Friday, May 22, 2009

More Albertson's Double Coupons

My lovely father just confirmed that there are more Doublers in
Today's Idaho Statesman Paper!!

They are on the last page of section A (page 16)
Albertson's has a full page ad and at the bottom you will see the double coupons!!
Rock, our friend at the Idaho Statesman will be at the Albertsons at Fairview and Meridian Rd,
so go sign up for the Sunday Paper,
and I am sure he will hook you up with a couple copies of today's paper.
Just tell him KCL sent ya!


Lynne said...

Have you heard anything about them being in anyother papers????

Heather Wheeler said...

My dad checked the Press Tribune and couldn't find them, and I have not heard about other states. I will keep you updated if I hear anything new!

Steelefamily04 said...

We haven't found them down here in St.George, UT.

Jennifer said...

doublers again!? I LOVE them, but I'm about doubled out! :)

amanda said...

Did you notice newsstand prices are going up on the states man but with Rock you can still get it at a $1.00 a paper!

Cindy said...

I signed up for 4 additional Sunday Statesman's and Rock gave me a small stack of doublers. I am about doubled-out, too!