Monday, June 1, 2009

10 Days to Become a KCL {Day 8}

{Rain Checks}

One of the better kept secrets in Krazy Couponing is Rain Checks. How many of you are totally utilizing rain checks? Well, if you haven't yet, it is time to step it up to the Next Level of Kraziness.
First off- For any of you coupon virgins, A Rain Check is a slip of paper that you can get from a store when they are out of an item that is on sale. The slip of paper allows you to come back when they have the item back in stock to purchase it for the sale price.

Sweet, right?!? Very.

Rain Check policies will vary by store so make sure you check each stores rules before using them. Some stores have an expiration date on the rain check and others (like Walgreen's) don't. Also, some stores will put a maximum quantity amount per item.

Points to Consider:
  • Make sure that the coupons you are using on the item you need a rain check for won't expire before the store gets the items back in stock. No use going through the trouble- just to have expired coupons!
  • Most of the time don't bother getting a Raincheck for something that is also included in a Promotion (Like spend $10 Save $4 Instantly). The Rain check is valid for the Sales price only. They can not honor a promo that has ended with a rain check. The exception to this rule is if the Promotion (such as a Catalina promo) extends past the Sale Date. Am I making sense? Often Catalina or Register Rewards Offers run for a few weeks, so if you think this applies check the Catalina expiration date and get that rain check!
  • You can not get a Rain Check on Clearance Prices
  • When redeeming your rain check be courteous of the checker and let them know you will be using one- BEFORE they start to ring you up. They are going to need to manually enter in the amount- and they will love you if they don't have to go back through at the end of the transaction to void and re-enter the correct amount.
How to use Rainchecks the Krazy Way:
If you find something that you are totally brand loyal to, or something that will be great in your stockpile and won't expire and it is out of stock... Take the opportunity to get a Rain Check for the maximum quantity allowed. Then hurry your little self over to Ebay and buy all the coupons you need- then go back when they are in stock (or consider special ordering) and when you have your additional coupons.
Viola! Easy as Pie.


Sara said...

This is a great tip. I did this on the Krazy Post cereal sale a while back.
Of course Grape Nuts were the fastest thing to go....and my coupons didn't arrive from Ebay on time for the sale to end.
The catalina deal continued past the Albertson's I rainchecked a bunch of Grape Nuts (because my Albterson's store was out), and when my Ebay coupons arrived, I waltzed in, easy peasy....bought a bunch of grape nuts for a KRAZY deal.....AFTER the sale was officially over.
The cashier took a LONG look at the raincheck, but it was all correct according to their policy.
You are right this is a little lesser known tip, but more should know about it, that and pre-ordering.....I think it would keep shelves stocked and KCL's from going nuts ;)

The Hendricks ID said...

I wing some doublers today at the nampa Albertsons and one checker that is really nice and always does her own coupon doublers too said that this Sunday is suppose to have more doublers and the lady behind me in line said Wednesday is also suppose to. Just something to watch for!!!

Kelley said...

Thank you for all your help you have by far the best site for this! I learned it all from you and I now know about being dissapointed when I ONLY save $99 on my bill. My best so far is saving $87 with an OOP of $123 :) Thank you for your time and efforts, they are so appreciated!

Tracy C said...
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Tracy C said...

Thanks for all the great info and advice. I made my first crazy purchase last night - $30.00 worth of Q-Tips.

How/where do you check the Catalina expiration dates?