Thursday, May 7, 2009

He Ain't Heavy. . . He's Krazy Coupon Guy's brother!

Dear Krazies,

I've been reading your "10 Days" saga (5 down 5 to go) and wish I had better heeded the being organized part. I missed out on 4 Albertson's Doublers I had which expired yesterday and forgot to take 8 - $2/1 Post Trail Mix Cereal coupons which would have given me an overage after Catalinas on 2 purchases. These are still good so another Albertson's stop before this week's special expires.

Today went to Walgreens and Albertson's.

At Walgreens got following:
8 cans of Pork & Beans ($1/2)
2 cans of Hunt's Tomato Sauce ($1/2)
4 cans of Butterball Broth ($1/2)
2 cans of Ravioli ($3/2)
1 box of Thermacare ($5.99)

Had 3 coupons for the P&B ($.75/2) for a total of $3.00
Had 1 coupon for the Thermacare ($3.00)
Paid with RR's ($10.50)
Paid with Cash OOP ($1.20)

Received $3.00 RR from the ConAgra $10 Sale
Received $.75/2 coupon for P&B
Received $.75/2 coupon for Hunt's Tomato Sauce
Received $.75/3 coupon for Ravioli
Thought the Thermacare would give an RR, but no

At Albertson's got the following:
4 boxes of Shredded Wheat ($10/4)
9 bottles of Kraft BBQ Sauce ($1/1)
2 Kraft Mac & Cheese ($1/1)

Had 5 coupons for the BBQ Sauce ($.75/1)
Had 1 BOGO for the Kraft Mac & Cheese
Paid with $10.00 in ConAgra Cat's
Paid with Cash OOP ($1.68)

Received $3.00 Cat for the Kraft $10 Sale
Received $2.50 for the Post Cereal (should have been $3.00)

I thought the Catalina machine was broken as 4 cereals should have returned $3.00, not $2.50, so went to CS. After some discussion, she noticed only 3 of the cereals rang up, not 4. Jokingly I said if I hadn't said anything, I would have been ahead. She said we could call it even as it would be more difficult to re-ring the cereal and correct the error. So, I got a "free" box of cereal and a Catalina worth $2.50 which would have been $.50 more if I had paid for the 4th box.

I will say that I don't mind the Albertson's trips as much as I do the Walgreens. When I am at Walgreens wandering the aisles looking for Right Guard Deodorant, or Edge Shaving Cream, or Colgate Tooth Paste, or any flavor of body wash, I get an eerie feeling. I didn't know at first what caused it, but I do now.

It occurred to me the other night while watching the TV show, "Magic's Biggest Secrets Revealed." Once you know how the illusion is created, much of the "magic" of illusion disappears. At that moment I knew when I was at Walgreens I was in a magic store where women (you) go to collect their (your) "Tools of the Trade." I felt a little conflicted.... Should I learn to master these tricks and illusions to thrill and amaze my friends and family or should I forget all I have seen to keep and believe in the magic you women spend so much time and money to create?

Perhaps part of my ignorance in the ways of love and romance is made manifest here. I used to think (would like to think) that women want to be recognized for their inner worth, their intelligence, their character and personality.

I know now this is not true.

I know this, because when women get ready for a date or special event where they want to attract or arouse those ever-present males who clumsily lumber about, they (you) go to the Magic Store (or many Magic Stores) to stock up on paints, and soaps, and lotions, and creams, and smells, and clothes, and shoes (how many different shoes do you really need?) to create a special illusion to attract and trap their (your) unsuspecting prey. The important thing is not to duplicate the same illusion you used last week. After all, the male might notice and not be fooled by the same illusion he has seen twice.

What women (you) DO NOT do is go the library to brush up on their (your) knowledge or work on some flawed aspect of their (your) character in the Self-Help section to better relate to the brutish man. They (you) do not try to understand the theories of Hawking or Feynman or Heisenberg. They (you) do not visit Barnes & Noble to check current magazines to be fluent in the nuances of photo voltaic arrays for our latitude, the relative benefits of evacuated tube domestic hot water panels, or to catch up on the recent political changes in the European Union as they affect the sale and trading of carbon credits.

