sportcreme or Flexall $1 (8/31/09)
Lysol Neutra Air Aerosol, 10oz B1G1F to $3.29 (7/27/09) .35 each
Lysol Neutra Air FreshMatic Starter Kit (excludes refills) $4 (7/27/09)
Maries Salad Dressing, 11.5oz – 12oz $1 (8/31/09)
Mean Green Gallon $1 (8/31/09)
Mean Green Spray, 32oz or 40oz .50 (8/31/09)
Nature Valley Granola Bars .75/2 (7/25/09)
One A Day VitaCraves Gummies or Sour Gummies $2 (8/31/09)
Oscar Mayer Cold Cuts $1 on 2 (7/26/09)
PanOxyl Facial $2 (8/31/09)
Physicians Formula Cosmetic $1 (8/31/09)
Pillsbury Refrigerated Baked Goods Products .75/3 (8/22/09)
Revlon ColorSilk $1 (6/30/09)
Revlon Frost & Glow $2 (6/30/09)
Sergeants Gold or Silver Flea & Tick Squeeze-on for Cats $1 (8/31/09)
Similasan Well Being Product $2 (8/31/09)
SoyJoy $2 on 10 (7/31/09) {another one for KMart doubles}
SoyJoy B1G1F up to $1.39 (6/30/09)
SunnyD Smoothies .55 (9/30/09)
Softsoap Ensembles Starter Kit $2 (6/27/09)
Softsoap Liquid Hand Soap, 1 refill or 2 pumps $1 ( 6/27/09)
Softsoap or Irish Spring Body Wash, 15oz+ $1 (6/27/09)
Tyson Frozen Chicken or Beef Strips $1 (8/31/09)
Tyson Heat N Eat Entrees, 17oz .55 (8/31/09)
Tyson Refrigerated Chicken or Steak Strips .55 (8/31/09)
Yoplait Go-Gurt Yogurt or Go-Gurt Fizzix .75/2 (7/25/09)
Yoplait Yogurt Cups (original, light, thick & creamy, or whips!) or Yoplait Original or Light Smoothie .40/6 (7/25/09)

Aveeno Nourish+ Hair Care Collection Shampoo, Conditioner $2 (8/31/09)
Bayer Aspirin, 10ct+ or any Heart Healthy Advantage $1 (8/31/09)
Bayer Quick Release Crystals, 10ct+ $2 (8/31/09)
Blink Tears or GelTears Lubricating Eye Drops $4 (8/1/09) {I see these on clearance racks a lot}
Complete Blink-N-Clear Lens Drops or Blink Contacts Lubricant Eye Drops $1 (8/1/09)
Complete Multi-Purpose Solution, 12oz+ $2 (8/31/09)
Daisy Brand Sour Cream, 16oz+ .50 (7/31/09)
8th Continent Soy Milk, 64oz carton $1 (6/30/09) {I'm most excited about this one! I was so sad when my last coupons expired! Priced at about $2.50 at WinCo}
International Delight Quarts, any variety $1 on 2 (7/31/09)
LOreal Excellence or Excellence Cremelights $1 (8/23/09)
LOreal Moisturizer $1 (8/23/09)
LOreal Skincare Cleanser $1 (8/23/09)
LOreal Sublime Bronze or Sublime Glow $1 (8/23/09)
Land O Lakes Butter with Canola Oil .55 (7/25/09)
Land O Lakes Half & Half any Quart+ .55 (7/31/09)
Newmans Own Pasta Sauces, Salsas, Marinades, Lemonades, or Popcorn $1 on 2 (7/26/09)
Newmans Own Salad Dressing .75 (7/26/09) .10 each
Original Batter Blaster Pancake and Waffle Batter, 18oz can $1 (12/31/09)
Pedigree Dentastix All Natural Treats for Dogs $1.50 (7/25/09)
Pedigree Dentastix Treats for Dogs $1 (7/25/09)
Sheba Premium cuts brand cat food .50/6 (7/26/09)
Thanks taylortownpreview for all the typing, so I can share!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Real Krazies need Real Chocolate. . . for FREE

Every Friday through September Mars is giving away coupons for a FREE chocolate bar!! Quantities are limited, 250,000 coupons per Friday {still available tonight!}, so make sure you fill out this form!

I just got my coupon in the mail today from the first time I entered a few weeks ago! It's for a totally FREE candy bar of my choice- no strings attached. I'll be getting a Twix bar, thank you very much! In weeks since, I've filled out the form and had the coupon sent to a friend or family member. It'll be a sweet surprise for them too! And I can splurge on one candy bar, but probably shouldn't on a dozen. . .

