Monday, May 11, 2009

My Doubler Trips

Here are a few ideas of things to buy with the Kraft Promo at Albertsons and Double Coupons AND the Kraft Printable Coupons! Love it!

A1 Steak Marinade
Use the $1/1 from our coupon bar
Final Price: FREE

Use the $1/1 from our coupon bar
Final Price: FREE

Knudsen Sour Cream
Use the $1/2 from our coupon bar
Final Price: $.40

Kraft Naturals Cheese Slices
Use the $1/2 from our coupon bar
Final Price: $.75

Miracle Whip
Use the $1/1 from our coupon bar
Final Price: $.79

Grey Poupon Mustard
Use the $1/1 from our coupon bar
Final Price: FREE


Niki said...

I love couponing! My lunch break deal...
3 Shells & Cheese
4 Mac & Cheese Singles
Used Coupons + Doublers I paid EIGHTY THREE CENTS.
Thanks KCL! Couldn't do it without ya.

The Barker Clan said...

Has anyone tried the bbq deal? My sister in-law did it today, but the catalina didn't print? Anyone else have the same problem or know if there was a specific kind you had to buy? Just thought I would check before my albies run!

Michelle said...

I did the Kraft BBQ sauce.
Buy 4, get a $2.00 Catalina
buy 5, get a $2.50
buy 6, get a $3.00

Unfortunately I didn't know how many you were supposed to buy together, so I just did 4, so I got the $2.00. I would have done some others on that order if I'd known.
I bought the Kraft honey bbq sauce that is part of the $10/10 sale, used my $1.00 coupons, plus with the $3.00 off your $10.00 Kraft purchase (I bought some of the mayo too to make $10 worth), then I basically was paid .25 to buy each bottle, before earning the catalina! Nice!
Now I just have to figure out what to make with all of this bbq sauce!

Julee said...

I used mine on some BAR-S hot dogs - on sale BOGO free - one is 2.29 - use $1 coupon from Sunday's paper - doubled - 29cents for 2 pkgs of hot dogs!

Anonymous said...

Hi- a few weeks ago there was a posting for discounted papa johns pizza. does anyone still have the internet code? Large 1 topping pizza for $3.99 and/or mon. and Tues specials buy one (1 topping)and get one free. I couldn't locate it in the older posts. Double couponing this week has been fun.

Kelley said...

How do you double coupons? What days does Albertons do this? Fo you call the store? Do they do this automatically or do you have to request they double?

amanda said...

I got free Family size crackers and planters peanut bars!!!! This was great for my family!!! I love doublers with great coupons

Brandi said...

I racked up the savings at my Albertsons with my doublers!
Kraft Pasta dinner 2.50 x 4=$10
$1 manuf. coupon x 4=$6
Three $1 doubler coupons= $3
Instant $3 off special = FREE!
... Read More
Kraft pasta dinner $2.50 x 4 = $10
$1 off manuf. coupon x4 = $6
Instant $3 off coupon = $3
three $1 doubler coupons = FREE!

Kraft bagel-fuls $2.50 x 2 = $10
$1 off manuf. coupon x 2 = $6
Instant $3 off coupon = $3
three $1 doubler coupons = FREE!

Ritz crackers 1.88 x 4 = $7.52
Four $1 off manuf. coupons = $3.52/.88 ea
three doublers @ .88 ez = .88

Planters Big Bars $1.99 x 2 = $3.98
$1 off manuf. coupons x 2 = $1.98
Two instant doublers @ .99 ea = FREE!

Wheat Thins crackers $1.99
$1 off manuf. coupon
One doubler coupon. 99 = FREE
Total Cost = $.88

Sally said...

THANKS! I got some AWESOME steals - The catalina really came in handy!

Jen said...

So mad at my Albertsons. They only have doublers every once in a while and never put out any coupons in the paper! Plus I have never seen their catalina print either! Guess that's what I get for moving away from Idaho and into New Mexico!!!
Maybe someone wouldn't mind explaining how the catalina machine is supposed to work??

Sara said...

Can you please explain how you got the A1 Steak Marinade and Grey Poupon mustard free, and the cheese for only 75 cents each? I wasn't able to make the math match up at my Albertsons' this morning. Thanks!

sarasmommy said...

At Albertson's on Ustick/Five Mile this morning, I got a bunch of sald dressing, Grey poupon, Kraft mayo and Miracle Whip, and when I got up to the checkout I noticed all of it was either past the use-by date or expiring in a month. I still bought the almost-expired stuff, because we eat a lot of salad and sandwiches, but just wanted to remind people to check the dates before you stock up too much! This happens to me often at Albertsons. I bought a bunch of yogurt a couple weeks ago, and when I got home I saw that it was 2 weeks past the use by date, but we ate it anyway because I didn't want to go back!