Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Krazy Coupon Lady's trip To Walmart

KCL, Michelle reported on her shopping trip in Meridian, ID today:

...went to Wal*Mart on Fairview at Eagle Road this morning.....
Kraft BBQ Sauce $0.98
$1/1 HERE
Final Price: -$0.02

Kraft Dressing $1.58
$1/1 HERE
Final Price: $0.58

Evercare lint rollers $0.97
(fully stocked again at the top of the trial size baskets)
$1/1 HERE
Final Price: -$0.03

Jello $0.50
$1/3 HERE
Final Price: $0.50 for 3

Tabasco sauce $0.98
$1/1 from Smart Source 5/17 (Thanks Jody!)
I found {$0.50/1 from Smart Source Insertm4/26}
Final Price: -$0.02

Oscar Mayer bologna $1.58
$1/2 HERE
Final Price: $1.08 each when you buy 2

Oscar Meyer Hot Dogs $1.50
$1/2 HERE
Final Price: $1.00 each when you buy 2

Easy Mac cups $0.82
$1/2 HERE
Final Price: $0.32

....not a huge fan of Wal*Mart - it's really hit or miss there with what they have, but I think I did pretty good today.
The printable coupons are all available from the same site, so no need to click more than one link to get them all!


The Mitchell Family said...

i went to wal mart the other day and got Glade lasting impressions for 1.00 dollar. I used the 4.oo dollars off one glade lasting impressions from the 5/10. they are on sale at walmart for 5.00

Jody said...

The Tabasco coupon was in the 5/17 SS.


smiling_mama said...

I had so much of the Kraft salad dressing already stocked in my pantry that I didn't need more. I had 2 coupons for $1.50. I saw a gentleman scoping out the ranch and then sit it back down. I walked up to him and offered the 2 coupons. I told him that he would only have to pay .08 + tax. He was so grateful. I absolutely doing stuff like that. I will have to do it more often. I also handed a woman a coupon at Target for .75 off Huggies Baby Wipes. With their sale 72 count wipes for $1.99. This made for a good deal She was so thrilled. Her and her friends thanked me over and over. It was just a .75 coupon for me, but it was $$ in her pocket for her.