Tuesday, May 5, 2009

10 Costco Tips you may or may not know. Do you have others to share?

1. You don’t have to be a member to use the services of the pharmacy.

2. Any item ending in a price of 7 means it’s marked down by corporate. Almost all of Costco’s prices end in 9. If you see a price reduction that’s a deal for you, stock up!

3. Anything ordered from Costco.com can be returned at any Costco store.

4. If the white price/shelf tag has “*”in the corner it means the item is being discontinued. Buy all you need because it will be gone soon. Never assume Costco will carry it again next season or next year.

5. Costco will take back anything that doesn’t make you 100% satisfied! Return any item you aren’t happy with including food you have already eaten or trees you planted last year! (Electronics have a limited 90 day warranty but just about everything else is unlimited.)

6. Don’t assume because it’s sold in bulk it’s got to be a deal! Costco has to make money somewhere! There are always items sold at a loss to lure you into the store. (Example: 2-pack 2% milk only $3.49). And some items are the opposite; they are simply not worth buying. (Example: boneless chicken $2.98 a pound – yikes!)

7. Think outside the (Costco) box! The clear plastic container that holds a 12 pack of apples makes a perfect storage pack for holiday ornaments. :-)

8. The best time to shop and find everything on your list is normally Tuesday or Wednesday. Trucks arrive almost daily but on weekends certain items often are sold out. Also, the Monday that starts off a new coupon booklet sale is normally one of the most crowded times of all.

9. Calculate the cost of a regular membership vs. business memberships. Did you know the business membership gives you much better rewards? Add on American Express card and the deal gets even sweeter with a percentage of each monthly charge going towards the year end rebate. Gas purchases provide something like 3% rebate; restaurants 2%.

10. Don’t spend time cutting out individual coupons from a Costco coupon booklet. Simply hand the cashier your entire coupon book. Once he/she scans one coupon all the others automatically deduct off your receipt as well. (This works in Boise Costco store. Am not sure about other locations!) And remember, Costco doesn’t take manufacturer’s coupons.


Heather Wheeler said...

Great information! Thanks for sharing!

Heather said...

Love this info! Thank you!

AnotherThriftyMom said...

I know that at my Costco in Lacey, WA they also only need to scan one coupon and they rest of them automatically come off!

Julee said...

I've heard that they take the formula checks, if anyone uses those. Love the ornament/apple holder idea!

Joanie Demer said...

Awesome post Cheryl! I learned a lot! Thank you!

Rick said...

On the last floor or display item on a discontinued furniture or household product (has the "*" designation), I have made offers to managers and typically receive 25% off if I take it then. This has worked when they don't have any new in the box items to sell.

I've never tried it with food or other consumables.

West Family said...

you also don't need a membership for the snack bar! it is a great place for hot dog and a drink for only $1.50! thanks for the info! it is good to know about the ending in "7"

Michelle said...

As Julee said, while they don't take coupons, they do let you use formula checks. That was the best deal around for buying Enfamil & Good Start when I was feeding my baby.
Also, their store brand baby formula is excellent and an incredible price.

TheFancyLadyGourmet said...

Also business members get let in earlier on certain days to do shopping uncrowded by tons of people well at least in nj.

joelrog7 said...

Costco food court ("snack bar"), with its discounted prices, are INTENDED for Costco members only. If you are slinking in and buying the $1.50 hotdogs, etc., it's because a Costco employee at the door is not doing his/her job. Shame on them, and shame on you for such slinking.