Monday, June 1, 2009

10 Days to Become a KCL {Day 7}

{Get Your Stockpile On}
First I have to add a Disclaimer.
Some of you may be against a Stockpile- which is totally fine.
I have been couponing for awhile now- so remember I am not advocating that you go Clear a Shelf to get a stockpile overnight, But for me it's an essential part of couponing. So without further ado:

I have said it before and I will say it again! I would not coupon if I couldn't get multiple items. This is why we tell you to get 4-6 copies of the paper. If you are going to go through all the trouble of this- you should be building a stockpile.

By Stockpiling while something is at a ROCK BOTTOM price, you won't have to pay full price when you have to have it. This will eliminate running to the store when you are out of something, and will cut out those impulse buys.

As you coupon longer- you will have an idea of when you should stock up- and when you should buy only a few to get you by until a better sale. Here's an example I have shared a few times: When I first started couponing I found toothpaste for $1/tube. I thought I was going to die! I was shocked that I had found such a screamin' deal! So- of course I bought like 20. Little did I know that toothpaste is under $.50 ALL THE TIME! There will be a learning curve as you figure out a price list. I keep mine in my head, others have a written list of their Top 20 Items and the Rock Bottom Price.

Here is an Example of my List (these are my stock up prices):
Cheese $3.99/2lb
Ground Beef $1.75/lb
Chicken $1.67/lb
Milk $1.89/gallon (whole)- I freeze my milk if it's lower than this and I want to really stock up
Cleaning Supplies (lysol wipes, bathroom and kitchen cleaners, ect) $.50 or less
Toothpaste/brushes FREE
Cereal $.75 per box or less
Brownie and Cookie Mixes Less than $.50 or less
Dish Soap $.25
Cheap Toilet Paper FREE
Charmin Toilet Paper for my picky husband $6 for the Double Roll 9 packs
Kotex Pads FREE
Johnson Buddies FREE
Granola Bars $.50
Chinet Paper Plates $.50
Bisquick $.90
Fruit Snacks $.50 or less
Good Deodorant $.5o
Cheap Deodorant FREE
Men's Body Wash $.50 or less

I have heard people say that the Sales and Coupons are on a 3-4 Month Cycle. I keep this in mind when stockpiling things that have an expiration date. But on things that won't expire- I get more than a 4 month supply. For example I have a year (plus) supply of cleaning supplies, toiletries, paper plates.

Also, It's Best to Not be Brand Specific. Your couponing efforts will be much more successful if you can buy whatever brand is cheapest. My husband refuses to use anything but the nicest thickest softest Charmin Toilet Paper- so when I find that Cheap- I go KRAZY because I don't see it at a rock bottom price very often. Also, if there is something you are loyal to, consider buying extra coupons on ebay so you can stock up!

One last thing I wanted to touch one- was making a list of your Top 20 (or however many) Meals and their Ingredients- And then working on a stockpile of those ingredients. I will go into depth about this- when I talk all about cooking as a kcl.

If you are new to this series- Check out the Other 6 Days HERE


Jaclyn said...

I think it is really funny and ironic that the men need the Charmin Toilet Paper! My husband cannot bare to use the free kind.

Jennifer said...

PYP puts out a list of their price points they use when ranking item. Here is a link to HTH!

Joanna said...

I must be part of the TP snobs club because I'm a little mad at myself for wasting doublers to get the almost free stuff. Lesson learned, I'm ok with "splurging" on my Charmin.

Haylee said...

Nice to know I'm not the only one with a toilet paper snob husband...he is loyal to his Charmin and says the other paper tears when he uses it. Oh please.

Julene said...

LOL I wonder what it is about TP that men are so picky about? I also totally agree with the meal planning. I have a 5 week dinner menu plan and I always know what I'll need to make those dinners. It saves time, money and keeps me from goin' Krazy!

amanda said...

If you need a newspaper subscription call Rock @602-7828. He will give you the Idaho Statesman for $1.00 a paper and you can get as many as you want!!! Tell him Amanda sent you!

Brookie said...

i am totally new to this coupon you just get coupons from the paper(sunday or anyday) i heard you say ebay???you get coupons from ebay? i am confused? please help:)

Carrie said...

I have to admit...I am a toilet paper snob! I HAVE to have the thick Charmin!
Anyway, I was wondering how long milk lasts when frozen. I have noticed some pretty low prices lately & never even thought about freezing it. Also, can you only freeze whole or can you freeze the others as well?

Kristina said...

I don't want to be a party pooper, and I really appreciate all the information I gather from your site, but I wanted to comment about buying coupons on ebay or from anywhere else. If you check the bottom of most of your coupons, you'll see that a coupon is supposed to be void if sold or transferred, etc., and could constitute coupon fraud, which is punishable by law. I guess you have to make your own decision, but I figured maybe not everyone realized this.

Joanie Demer said...

Isn't that interesting? Selling coupons is so mainstream, and yet everyone still has to disclose that you are not paying for the coupon but "for the time it took to clip it and put it in the envelope". there are big legitimate websites such as that do nothing but sell coupons. They've been in the media and they're very widely accepted. No one questions it and I've never heard a manufacturer complain. Less than 1% of coupons are redeemed and I think they're happy to have their coupons circulating and being used. And yet, like you said, most coupons still say "not transferable". I don't know why that is.
Good and valid point though. Maybe you'll convince me to look harder into it! Thanks!

Joanna said...

I’m not trying to be rude but this is laughable to me. I’m a brand snob and will regularly buy my specific brand coupons off eBay. All auctions clearly state that the “coupons themselves are FREE” and I’m bidding on the sellers “time to find, gather, clip and ship” therefore it does not constitute fraud. I buy my coupons from a little retired lady on the East Coast who sells ton’s of coupons on eBay to subsidizes her income. I can get 20 coupons for as little as $1.00 and to me, it’s money well spent.

Heather Wheeler said...

Brookie- We get multiple copies of the Sunday paper- and supplement with coupons from ebay. Check out the rest of our series on becoming a KCL for more info

Nichole Eve said...

I have been following your series but I was wondering what happened to day 5???

Heather Wheeler said...

Sorry- it wasn't labeled- try now:

Sherri said...

I am relatively new to the world of "couponing". I appreciated your list of price points where you consider stockpiling. I was wondering if you might have a more extensive list of items. I'm having a little trouble (on my own) trying to figure out when things are a good deal or not. Any help or suggestions you could give me would really be appreciated. Thank you for your time.