Friday, May 15, 2009

More Pectin Deals

I am loving all the krazy deals on Pectin and Sugar! Last year- we made tons of homemade jam, and just ran to the store to buy pectin and sugar as we needed it, sometimes paying up to $3 or $4 per box! Yikes!

Thanks to our reader Helen for letting us know about another way to find it krazy cheap! She writes:

At WINCO the regular MCP Pectin is on special for $1.38. With the $1
coupons from last Sunday (5/10) that makes it .38 a box. If you have the $2 off
Free Sugar coupon that means for .68 (2 MCP after coupons) you get $2 in
free sugar. I saw lots of MCP Sure Jell, Certo coupons and Free Sugar
coupons on ebay.

I just bought 14 Pectin Coupons on Ebay for $1.60 and I found several of the Free Sugar (with the purchase of 2 pectins) Coupons on Ebay as well. Thanks Helen!


Thrifty Queen said...

I bought 8 Sure Gels at Freddy's on Chinden yesterday and they had a big display with the coupons. I bought 8 Gels and 4 sugars and used my coupons from sunday and go used my free sugar coupons plus got $3 in catalina's after each purchase of 4 ($6 total) I think they were almost free!!! YEAH!!!!

Liberty said...

Where do you find the free sugar coupon? There was an empty pad hanging by the sugar. is that where they were? Does anyone know how long the this krazy deal is going to last?

Amber Red said...

I am trying to find the sure jell coupon in the insert, but don't see it??

mokimedic said...

I just found some of these Qs. Does anyone know if this is still the price at Winco? I live 45 min away. TIA

Amy said...

I was at both of my local winco stores today, June 2nd and they both still had the 1.38 MPC pectins on sale.