Friday, May 29, 2009

Krazy Around Town

Here are a few of my fav's this week:


Kraft Mayo $1.99
Use this Target coupon for $1/1
Stack with this Manufacturer Coupon for $1/1 or HERE
Final Price: FREE


Hawaiian Tropic Sun Care Products B1G1
Use 2 $2/1 IE or FF
Final Price: (starting at) $4.49/2

Banana Boat Products B1G1
Use 2 $2/1 IP
Final Price: (starting at) $4.49/2


BUY 2 - 5 packs of Mac and Cheese B1G1 $5.69 (for 2)
Total: $ 5.69
Plus 2 FREE Capri Sun Boxes
PLUS get a $2 Catalina when you buy 2


Ryan and Carrie said...

So I guess I am confused when you say I can use 10/.50 off coupons when it says on the coupon only one per transaction so does that mean each time you pay or each item? Sorry I am new at this and don't quite understand coupon lingo! Thanks! You could just email me @ I would appreciate it!

Sassy said...

I am bummed at all the some couponers that have taken the free capri sun coupons off the mac and cheese to use at a later date. I noticed this at my albertsons today. I asked for more coupons and they dont have extras it is what the manufactur put on the boxes. The manager told me its sad that people do this since the capri sun coupons dont expire right away. Anyway if you are doing this its not fair to those that want to get the deal. Thanks for letting me vent.

Keelee said...

I went today and I didn't get the extra catalina for buying them. Is there something that I am missing? I am a little new at this as well.

The Barkers said...

I have noticed that it has taken atleast five seconds for my catalina to print AFTER I have paid and have my bags in my cart! Maybe some have just left too quickly? Just a thought? I almost left too quickly, two out of my three trips to Albertsons. One cashier had to actually yell for me to come back. Maybe try and just walk away slowly to see:) It would be nice if those capri sun coupons were only made for those boxes of mac n cheese, so when cashiers see them randomly they can say sorry! I don't think thats how it works though ha. Anyway- I have a friend that also didn't get a catalina but I have went to three different Albies and haven't had a problem. I hope this helps someone!

CashtonsMama said...

I went to the Albies on Cole/Fairview. They had a display table set up and had the Mac n Cheese/Capri Sun deal written out on a poster, and all coupons were available at the service counter. It was a little different though. I bought one 5 pack, got one 5 pack and 2 boxes of Capri Sun for free. I bought 1 more Capri Sun pack (on sale for $1.75) and got a Nabisco variety pack of cookies for free. There was a display of Chips Ahoy next to all the Capri Sun and there was a $2 off Chips Ahoy and Capri Sun purchase. To top it all off, i got the $2 Catalina!