WinCo this Week

I checked out WinCo this morning and found some good deals. Let me know if you found anything else! I spoke again with the general manager and he assured me no stores should be declining to accept your internet printable coupons.

Nabisco Multi-Packs $3.98
  • peelies {pictured at right} for FREE Nabisco Multi pack when you buy 3 Capri Sun 10 packs
  • Use $1/1 Nabisco Multi-Packs (probably won't be allowed to use in conjuction with the "free" coupon, but it doesn't hurt to ask)

3 Capri Suns @ $1.97 each
3 $1/1 Capri Sun Sunrise from Smart Source 4/19
1 Nabisco Multi-Pack @ $3.98
1 peelie for Free Nabisco Multi-Pack
Final Price: $2.91 for 3 packs of capri-suns and 1 Nabisco Multi-Pack

Strawberries 4 lbs for only $2.98!

Yo-Plus Yogurt 4-packs $2.08
$1/1 HERE
Final Price: $1.08 for 4-pack

Darigold Single Serve Chocolate Milk $0.88
$1/2 HERE
Final Price: $0.38 each when you buy 2

Kraft BBQ Sauce $0.98
$1/1 HERE
Final Price: FREE

California Pizza Kitchen Pizza $4.78
$2/1 Printable no longer available
$1/1 HERE
$1/1 from Smart Source 5/17
Final Price: $2.78-$3.78

Bar S Bacon 12 oz $1.78

Bar S Jumbo Hot Dogs $0.88
$1/2 HERE
Final Price: $0.38

Ritz Chips $1.98
$1/1 HERE
Final Price: $0.98

Triscuits $2.38
$1/1 HERE
Final Price $1.38

Wheat Thins $2.38
$1/1 HERE
Final Price $1.38

Dry Idea Deodorant $2.61
$2/1 HERE
Final Price $0.61

Band-Aids $1.94
$1/1 from Red Plum 4/26
$1/1 from Smart Source 2/8 or 3/15
Final Price: $0.94

Kraft Mac n Cheese $0.50

Kraft Easy Mac $0.75
$1/2 HERE
Final Price $0.25 each, when you buy 2

Eggo Waffles $1.48
$1/1 Coupon (didn't get it in Idaho, but some on EBAY)
Final Price: $0.48

Smart Ones frozen dinners starting at $1.50
$4/10 HERE
Final Price: $1.10 each, when you buy 10

Pop Tarts $0.98
look for $0.55 peelies
Final Price: $0.43

Kelloggs Select Cereals $1.48
$1/1 Printables no longer available
Final Price: $0.48

Jello (powder) $0.50
$1/3 HERE
Final Price: $0.17 each, when you buy 3

Cool Whip $1.00
$1/2 HERE
Final Price: $0.50 each, when you buy 2

Grey Poupon Mustard $1.97
$1/1 HERE
Final Price: $0.97

Planters peanuts $1.98
$1/1 HERE (not sure if these are still available, I'm not seeing it on my computer)
Final Price: $0.98

Chex Mix $0.98

Quaker mini Rice Cakes $0.98
$1/1 from Red Plum 3/29
Final Price: FREE

Powerade $0.75
$0.75/2 tearpads or buy on EBAY
Final Price:$0.38 each, when you buy 2

What's Krazy This Weekend

Sign up for Ruby Tuesday's "So Connected" email club- and receive a coupon for 1 FREE entree with the purchase of any Specialties, Seafood, Fork-Tender Ribs or Hand-Crafted Steak entrée

Free Chips and Salsa at Qdoba Mexican Grill when you sign up for their free email updates!

FREE Lettuce Wrap Appetizer at PF Changs with the purchase of any Entree

$4 off 2 Entrees at Olive Garden

PLUS- is still offering Gift Cards for 80% off- See our post here for more details.

Free Small Coffee at Borders Book Store

FREE Sopapillas or bowl of Queso at On The Border Restaurants Via Text Message when you enter your Cell Phone # HERE (scroll down to the bottom)

$10 off when you Spend $25 at JC Penney HERE

FREE CroisSONIC Breakfast Sandwich at Sonic with this coupon

Free Lip Item with ANY purchase (no minimum) at Bath and Body Works

At Old Navy they are taking an additional 50% off their already marked down merchandise... I saw fellow KCL Annie at Old Navy yesterday where I scored a bunch of polo's for my son for $2.50 each!!
Sunday, May 31st Free Admission to the Idaho Botanical Garden from noon-5:00PM in celebration of National Museum Day. Thanks Bridget!

