Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Albertson's Preview 5/6-5/12

Here's the Best from Albertson's
Thanks to PYP for compiling the list
Go HERE to see it for yourself!

Honey Suckle White 85% Lean Ground Turkey 1.2 lb. package $1.88
With in ad coupon (Limit 6)
Has anyone tried this before?

Albertson's Chunk Cheese 32 oz $3.99
With in ad coupon (Limit 2)

Shoppers Value Milk (Gallon) Whole, 1%, 2%, or Skim $1.89

Albertsons Large Eggs (Dozen) $.99
(Limit 3)

Ritz Crackers $1.88
With in ad coupon (Limit 4)
Use the $1/2 IP
OR Look for the $1/1 tearpad in Albertsons
Final Price: $.88-$1.38

Wheat Thins or Triscuits $1.99
Use the $1/2 from 3/15
Final Price: $1.49

Sara Lee Soft & Smooth Whole Grain White or 100% Wheat bread 20 oz. $1.57
With in ad coupon (Limit 4)

Kraft Promo (Does this look familiar to anyone?)
Spend $10 on participating products and save $3 INSTANTLY
Essentially a 30% Discount

Capri Sun Sunrise 10 pack $2.50
Use the $1/1 from 4/19
Final Price: $.75

Kraft BBQ Sauce 18 oz. $1.00
Use the $.75/1 from 5/3
Final Price: FREE!

Kraft Easy Mac Cups 2.05 oz. $1.00
Use the B1G1 IP
or Use the B1G1 from the Parade Magazine from 5/3
Final Price: $.35

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese 7.25 oz. $1.00
Purchase between 5/8 - 5/31 (Doesn't start until Friday!)
Buy (4) & get $1.00 OYNSO
Buy (5) & get $1.50 OYNSO
Buy (6) or more & get $2.00 OYNSO
WAIT UNTIL FRIDAY! and your Final Price: $.37 each

Velveeta Shells & Cheese or Kraft Deluxe Macaroni & Cheese 9.4-14 oz. $2.50
Use the $1.50/2 IP
Final Price: $1.00

Clorox Promo
Spend $15 and Save $5 ON YOUR NEXT Shopping Order
Prices are not listed in the ad- so check back Wednesday for a better List with Prices!!
Here are a few things I am excited about!

Glad (Glad ForceFlex trash bags pictured)
Use the $1/2 from 4/5
Or use this $1/1 IE or FF

Clorox Cleaning Items
$1.50/2 from our coupon bar under the header
$.50/1 IE or FF
Clorox Bleach
$1.50/1 IE or FF

Cottonelle Products

Scott Toilet Paper Products

One more Promo
Spend $30, Save $10 ON YOUR NEXT order

BandAid bandages 10-80 ct. $2.50
Use the $1/1 from 2/8 and 4/26
Final Price: $.68

Carefree liners - Economy pack $3.00 (RICK- do you need more liners??)
Use this $1.50/1 IE or FF
Final Price: $.51

OB tampons 18 ct. $3.00
Use the $1/1 from 4/26
Use the $1.50/1 IP
Final Price: $.51-1.01

Sudafed PE 10-24 ct. $3.99
Use the $1.50/1 from 2/22
Final Price: $1.17

Visine A.C. (Pictured in ad) $3.99
Use the $3/1 from 3/15
Final Price: FREE

Children's Zyrtec allergy relief 12 ct. or 4 oz. $9.99
Use the $2/1 from 3/15
Final Price: $4.49


The Fin's said...

I love the Honey suckle Turkey I use it in place of all other meats! It's the best!

The Crazy Heads said...

Hey, where is the Ritz IP? I can't find it anywhere. Thanks!

brie007 said...

Question: The Kraft easy mac cups
B1G1 q from the Parade says only 1 per transaction. Will this beep or is it okay to use them all at once? I'm newer to this and not sure. Thank you for the help in advance!

Heather Wheeler said...

Brie- I would follow what the coupon says, and just use one per transaction. Annoying, but it's better just to follow the rules!
Hope this helps!

Brandi said...

There is also a Kraft Easy Mac cup B1G1 free in the Press Tribune's Relish section.

Buff said...

The ground turkey rocks! We use it instead of ground beef in everything these days.

Niki said...
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Niki said...

Hey all! Just made a before-work Alb's run and picked up 10 BBQ sauces, had 6 coupons, and some eggs. Total $5.02, but here's the great news...it spit out a 3.00 OYNO catalina from Kraft. Don't know what other scenarios will trigger that, but getting 10 BBQ sauces on one transaction does! Good luck :)

Joanie Demer said...

Thanks Niki! When you buy 6 or more of the Kraft BBQ Sauces a $3 Cat will print!

Emili said...

SO, I'm new to your site (thanks to SSB) but I'll be checking it often. For the $.37 mac n cheese boxes, can you only buy 6 or is this an unlimited amount? And then do you get $2 off for every 6 boxes or do you only get the $2 off once... Thanks!

Meghan said...

I use the Turkey all the time. I use it place of any other meat. Its really good!

Anonymous said...

fyi at albertsons i had to buy 10 kraft bar-b-que bottles to get the $3.00 rr. It didn't print until after I picked my method of payment.

lainee said...

Does anyone know if you have to get a specific item for the mac n cheese catalina? For instance, can you get easy mac, regular mac, deluxe, etc? Also, does the 5 pack count as one item or 5? I want to make sure I get the right thing tomorrow. Thanks!!

Sarah said...

I am giving myself a little pat on the back for my recent trip to Albertsons tonight. I just bought over a years supply of tampons! I bought the OB tampons for a dollar a box and I got three for free with the Albertsons doublers. I bought 20 boxes of tampons for $17. I would have spent $60 without the great deal! That makes me happy. I even have a few boxes to share with my sisters who are having a tough time learing how to coupon. Thanks KCL! Sarah

Heather Wheeler said...

Great Job Sarah!!