Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Best Diaper Deals this week

I swear my kids can out-poop the best of them. It's my own fault for stockpiling Quaker High-Fiber oatmeal. . . stop laughing. . . . it's true. At least it makes me feel better if I didn't pay an arm and a leg for the 6-8 diapers we go through daily!! So if your stash is low, here are the best deals around if you're shopping diapers:

Just got an email advertising the Babies R Us Memorial Day Sale: runs 5/22-5/25.

Babies R Us:
Huggies Pure and Natural Jumbo Packs $11.99
$3/1 HERE (print two)
Final Price: $6.50 each, when you buy 2

Huggies Pull-Up Mega Packs $11.99
$2/1 from Smart Source 4/19

Final Price $9.99


Huggies Jumbo Pack $8.99
$1.50/1 Huggies Diapers from Smart Source 3/1
Final Price: $7.49

Huggies Little Swimmers Diapers $9.99
$1/1 Huggies little swimmers from Smart Source 4/19
Final Price: $8.99

Huggies Wipes $1.99
$0.75/1 Huggies Wipes 64 ct. or larger
Final Price: $1.24

Pampers Jumbo Pack $8.99
$1/1 any pampers diapers from P&G 5/3
Final Price: $7.99

Pamper Splashers $9.99
$0.50/1 any pampers splashers from P&G 5/3
Final Price: $9.49

Rite Aid
Huggies Mega Packs $13.99
$1.50/1 from Smart Source 3/1 or 5/17
$2 Single Check Rebate or SCR #35
Caregiver's Marketplace Rebate .75
Final Price: $9.74

DON'T FORGET THE $5 off $25 Rite Aid Coupon !
Buy 2 packs @ 13.99, use the above coupons plus the $5 off and pay$7.24 per pack.

SCR#35 $2 back on Huggies Mega Pack, Pull ups or GoodNites
SCR#800 buy 5 packs of huggies, get the 6th pack FREE!
View details of Huggies SCRs HERE

These aren't the kind of price you want to go run down and elbow other Moms to get. . . but if you're in need, these are the two best places to buy name brand diapers this week. Anyone seen other good diaper deals?


Heidi said...

Just wanted to know if anyone wanted to trade Huggies coupons for Pampers coupons. I've tried Huggies multiple times and they just don't work for us. So...I have 18.00 in Huggies coupons (Naturals, regular, Pull Ups, and swim diapers) if anyone would like to trade.

Nichole said...

Joanie- I just signed up for the emails from babys r us (we just barely got one up here)
would you mind forwarding me that email you got from them?
I would really appreciate it!
nicholestaceysmith at gmail dot com!

lgoers said...

If you REALLY want to save money - consider using cloth diapers. It's a bit more work (but isn't everything to save $) and they diapers are pretty hightech now too. I use bumgenius and they are great! No blowouts and I've the kind that grow w/your baby. They are microfiber on the inside so they wick the moisture (kind way of putting it huh) away wonderfully. I'd be happy to pass on what works well for us or answer any questions. email me at My husband even uses them.

Heather Wheeler said...

Lara- Bill fits in Brigs diapers?? I gotta see that!!
(and yes, I think I am funny!)

Button Revenge said...

I love huggies pure and natural. I think i might go to babies are us this week.
Heidi if you will like to trade for pamper coupon send me an email. I perfer huggies over pampers.

Sommers said...

Walgreens has huggies little swimmers on sale for $6.99. Use the same coupon and save 1.00 for 5.99 total. Roaring Springs here we come.

andrea.roche said...

Heidi. I have tons of Pampers I'm not using. Email me.

andrea.roche said...

Thanks for this post Joanie!
And Logoers, You are a star for using cloth diapers. The idea seriously makes me cringe. I wish I had the guts.

debby said...

i think i'm missing something. how does the babies r us deal on huggies pure and natural come out to $6.50 each?

debby said...

nevermind, i get it. the $5 off is for babies r us.

Joanie Demer said...

Diapers are 11.99, use $3 coupon, then they're $8.99. When you buy two you'll get $5 back, in other words $2.50 back per pack, so that brings total to $6.49.

Couponeer said...

So this is a little off subject...but just slightly.
I am new to the coupon world and I just had a baby. What is a good deal for baby food??? Any suggestions on finding coupons for the stuff? My baby is only 2 weeks but I want to start planning ahead.

E.Daw said...

When I am in need and don't have a stockpile of dipes, I use the $5 off coupons from Babies R Us (or Toys r us)at Walmart, as well as a manufacturer coupon (I currently get them by mail, email or in the newspaper). Usually you have to buy the large box of diapers that is typically $20 at Walmart and then using the $5 off coupon as well as the manufact. coupon (usually $1.50) it brings the large pkgs. of diapers down to $13.50. I have had coupons that required I buy a large pkg. of wipes and diapers to save $7. I have always been able to use two manufacturer coupons (for wipes and diapers) in conjunction.

I get my Babies R Us coupons from the mail (on their mailing list) but also if you make a purchase in the store or if you ask the customer service, they will give you the coupons also.

Thinking back, if I had known I would have had five kids....I would have taken stock in the diaper companies long ago! LOL

Oh yeah, and I have tried to do cloth as well. I had a FREE diaper service for a year (won it at the Kids Fair here in the Treasure Valley) and I wasn't sucessful. I wish I could have gone that route for many reasons-but it just didn't happen that way for me. Kuddos to those of you that can!

Mattie said...

So will you automatically get the $5 off? (Do you need that e-mail or is it just an advertisement?)

Kylie said...

Thanks, I was just thinking a weekly diaper deal update would be very helpful. My stockpile from the last Wags deal just ran out, so I am just buying a little as I go, in hopes of another great deal. I think I will hit the BRU and see how it goes. Thanks for all your hard work!

Julene said...

Kroger, or Smiths here in Utah, has huggies buy $15 get $3 off automatically. Then use your coupons. Most of the packs are on sale for 8.99. I also used my $5 catalina from the california pizza kitchen deal, buy 4 get $5 cat.I paid 6.xx for a jumbo pack and a 216 count wipes.

lgoers said...

Yes Bill looks so amazing in bumgenius are funny.

Bekah said...

If you sign up at the Huggies website, you can enter code TKHNF-RLPLS-TRPGB to get a $2/1 coupon. Make sure you hit the button to download the coupon. After it prints, you can hit your back button to print another. Go to to find tons of other codes to enter.