Coupon Lady VS Krazy Coupon Lady

A Coupon Lady goes to her nearest Discount Grocery Store (aka Walmart) on her way to the lake, and picks up Sunscreen for $7.62 with her $1.00 coupon- making a bottle of sunscreen $6.62

A Krazy Coupon Lady sees summer activities on the horizon and finds a screaming Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer (like this one) and stocks up at a fraction of the price for the entire summer.

Summer Supply of Sunscreen? Check.

KCL's, do you have your summer supply?

Krazy Around Town

Here are a few of my fav's this week:


Kraft Mayo $1.99
Use this Target coupon for $1/1
Stack with this Manufacturer Coupon for $1/1 or HERE
Final Price: FREE


Hawaiian Tropic Sun Care Products B1G1
Use 2 $2/1 IE or FF
Final Price: (starting at) $4.49/2

Banana Boat Products B1G1
Use 2 $2/1 IP
Final Price: (starting at) $4.49/2


BUY 2 - 5 packs of Mac and Cheese B1G1 $5.69 (for 2)
Total: $ 5.69
Plus 2 FREE Capri Sun Boxes
PLUS get a $2 Catalina when you buy 2

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Old Navy Weekly Update

No Old Navy Weekly Until Sunday...

Blogger Supermodelquin said...

With skirts and dresses just $15 in store and the fabulous $75 off $100 coupon back, this week at OldNavyWeekly may be our most exciting yet. Hope you’re ready for all the fun to come when we refresh the site this Sunday – good luck!

Nicole D.
Brand Advocate working on behalf of Old Navy

High Value Scrubbing Bubble Coupon

Go HERE for a $7/1 Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner Starter Kit

Walmart Deals

These prices have not been verified at a local Walmart, you may find that the prices vary by region
You also may find it helpful to print and take their coupon policy with you!

Bar S Hot Dogs $.50
Use the $1/2 IP
Final Price: FREE

Blue Bunny Large Single Serve Ice Cream Sandwiches, $1
Use the $1/1 IP
Final Price: FREE

Cool Whip, $1.00
Use the $1/2 IP
Final Price: $.50

Crunch N Munch $1
Use the $1/2 IP
Final Price: $.50

Kraft Block Cheese, $2.08
Use the $1/1 IE or FF
Final Price: $1.08

Ritz Bitz $2.00
Use the $1/1 IP
Final Price: $1.00

Coppertone Sunscreen Sticks, $3.97
Use the $3/1 IP
Final Price: $.97

Hefty Trash Bags (18-ct.), $1.25
Use the $1/1 from 4/19/ HURRY! this coupon expires on 5/31
Final Price: $.25

Airwick I-Motions $3.00

Use the $4/1 from 5/17
Final Price: FREE

Also, consider doing your shopping at Walmart this Saturday and get FREE ICE CREAM!!! For more info go here!

Thanks to Deal Seeking Mom for most of these matchups!

Albertsons Deals Around the Blogosphere 5/28

Let's get together and share upcoming Albertsons deals to help everybody maximize their savings this week! If you are a KCL reader and you've made a post about an Albertsons deal for THIS WEEK, add a link to your specific post, not your main blog url on Mr. Linky and share the coupon love!
Check back for Mr. Linky every Thursday. Hope we can all help our readers find the best deals and save lots of money!

Mr. Linky means business! Here are some rules we must INSIST you follow:
  1. Please list your blog name and then a brief scenario in parentheses, ex. Krazy Coupon Lady ($.XX OOP!).
  2. Please link directly to your post, not your blog homepage and not to your label. Should you link direct to your homepage or your label page, it will be deleted.
  3. Please if you participate you MUST link back to this blog (
  4. Deals for the wrong week or wrong store will be deleted. Links must be Albertsons deals for the upcoming week.

Winner- Medical Price Point Giveaway

The winner of the free Total Access Membership from Medical Price Point is

Igoers who said, "This would be just another place KCL has helped me save $$$! Thank you KCL."

To find out more how MPP can save you money, go HERE.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mac and Cheese at Albertson's

Sometimes it takes some extra help for me to go take advantage of a deal. Consider this your extra help.
Today at Albertson's I bought 6- 5 packs of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. They are priced at $5.69 and are BUY 1 GET 1 FREE! Plus on each package there is a Peelie for a Free Pack of Capri Sun.

