Sunday, May 24, 2009

$3 OFF Coppertone Sunscreen Coupon!

This Coupon is just what I need before we spend tomorrow at the lake! AND it looks like we can print multiples on on this HIGH VALUE coupon!

UPDATE: This coupon doesn't like to be linked, so go to and look in the lower left corner under the model. It says
Print and Save Coupon,
Save $3 NOW
on any of the family of Coppertone products.

Click on that and you'll be redirected to the coupon. I had no printing problems and it actually prints out pretty small on the page. {I was worried it would take up a full color sheet, but it didn't at all}
The print format may look suspicious of fraud, but this coupon can be accessed directly from

Click the picture link if browsing in FireFox. Try this link if using explorer


Ashley said...

I can't click on the coupon link. I went to and couldn't find it either. Where did you find it on the coppertone sight?

Joanie Demer said...

The link is working for me. I'm using firefox. From, look in the lower left screen, right below the beautiful model with "full-ish eyebrows :)"
It says "Print and Save Coupon"
Save $3 NOW on any of the family of Coppertone Products.
Let me know if you find it.
Is the link working for everyone else?

Amy said...

The link did not work for me either, but I went to the coppertone website and its in the bottom corner just like you said. Thanks so much!!

Joanie Demer said...

I think I created a new link that will open in explorer. Hope that works.

Ashley said...

Thanks! It is funny because I went and looked for it and couldn't find it, then I went back and it is right on the front page! haha! :)

The Barkers said...

It's me!!! I was just wanting to know how the KCL night at the food bank went?! I wasn't able to attend,but am hoping soon there will be another chance! I think it would be awesome to be apart of something so great! Hope things went great!

Jase said...

Kroger has their Coppertone sunscreen sticks on sale for 2.99. I was able to print 3 of the Coppertone coupons and got 3 free sunscreen sticks.