Wednesday, May 13, 2009

General Mills Cereal at Albertsons!!

Spend $10- Save $4 Instantly
-The first price listed is the sale price, the second price is the price after you factor in the promo saving
- You can purchase Multiple groups of $10 in the Same transaction and it will take off the $4 for each group.

General Mills Cereal $2.50/$1.50
(Cinnamon Toast Crunch 12.8 oz., Cocoa Puffs 11.8 oz., Honey Nut Cheerios 12.25 oz., Trix 10.7 oz., or Peanut Butter Puffs 13 oz.)
Use the $1/3 from 4/5 or 5/3
Final Price: $1.17

BUT--- For every 4 boxes of GM Cereal You Buy-
You Will Get a Coupon for a Gallon of
FREE MILK (up to $4.50) OYNO

thanks pyp for reporting this deal!
It is unclear when this milk promo expires, if anyone knows- let us know!
For our list of match-ups for the week go here, for the entire pinching your pennies list go here.


Bernies said...

This doesn't have anything to do with the cereal deal, but I do have a question. Last night, I went to Albertsons in Centerville to use four sets of my doubles. After one transaction, the cashier (he was the only one there since it was so late) told me that I could only use one set. The funny thing is that he said that he wished he could let me use more, but the "system" wouldn't let him. Funny since the "system" did it before. Has anyone else ever run into this problem with their cashiers? Thanks!

Brook said...

I ended up purchasing the milk that was supposed to be free, either because the machine did not catch it, nor did I or the cashier. I guess I could take my receipt in and get my money back for it, but to me it's a big hassle unless I was going in sometime soon. My advice just make sure before you leave that it got taken off.

Heather Wheeler said...

It's a Catalina that prints for Free Milk On Your Next Order. You should have gotten something at the end of your transaction....

Keri Lyn @ She Saved said...

Bernies - I am finding that it is just about finding the right cashier/store. I did a doubler deal yesterday, only to have the manager bring me 3 more sets of doublers. They were walking around handing them out. I think the best thing to do is just ask, and hopefully get a manager that wants to move product. I don't think it has anything to do with a register not working.
On the cereal deal...AWESOME POST... but my husband will kill me if I buy more cereal, lol! I stocked up at Winco last week. When you guys posted about Ronald McDonald house, did you say they needed cereal, or was it just breakfast bars and such? This might be a good time to do some donatin'.

janetf said...

Bernies - The doubler coupons are coded and their registers are programmed to only allow 1 of each coded coupon per order. Perhaps in the past you had two separate orders, or the cashier didn't scan the set of doublers, but input them manually?

Two different Albertsons (1 Mon and 1 Tues) told me that the next time they had doublers, they were only allowed to let a customer make 2 separate purchase per day using doublers. They realize that people but x number of extra papers, but that would be their new policy. It was an awkward conversation, on both our parts. The first time I had my daughter in front of me in line making a purchase and I thought she was trying to tell me that wasn't allowed. In our area, there are at least 14 Albertsons, so it shouldn't be a problem. It may keep the shelves from being cleared, so that others can get in on the good deals, not just the early birds.

Joanna said...

I read that the UTAH doublers were worded differently then the Idaho doublers (I think you said you are in Centerville UT?) From what I’ve read, the Utah stores coupon said something like, per day. With that being said I also think this policy (or any policy) differs from store to store.

I ran to Albertsons during nap time yesterday with 2 transactions and after the 2nd transaction the cashier told me the new policy would only allow me one transaction per visit. She said I would need to leave the store and come back in to do another one. I asked if they were "tracked" by PC numbers and she said no. Then later that evening I was at the Eagle Road store and did 3 transactions in a row and was rung up by the front lanes supervisor and she didn’t even bat an eye at 3 transactions in a row. I asked her about the policy the Cherry Lane store mentioned and she said she was fine with 3 transactions and was glad I was prepared and organized and didn’t ask for anything more and nothing less. So I guess in Idaho it does depend on the cashier.

alysia said...

Head's up...apparently the free milk Catalina is not going on anymore. I bought 4 of the GM cereals listed and did not get a free milk catalina. After asking about it, the cashier said that it was working yesterday, but she thinks that the deal ended yesterday. Not such a good deal with the cereal anymore :(

Arin said...

I bought 11 boxes of cereal and it printed out the free gallon of milk-maybe you have to buy more than 4.

Arin said...

and I only recieved one catalina with the 11 boxes I purchased.

Heather Wheeler said...

So here's what I can tell. It is only select cereals- and it expires today.
So far it looks like these cereals are participating:

Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Cocoa Puffs

Hilmarose said...

I just CAN'T buy any more cereal! I have about 60 boxes already from the really good sale last time... and was able to give tons to our food bank! But these are such good prices!!!

The Smiths said...

I bought 4 of each cereals: Trix, Cocoa Puffs, Honey Nut Cheerios and Peanut butter Puffs. Only 2 milk catalinas printed...must have been for the cocoa puffs trix

miriama said...

I was told last Monday night that there is only 3 doubles per family PERIOD. My husband was at one register and I was at another. I told him that the coupon said one per visit and apologized explaining I was new at this. I think the point is to go to more than one store, who the cashier is and how obvious you are? I think the cashier was wrong but I am certainly not arguing.

Pip said...

I printed off the Kellogg's $1/1coupons from the scroll bar above and took them with me to Jewel. It took a dollar off for each coupon plus kicked off the $4 at the end for each 4 boxes purchased.

I bought 7 boxes of cereal plus one box of $2.50 Pop-Tarts that I didn't have a coupon for $5.12.

I'd better go hide the sweet cereal before the kids come home. :)