So here's the math
6- 5 packs of Mac and Cheese B1G1 $5.69 (for 2)
Use this Buy 3 Get 1 FREE Coupon!
Total: $ 15.77
Plus 6 FREE Capri Sun Boxes
PLUS get a $2 Catalina when you buy 6
Final Price Per Box: $.45

$14 is an awesome price for 30 boxes of Mac and Cheese and 6 boxes of Capri Sun!!

CONTEST: Me+Coupons=Changed Woman!

When I think back to my pre-coupon days, my weekly triple-digit trips to the grocery store and my budgeting ignorance, I see just how far I have come. The change has been overwhelming to so many aspects of my life:
  1. My budget: the belt is loosened and I can do more things with the surplus money I'm saving!
  2. My stockpile: is a far cry from what it used to be. Come flood, hurricane, pestilence, swine flu, whatever! The pillsbury biscuits will be a-roastin' over the campfire and the juicy juice will be flowing, come on over!
  3. My confidence to talk to store managers and confidence in my knowledge of policies.
  4. My menu: the way I cook revolves around my coupon budget and acquisitions, and it's working out just fine!
  5. My other stockpiles: the way I shop for clothes and other necessities: I stock pile everything now! I'm working on a year's supply of clothes, shoes, jackets for my kids and a reserve "in case of emergency" savings account.
  6. My role as head of the family finances: my husband thinks I'm cool and I'm wheeling and dealing like a stockbroker, getting the best deals I can wherever I go!
What's your story?
How has couponing CHANGED your life?
if you've shared your story in the past, in a comment or otherwise, please feel free to share again. Make me laugh or make me cry and you'll surely win!

Leave a comment and tell your story! You have until Monday, June 1st to enter the contest. We'll select a winner or two who will receive 4 extra coupon inserts- packed with money saving kraziness!
We'll also announce the winner to the overdue song contest!

Park West Dental, Free Teeth Whitening!

Hurry and schedule this week to reserve an appointment in June or July and receive a $99 special that includes cleaning, exam and x-rays!!

And just for Krazy Coupon Lady family and friends.... we will include FREE whitening too!!
Read all about the krazy deal over at Park West Dental HERE.


Free i-Tunes Song Downloads

When you become a fan of i-Tunes on Facebook
You will receive exclusive FREE downloads.
Currently they are offering a Spring into Summer Mix
Go here for all the info

Thanks Deal Seeking Mom for the heads up!

Krazy Target Deals

I have not confirmed these deals in Idaho- but if you are heading to Target this week- be sure to be on the lookout for these krazy finds!

Kraft Mayo $1.99

Use this Target coupon for $1/1
Stack with this Manufacturer Coupon for $1/1 or HERE
Final Price: FREE

Dove Face Wipes (5 ct) $1.07
Use the $1/1 from 5/17
Final Price: $ .07

Clairol Perfect 1o Hair Color -Clearanced to $6
Use the $2/1 from 5/3
Buy 1, Earn a $5 Target Gift Card
Final Price: Money Maker when you factor in Gift Card

Kashi Waffles $1.85
Use the $1.50/1 IP
Final Price: $ .35

Thanks to Money Saving Madness!

Also, Lots of you have reported having trouble at Target. PLEASE print and take this letter to avoid run ins with management. Corporate Target urges you to call their 800 number while you are at the store to solve any issues. If you can't call while shopping, call when you get home- if enough us are speaking up- things will change!!

Baskin Robbins

Go here to print out your BOGO 31° Below ice cream. You can print out as many as you want! There is a limit of 1 coupon per purchase per customer, and this offer expires 6/21!

We called corporate and spoke with Julie, she insured us that this coupon is legit- just call your local store to make sure they are participating. Thanks to our reader Angie for passing along this information!

Albertson's 5/27-6/2

Can you believe next week will be June??! I still feel like it's March-
except for the 90 Degree weather.
Any how- here are the kraziest of the deals at Albies this week.
I am excited for a slow week after so many doublers!!
Thanks to Pinching Your Pennies for Compiling the list,
to see the list in it's entirety, go here

Peaches and Nectarines $.98/lb (Cue the Choir!!!)

