Friday, May 15, 2009

Albertsons Internet Printable Coupon Policy

One KCL was unable to use 4 of the same internet printable coupon at Albertsons this last week. She printed 2 from her computer and 2 from her husband's computer. She wrote to file a complaint (because as a good KCL, she knew they should be taking her coupons!!) Thank you Elizabeth for sharing your story, your investigation and this response:

I would first like to apologize for the inconsistency you experienced in our store. Our policy on internet coupons is as follows: 4. Internet Coupons: Coupons printed from an internet website presented for redemption with a qualifying purchase. Albertsons DOES NOT accept internet coupons containing the following conditions:
- ‘Free’ product offers
- Redemption value exceeding $5.00
- Absence of UPC bar code
- Photocopied internet coupons.
Most internet sites will print a time and date stamp on the coupons, and limit each ISP address to two coupons total. If multiple coupons have the same time and date stamp this could be an indicator the coupon was photocopied, and should not be accepted.
As you can see above the limit of two is only when the time and date stamp is the same. If you were to print from your mothers, brothers, husbands, the time and date stamp would be different and then the coupons would be allowed. I will contact the store mentioned in the e-mail (70th & Redwood) and review our acceptance policy with them. We strive to give great customer service; your feedback is so valuable to us. It helps us to recognize areas of opportunity. Again, thank you for your time. If I can be of further assistance please feel free to contact me. Thank you, Donna Porritt Area Service Manager, Utah Albertsons, a SUPERVALU company Office # 801-961-3323


Tanya said...

My internet coupons don't have a timestamp on them. If the coupon was part of a webpage or email then they would, but I would have cut that off anyways so it would fit into my coupon binder.

I'm a new couponer - is this a common problem? Do a lot of stores not accept internet printed coupons?

Mindy said...

This Albertsons is the one I go to regularly and I've found it really depends on who you're dealing with. I've had them accept them if they'll scan without problem. Sometimes they won't scan right away and the checker has to punch in numbers. Some will, some won't. I've had the manager refuse my coupons before, but have found one checker (an old lady named Heidi who I LOVE) that is always willing to do what it takes. She is SO on top of it, so I always look for her. Thanks for getting in touch with them about THIS Albertsons as I'm sure it will make my life a LOT easier!

cwalker said...

I have a tendency to loook for cashiers who are young (and don't care) or who look friendly...and I have a better time using my coupons with them.

Melody said...

The "old" Albertsons in caldwell won't accept black & white printables. We need to share this letter with them.

Thanks KCL for all that you do to help us save $$$. I have been couponing for 2.5 months now and have saved a ton! I finally have a food storage for my family of 7!

However, I have become a little OCD need to stay home for a while. ;)

amber said...

The Spanish Fork Utah Albertsons did the same thing to me wouldnt use more then two internet coupons for the same item. I had four flour tortias and had four internet coupons for it the cashier would not take two of them because he said that was there policy too that they could only take two from now on. I live in scipio and normally go to the Richfield Albertsons and never have a lick of problems but ever time i go to spainsh Forks albertsons i always get put through the ringer i am calling that number you posted for albertsons tomorrow thanks

BargainMoms said...

Is this for all states? Some of our AZ stores are saying they won't accept anything over $2. Then I'll go to the same store a different time, and have no problem.

Sassy said...

Arizona is not a part of Supervalu like Idaho and Utah so they may have different rules. If your internet coupons have different numbers they should be okay. Its those that are photo copying that are runing it for the rest of us.