Friday, May 1, 2009

From the KCL Inbox

Joanna wrote in to tell us the following:
I just had to brag a little bit about my trip to Target this evening. I love the fact that I can “stack” my MQ’s with my Target IP’s or snail mail coupons. I had some coupons expiring today (4/30) and took them with me on my Target run, I did 2 transactions and this is what I bought........

1st transaction
6 Quaker Rice Cakes $1.64 minus $1.00/1 MQ stacked with $1.00 Target IP $0.36 overage after MQ/IP
6 Quaker Rice Snacks $2.44 minus $1.00/1 MQ stacked with $1.00 Target IP $0.44 each
5 Special K w/ red berries $2.39 minus $1.50/1 MQ (from eBay) $ .89 each
2 Kraft Mayo $1.99 each minus two $1.00/1 MQ stacked with $1.00/2 Target IP $0.98 for both
6 Axe trial size body wash so my 3 year old can and I quote “smell like a man” $ .99 -$1.00/1 MQ $ .06 overage after MQ

2 L’Oreal kids swim and sport shampoo $1.84 on clearance $3.68 for both (no coupon but my boys swim 5 times a week and really need this stuff)

My total was $9.77 (plus tax) AND I received a $5.00 Target GC

2nd Transaction
12 8th Continent Light Soy milk on clearance for $2.08 minus my $1.00/1 MQ= $1.08 each
Winco's regular price is $1.89 (i think) but I wanted to use my Target gift card

My total was $12.96 - $5.00 Target GC (from Special K) my OOP was $7.96 (plus tax)

My boys are on Soy milk and drink 2-3 half gallons a week, this stuff is good until June (I'm so glad we have the spare fridge in the garage).

Thanks again for all your hard work ladies!


cynthea said...

Awesome job. Winco doesn't have chocolate soymilk definitely got a score with that!

4 Crazy Kids said...

Got to love those Target deals!