Monday, June 1, 2009

10 Days to Become a KCL {Day 2}

10 Days to Become a Krazy Coupon Lady (KCL)
If you missed Day 1, be sure to check it out here

Now that you have all changed the way you think about grocery shopping
(practically overnight...)

The Second Step to becoming a Certified Krazy Coupon Lady is to
Stock Yourself with all the coupons you need to
Cash in on all These Krazy Deals

The first step to doing that is getting a Newspaper Subscription.

If you're in Kansas City, WELCOME!!! Get the Kansas City Star for as low as $0.99/week HERE!

For Utah Newspaper Subscriptions go here
For Treasure Valley Subscription info go here,
for Eastern Idaho go here

Another Source of Coupons you need to familiarize yourself with, is
Here are my favorite sources of IP's
Our Coupon Bar (located under our header)
Grocery Smarts
Pinching Your Pennies Forum
Target Printables
(you can use these at Target and Walmart and they can be "stacked with a manufacturer coupon

Remember- To become a KRAZY Coupon Lady- you MUST get multiple copies of the paper
(I suggest 4-6).
Commitment People, Let's See It.
If you aren't ready, or you only want to get one copy of the Sunday paper-
that means you aren't quite ready to join to KCL ranks...
Don't worry- we'll still love you!

Check back Sunday for Day 3 of our series...
How (and When) to Use My Coupons to get a Krazy Good Deal


Thrifty Queen said...

Don't forget the statesman. I got 3 Sunday papers @ $78 a year that's .50 each. Call them and make a deal.

Heather Wheeler said...

Thrifty Queen- I called and they said the lowest they can go is $1/paper with a minimum of 4....
Any help would be great!

Jilene said...

Heather, a few weeks ago, I asked a manager at Walmart if they took target coupons and they said they are having problems being reimbursed, so they are not accepting target IP's. Do you know any different? They still accept competitors coupons, but they have to be newspaper printed.

Heather Wheeler said...

Ha ha! Walmart is having a hard time getting reimbursed for other stores coupons. They are so backwards over there... Of course they aren't getting reimbursed! What nonsense...
Anyways, Jilene- I have no clue what to tell you :), Walmart is crazy and they need to get their crap together, and I have no idea why they would not accept Target coupons, but will accept Fred Meyer or Albertsons coupons...

I will do a little research and update you if I find anything out.

Heather Wheeler said...

... as if Albertsons is reimbursing Walmart for their coupons redeemed there! :)

Joanna said...

Another great way to collect coupons or trade for the ones you might need can be found on

I've met a couple of other ladies on this site who mentioned starting a "trade night" so that might also be an option in the future.

Blue said...

wah! so the fact that i live in slc means i get to pay the most for my coupons huh. no el-cheapo paper with coupons? can i only get the sunday one for less?

i'm thinking of all the papers that get thrown out, and brainstorming on how i can get my paws on the coupons that came with them. hotels that put the paper in front of the doors of every they have the coupons in them or would the hotel have a "special deal" that excludes the coupon inserts for the papers they get. maybe i could get a hotel to pull copies out if they have them. you know, a little payola to housekeeping? ;-) they get papers for their patients/staff?

where can i get more coupons without paying a couple hundred a year for papers i won't read? i've got to think about this.

Sara said...

Post Register in Idaho Falls offers a daily paper (minus Mondays which they don't do anymore) with 5 Sunday papers a week for $17 a month. Not too bad. Counting the Sunday papers only, I figure that is about 85 cents a paper. (If there are only 4 Sunday's that month.)

Sara said...

Sorry... forgot to mention that you have to sign up for auto pay to get the deal with Post Register. But, that just helps you have one less bill to worry about paying on time.

amyryanglass said...

I only get one paper, and my neighbor and I trade the coupons we don't clip. For example she is a vegitarian and last year I cliped mine and her turkey coupon she wouldn't of used anyway. Between that and printing coupons, I save on and second or third paper.