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts $1.88/lb (butcher block)

Extra Lean (85%) Ground Beef $1.88/lb (butcher block)

Shopper's Value Milk $1.67/gallon (1%, 2%, Skim)

Albertson's Natural Spring Water 24 pack Buy 3 Get 1 Free
Final Price: $2.50 each, when you buy 4

Tree Top Apple Juice 64 oz $1.48 (limit 3)
Use the $1/2 from 5/17
Or the $1/2 IP
Final Price: $.98

V8 Fusion Juice $1.88
Use the $1/1 from 4/19
Or the $1/1 IP

Final Price: $.88

Kraft Mac and Cheese 5 Pack B1G1
PLUS get 2 free Capri Suns with Peelie
Final Price: $5.69 for all 4 items
PLUS through May 31, Buy 6 Mac and Cheese's Get a $2 Catalina

Kelloggs Promo
Spend $20 on participating products, Save $5 Instantly
Final Price reflects the promo savings and coupons
Be sure to spend $20 (not a penny less) BEFORE tax and coupons
You can do multiple sets in one transaction, just buy in increments of $20, $40, $60, ect.

Eggo Bake Shop Muffin Tops $2.50
Use the $1/1 IP
Final Price: $.88

Keebler Fudge Shoppe Cookies $2.50
Use the $.55/1 IE or FF
Final Price: $1.33

Mini Wheats $2.50
Use the $1.50/2 IP
Final Price: $1.13

Pop Tarts $2.50
Use the $1/2 from 4/5 (Idaho did not get this one)
Final Price: $1.38
PLUS! Go here to see how to get a movie ticket when you buy 5

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Restaurant.Com 80% off EXTENDED til the 31st!

THIS IS IT! The BIG ONE is back! Deepest Discount offered by EVER!
Enter Discount Code: SPECIAL at checkout
Offer EXTENDED through Sunday, May 31st Weekly Promo Offer 300 x 250
A little info for newbies. is a form of advertising for many restaurants looking for more customers. Restaurant owners sacrifice on their price margin but in return get new customers. On the website, you'll be asked to enter your zip code and it will pull up participating restaurants in your area. Then you will see a list of restaurants and a selection of gift card prices. A $25 gift card is regularly priced at $10 (so 80% off means you'll pay only $2). The only catch is there is a minimum purchase amount: clearly listed under the gift card prices. Usually the customer must have a total initial bill of $35. Then you pay with your $25 gift card and your total could be as low as $10 plus gratuity for a $35 meal. It's as simple as that. Don' be a skeptic! Once you pay for your gift card you may print it immediately from your computer- so you could dine for lunch or dinner today if you wish! They don't expire for a whole year

Cookin' with KCL

Pulled Chicken Sandwiches (from Kraft Foods)

1 lb. boneless skinless chicken thighs
1 onion, sliced
1/2 cup KRAFT Original Barbecue Sauce
1/4 cup water
1 Tbsp. brown sugar
1 French bread baguette, 16 to 20-inches long (about 10 oz.)
4 KRAFT Singles- I am going to use the yummy Naturals Sliced Cheese, maybe swiss or pepperjack!)

COOK chicken and onions in skillet on medium-high heat 8 min., stirring occasionally.

ADD barbecue sauce, water and sugar; stir. Reduce heat to medium; cover. Cook an additional 7 min. or until chicken is cooked through (165ºF).

REMOVE chicken from skillet. Shred chicken with fork or chop into small pieces. Return to skillet; stir until evenly coated with sauce. Cut baguette crosswise into four pieces. Cut each piece lengthwise in half. Fill with chicken mixture and Singles.

I love me a Stir Fry

2 cups instant brown rice, uncooked
1 lb. boneless beef sirloin steak or chicken, cut into thin strips
2 tsp. minced garlic
1 pkg. (16 oz.) frozen stir-fry vegetables, thawed, drained
1/4 cup Kraft Asian Sesame Dressing/Marinade
1/4 cup Soy Sauce

COOK rice as directed on package.

MEANWHILE, heat large nonstick skillet on medium-high heat. Add meat and garlic; stir-fry 2 min. Add vegetables, dressing and soy sauce; stir-fry 3 min. or until vegetables are crisp-tender and meat is done.

SPOON rice onto serving platter; top with meat mixture.

What is everyone else making this week?

Krazy Fred Meyer Deals

Organic Strawberries $1.50/lb

Energizer Max Batteries 16pk AA or AAA $9.99
Use the $1/1 from 4/19
Final Price: $8.99

Lay's Potato Chips $2.00
Use the $1/2 from 4/5 (if this variety is included)
Final Price: $1.50

Fred Meyer 1/2 Gallon Milk, Chocolate Milk or OJ $10/10

Secret, Old Spice or Gillette Deodorant $2.50
Use the $1/1 from 3/15 (Secret)
Use the $1/1 from 3/15 (Gillette)
Final Price: $1.50

Wet Ones Wipes $2
Use the $1/1 IE or FF
Final Price: $1.00

Trouble Printing Coupons???

