Monday, June 1, 2009

10 Days To Become a KCL {Day 6}

{Tips for Making Checkout a Breeze}

Get Organized Before you Leave the House.
First, I make a list of the things I want to buy.
If it is a promo at Albertson's where I will be doing a few transactions,
I make my list according to transaction.
I also clip all my coupons before I leave the house,
and put them in a separate envelope.

Choose wisely what time of the day you go.
I have found that early in the morning or afternoon, or late at night is best for me.
You and your checker will be less stressed out if there is not a line behind you.

I always ask my checker if they want all the coupons at the end, or as we go.
It varies on the store and checker.

If they want them all at the end, I usually don't hand them the whole stack.
I will give them one set, tell them what it is for and how many I have
(this helps, because the less reading and counting they have to do, the happier they are)

Do not be afraid to ask for a member of management to come clarify something for you. Often, you know more about the store coupon policy then the checkers,
so don't be afraid to nicely ask for a manager to explain something to you.
Many times, I have had them call over a manager, and it ends with the checker saying
"Huh, I never knew that!"

I have said this before but it's worth repeating...

This has saved me so many times. I have it on the outside of my binder and if I need to,
I will reference it at the check out.
I always think I should make copies to give to the checkers
because clearly some of them have never read it!!

Lastly- Don't be Afraid to Profile!
I always scan all the checkers and decide who is going to be best.
I know I get made fun of (Rick) but I have had the best luck with younger male checkers.
Once you become a regular at a store, you will know who to go to...
And they will probably know you by name (and have your preferred card phone # memorized!!)

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Rick said...

For me, it has been best to choose a cashier of the opposite gender. In my experience, there is an element of tension or combativeness with cashiers of the same gender.

I choose the female gender my own age or younger. If my own age, they either think I am flirting (not), or sent by a wife/SO and take pity on me. If younger, I am their dad and they try to help me. If older (yes there are a FEW older), sometimes I get a scolding about how many coupons I am using, or the way I combine the sale, or how I pay for the purchase, or some other thing I then need to deal with.

With the men, I don't get the same type of assistance as I do from the women (one female cashier even suggests other ways to combine items for different Catalina rewards/payment). There is some male to male tension (not from me). It could be that every guy wants to test himself against the Krazy Coupon Guy of Steel.

I suspect there is a similar dynamic when women go to women cashiers. Jealousy, competition, annoyance, etc.

Plus, if you like the young cashier - and he likes you - you should not be ashamed or embarrassed to express this. You could even wear a shirt that says something like: "I'm Krazy for Ken" or whatever his name is. And on the back, it could say: "Pick another Checkout Guy, Honey!"

Cris said...

Hmmmm... I wonder, do you get better help or less hassle with the young male checkers because your cute? Kidding aside, I seem to get the best help or less bother when I go to young females. I'm only 36, but I guess they seem to think I know what I'm doing and they are so wowed when I save so much they give loads of compliments, which helps my money saving ego all the more! I don't know why, but I just don't like going to male checkers at all. Young or old. I haven't really pinned down why.

Brandy said...

Thanks so much for this method! I have tried many different types, and I found myself spending WAY too much time clipping out coupons, only to not use many of them! The binder method with page protectors, is so much easier, and more efficient!

BTW, I find going to older women cashiers seems to work better, I think maybe they come from a time where coupons was a neccessity, and they understand better, as to why you have so many.