Thursday, May 7, 2009

Kraft Ranch Dressing $0.25 at Albertsons

Thanks to Mary for writing in to KCL with this great deal!
I was at Albertsons today to pick up a few sale items and I saw a display of Kraft Ranch Dressing. I wasn't planning on purchasing any because I didn't have any coupons for it but then I looked closer. They are on sale 2/5.00. If you purchase 10.00 worth then 3.00 is automatically deducted from your tab. That brings the cost to 4/7.00. But wait...On the display their was a coupon for 1.50 off for one bottle. I grabbed four coupons and that brought my price down to .25 PER BOTTLE! Of course...that is before tax...but I'm not complaining! We are in salad dressing for a long, long time. This was at the Alb's on Cherry and Ten Mile. Love your is now my homepage. Thanks for all the really wonderful help! Mary


Are You Serious! said...

♥ Oh man, I was just there and walked right past the dressings and didn't even notice it! :)

Tom said...

i got the last 4 coupons at my store, wish there was more :(

TheTalkingTurtle said...
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Amber said...

So, I saw this entry and decided I had to go to Albertsons pronto! We use a ton of this at our house. My husband needed to run an errand, so he dropped me off at the Albies on Milwaukee and Fairview (not my normal store). I went in and no coupons :( I looked everywhere! I went back to the condiments isle hoping that some might have magically materialized. No such luck. (Sigh) As I was staring forlornly at the beautiful bottles of dressing that I could not acquire, a nice produce guy asked if I was finding everything I needed. As I started to politely tell him I was fine, I thought uh... no... I really didn't find what I wanted. So I told him I was looking for the nonexistent coupons. He called a manger/supervisor/a guy in charge over and the manager said they were gone almost immediately after they set up the display. I was sooo sad. I had been waiting for a good deal on the dressing, since I am a newbie at this and don't have the massive stockpiles of coupons that Heather and Joanie have! I decided that with the Kraft promo the dressing was still a good buy, so I headed for check out. Just as I was getting ready to swipe my card, I hear a voice over my shoulder saying that I will want to redo my transaction. I turned to find the manager/supervisor holding 8 coupons for me!!!! Can you say ecstatic! I was thrilled! I used those and went back through for some more. I ended up with 8 bottles of dressing for 2.00 plus tax! Talk about a score. That store was AWESOME!!! Kudos to them on customer service. I am beginning to see why all you KCL's love Albertsons so much.

Ann said...

Abundant Food Savings has a list of the coupons coming out in this Sunday's paper -- Smart Source is going to have a coupon for $1.50 off one Kraft Salad Dressing! I've got several neighbors saving their weekly coupon inserts for me (if ONLY they knew what they were giving away!!), so I'm gonna totally score on this deal this weekend! Woooo!!

Adam and Rachel said...

I'm new to couponing, but this is what I did:

3 ranches at 2.50
1 Kraft Mayo at 3.99

I used 3 $1.50 off coupons for the ranch and $1.00 off of the mayo. Plus the $3 off spending $10 on Kraft products.

Final price for 4 items: $2.99! Coming to $0.75/item! I don't know if it's good but it seems good to me!!! Thanks for the tip, I love the blog by the way!