This would explain why I have not seen any women (you) in any of these places as I prepared for my social outings. Time to rethink the strategy and decide if I still have enough years to unlearn what I know and relearn how to interact with you females.

I am reminded of the old Groucho Marx saying: "When you are old enough to read a woman like a book, you're too old to start a library."

Time to watch an old movie. Here's looking at you, Krazies.

KCG Rick

Rick is spreading the good word and helping his family start to "dip their toes in the waters of kraziness". Here's an email we received from Rick's brother:
Here is a photo of my latest trek to Walgreens...I call it a "trek" because I feel that somehow makes saving this much money somewhat difficult. If I convinced myself it is easy to do this stuff, I would most likely quit my job, move to a "van down by the river" or an "apartment down by the Walgreens" and support my family of 5 (myself included) by selling "coupon swag" on the street for 50% off MSRP. Obviously just kidding about quitting my job - still, the whole concept behind this process is simply unbelievable. The photo shows products totaling $114.57 (tax included) + RR worth $13.00. The background is my leather loveseat. I have yet to designate a "studio area" in my home for proper product display...maybe I will do that this weekend. I started the day with $12.00 in RR, spent $20.20 in cash and arrived home with $13.00 in RR. OOP = $19.20. Pretty amazing!! Pete


Smith Family said...

Does anyone else think this post is more than a bit insulting? Does KCG really think women are so shallow? He might want to step back and realize who is audience is here. Maybe he shouldn't be given a voice in this forum. I am not the least bit surprised there isn't a significant other in KCG's life.

Johnsons said...

I agree...this guy is certainly loving the attention he gets on this blog. I however am not...there are more posts about some random guy that likes to coupon then actual helpful posts.

YoYo said...


Emma said...

Oh how I have been waiting for this day to come. Someone else out there feels the same way I do about KCG. KCL is a great site with so many great posts and then along came KCG and I had to start filtering through the novel length posts. But, then again, if I spent more time at the library or Barnes and Noble instead of in Walgreens I might have more appreciation for his lengthy posts about...what are they about? I think this latest post was a bit too much and I hope KCLs agree.
Do you?

Joanna said...

I completely agree.

What irked me most was his “to create a special illusion to attract and trap their (your) unsuspecting prey” comment. I’ve never had to create a special illusion to trap my prey, you can ask my husband about that. However, he’s not available to comment at this moment, he’s currently caged up in the basement.

Alana said...

He's not serious about it, he's just kidding. He's just got a dry sense of humor, and most of the things that he writes are written tongue in cheek.

Besides, there's way more women than men at BOTH the library and Barnes and Noble at any given moment and he knows it.

Jennifer said...

sorry not a fan of KCG either. It was funny at first--now not so much. Maybe its time he started his own blog.

MacLerran Family said...

My husband has helped me since Day 1 of our couponing (clipping, sorting and buying) -- he doesn't want the attention that KCG gets -

My husband just enjoys watching the price go down at the checkout lane - and eating his 25 cents a box cereal.

Oh and the (basically) free bowling with the family via the kidsbowlfree info.

To each their own I suppose.

Anonymous said...

*insert eye-rolling smiley here*

I have a dry sense of humor and I found his post offensive as well.

You've stepped over the line, pal.

For the record, I'm not impressed by men OR women who spend their time hoarding items they don't want or need just because they can get them free with coupons.

Sylvia said...

Oh come on ladies!! Get a grip. KCG's brother made a funny. Don't you get it? He felt as if he was rummaging around in his mother's lingerie drawer!

As for hording... I buy things I don't want, can't use, and such all the time.... then I donate them!! If I can get something FREE someone will benefit. When the stamp out hunger drive happened... I happily put out 6 bags of food along with a few sundries that I'm sure will make it's way to the disaster recovery area or to someone who really needs it.