Saturday, May 16, 2009

Albertsons Double Coupon Ideas- Utah Readers!!

Here are a few obvious match ups. I will get to the store and check out other non advertised deals, which are usually my favorites!

Philadelphia cream cheese 8 oz. $.88 Limit 3
Double the $1/2 from our coupon bar
Final Price: FREE

Kraft American Cheese Slices $1.88
Double the $1/2 from our coupon bar
Final Price: $.88 each

Oscar Meyer Deli Creations $3.00
Double the $.75/1 from our coupon bar
Final Price: $1.50

Bakery LaBrea French Baguette $
Double the $1/2 IP
Final Price: $.50

Guerrero Tostadas $1.99
Double the $1/1 IP
Final Price: FREE

Tombstone pizza $3.33
Double the $1/2 from our coupon
Final Price: $2.33

Go here to see our post with details about the General Mills promo... There are several things that will be great doubled.


Brandi said...

For all the Idaho KCL, I confirmed with 3 Albertsons employees at Eagle and State St. that there WILL be doublers on Sun, Mon, and Tues in Idaho! WOOO HOOO!

The Keevy Family said...

Thanks for this list. I just picked up my paper in the Seattle, WA area and I have double coupons too!
I am glad to know that you can double a coupon that is matched with the Albertsons in-ad coupon. That would make three coupons for one product, I hope that works.
One other free item I saw is the Tree Top 3 pk juices. I purchased some this week and they are still $1 each. If you double the coupon in tomorrow's paper you will snag them free. I like to use them for school lunches.
Thanks again!

The Mitchell Family said...

ya i am so excited i'm going to get a lot of papers tomorrow. thanks so much for all you hard work i love your blog and have told all my friends about it. who knew couponing could be so fun!!!

LLB said...

Yes, please continue the preview. I stopped getting the paper because of all the waste, so I'd love to know whether it's worth a trip to the store to pick up a paper in advance.

Thank do a great job!

Jessica said...

does anyone know if the Albertson's in CA are doing this? What part of the paper are you finding these things so I can be on the look out just in case CA joins in the doubling?