Problem: Coupon Print Will NOT Install

If you clicked the Activate Button and nothing happened or if you sent you back to the selection page, then something is blocking the the Coupon Printer from being installed.

Possible Solution: Spyware or Anti-Viral is Blocking the Printer. Make sure you have the Updated Version, and follow the spyware directions to allow the installation.

Possible Solution: Your browser settings are not configured properly to allow ActiveX items like the coupon printer to install. If you are using Windows XP, SP2, or Vista, a yellow information bar should appear at the top of your window. That bar can only appear if your security levels are set to “medium” and all ActiveX items are set to “prompt” or “enable”.

If your settings look right, it may be that a past encounter with another product has irreparably shut the prompt down for downloads like the coupon printer. When this is the case, switching to a new browser will give you a clean slate. This happened to me in Internet Explorer- so I downloaded Firefox- and now I have no problem printing coupons. It will not replace Internet Explorer as your default browser if you don’t want it to. You can run both browsers on your computer (even at the same time).

If you are having trouble and these ideas didn't fix the problem, go here to see more options.
If you are having a hard time with retailers accepting smartsource coupons, go HERE to print a letter to show to the checker.

Still not working? Here are a few things that are rumored to help!

1. Change your printer settings to "Print Directly to Printer"
To do this, Go to Control Panel. Click on the Printer Icon. Right Click, then Select Properties. Choose the Advanced Tab. Select "Print Directly to Printer", then OK.

2. Clicking on a link from KCL (or, gasp, another blog) and getting a "Please Wait" for ever and ever??
So, this may sound confusing, but IT WORKS like a charm!! Listen (or read) Carefully:
When a link is copied into a post it will be different depending on where the author of the post got it from and/or what operating system they use. For Example, if I find a coupon from and link it in a post and I use firefox, it will be different than if I use internet explorer. (Making sense?)
So- all you need to do is look for 2 letters and change them according to what operating system you use.
Here is an example of a INTERNET EXPLORER link:

And here is the same coupon for FIREFOX:

Here is the same coupon for SAFARI:

Internet Explorer will have a wi or vi

Firefox will have a wg

Safari will have a xs

So- if you happen upon a coupon- get used to checking the url for these 2 letters and change them according to your operating system.

Also, you will notice at KCL, we try to make it easy on you, so often you will see something that looks like this:

Use the $1/1 IE or FF
(in this case we have done the leg work for you, the IE is the internet explorer link, and the FF is the firefox link)

Still having problems? Leave a comment and I will try to help you out...
or maybe another reader can offer what helped for them!

Internet Printable Roundup

$1.50/1 DiGiorno Flatbread Melts IE or FF

$.75/1 Solo Paper Products

$1/1 Baked Frito Lays (I may have to run double this one at Albies today!)

$1/1 Kraft Naturals Cheese IE or FF (another great doubler!)

$2/2 Johnson's IE or FF

$2/1 Aveeno
The $5/1 Aveeno coupon floating around the blogosphere is FRAUDULENT to use in the United States!

$1.50/2 Countytime Lemonade

$1/1 Skinny Cow Truffle Bars

$2/1 Banana Boat

$2/1 Hawaiian Tropics IE or FF

$3/1 Coppertone

Just a side note- we check the sources of all the internet printables we post on KCL. While we can't assure that every link we share is the real deal, here is what we look for:
1. Coupons from a Trusted Site, for example, we like to see them direct from the manufacturer site
2. Print Limit- often coupons in a pdf file are fraudulent
3. Also, something that often fools newbies are companies that are found in the United States and in other countries. If you find a coupon on a manufacturer's website- and it has a .ca (Canada) or .uk (United Kingdom) instead of .com this is another countries website and retailers in the U.S. WILL NOT get reimbursed if they are used here. There is an High Value Aveeno coupon floating around the coupon blog world right now- and it's from Canada- PLEASE do not use this coupon!

Using fraudulent internet printable coupons hurts everyone- the manufacturer, the retailer (because they won't get reimbursed from the manufacturer) and consumers (because manufacturers and retailers could become more conservative with their policies).
On the same note- NEVER make photocopies of internet printables.