Monday, June 1, 2009

10 Days to Become a KCL {Day 5}

Okay Ladies... We are half way there! Are all you coupon virgins feeling inspired? Have you signed up for a newspaper subscription? Only a few more days before we will need a full on commitment!

{Today is the Day To Get Organized!!!}
At KCL, the only method of organization that we endorse with our stamp of approval is
While we disagree with how to put our coupons in a binder, Joanie and I both use a Binder.

Heather's Method:

-I like to call it the "Less Time Up Front, More Time Getting Ready to Shop" Way
-I really really hate getting my coupons ready every Sunday.. (or Saturday- don't judge), so to make that process quicker, I organize by date. I don't clip any of my coupons until I use them. I have heard reports that the average krazy couponer will only use 50% (or less) of their coupons, so I am all about not clipping coupons I am just going to toss. Call me Lazy if you want, I call me Efficient.
- I use sheet protectors to put each insert page into it's own page- for easy access.
- I also print the Coupon List from Pinching Your Pennies (which gives me an alphabetical list of all the coupons that are out for Idaho- they also have other states)- so that if I run into a clearanced item- I can find what week the coupon is from and flip right to it
- Another tip if you are going to try out my method, is to write the date (that the coupon came out) on each set- so that if it comes out of the sheet protector you can find it's home again.

Joanie's Method:

-I like to call her's the "Super Organized, Cute, TIME CONSUMING" Way
-Joanie organizes by Category
-Joanie has way less prep work to actually go to the store, and when she finds a clearanced item in the store, it takes her 20 seconds to flip to her Category and find the coupon she needs.
-BUT, long after I have tucked my binder into bed, she is still clipping all of her coupons, finding their category, and tucking them into their spot.
- Joanie uses Baseball Card Holders (can be found at Walmart - she spotted them at the Glenwood Store)
for $5.77 for 35 pages.
-Our reader, Amber adds, "Target also has baseball card holders. They're $4.99 for 30. They're up front in the aisle that has the baseball cards. They are not with the other sheet protectors."
- Joanie has made super cute printable categories in a pdf file- so if you are more inclined to organize by category, you can see her categories and print some for yourself. I'll warn you though- it's over 30 pages!

While we disagree about the category/date method- we both start our organizing for the week the same. See the pictures below... as we walk you through the process.
1. Tear the inserts apart, careful not to ruin barcodes
2. We get multiple copies of each insert, so we lay the entire insert out on the table, Soon we have 10 copies of the 1st page in a pile, 10 of the 2nd page in a pile, ect.
3. Next, we staple all 10 of the 1st page together, and on down the pages...
4. Then, I write the date on each stapled set And Joanie gets to clippin'


Anonymous said...

I finally switched to a binder and do a combo of the two styles. I cut out all of the coupons I will use that week and leave the rest in labeled sleeves. I either get ohh that's cool at the store or hmmm you must be crazy (obviously nothing wrong with that!)

Side note- I think bags with your saying would be awesome!

Joanna said...

Oh I'd love a bag just for my binder! Maybe in pink?

lgoers said...

The MH Method (Modified Heather) or even lazier way not tear pages apart...just stick the whole coupon insert into the clear plastic sheet protectors (they can hold a bunch). Then when the list comes out, just go to the weekly insert and cut your coupon. Yes you have to leaf through some pages, but no clipping/tearing/stapling.

Cris said...

So does Joanie take her binder with her when shopping? I wondered if those who do use the binder methon in this fashion do take it shopping with them. It seems kind of big and cumbersome, but I could see the benefits too. And as far as people noticing and giving you weird looks... I don't even notice. I'm too busy looking for the right coupon and shopping. I'm totally focused and have no time to waste on strange looks! LOL

The Barkers said...

I love the cutting all the coupons,even if I may just throw half of them out. Super organized is my style! Especially when thinking is a hard enough task because you have kids in the cart:)
LOVE the bag idea! Pink and black or pink and brown!? Great idea Steph. It's a great idea to make a reusable bag that you can take to all the stores,rather than buy one bag for each different store!

Joanie Demer said...

First of all, you are gorgeous and red is totally your color!
I do lug around the binder, and two kids. Cumbersome is an understatement for my life. But yes, it is worth it!

Cris said...

Joanie, yes, I thought my picture was a striking resemblance and red is the best color on me. You are so funny!

Brittany said...

Joanie, do you tear your pages apart or just sort them. If I have a front cover I just keep it together and clip from there.

saragillman said...

I do it just like joanie...yeah, it does take a little longer, but there is no prep for the store =)

you get your list of what you are getting...(or you can just go isle hunting) and head out!

And I LOVE clearance lol. It is way easy to get free clearance items

Shirlaine said...

I need help!!! My friend and I have just begun to enter the coupon world and we are loving it. We are trying to figure out the best way to do our coupons. I like your two methods but is it easier to have them all cut out a head of time so all you have to do is grab and go or pull the sheet out and cut the coupon in the store.

Stephanie said...

I'm a little late getting in on this series, but it's been really helpful. One question though...I have been into couponing before (not "krazy" couponing though :), and I always got frustrated with the time spent in finding and throwing out expired coupons. How do you recommend going about that? Do you go through once a month and chuck everything that's out of date? Just throw them out as you come across them? Your help is much appreciated! Thanks!

AliSmith13 said...

I have the same questions as Shirlaine and Stephanie...especially how to know when to throw expired coupons out and how to know WHEN they expire...??