Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Some Reported Deals at Target

I have not been to Target to verify these deals, but I thought they were worth mentioning.
If anyone checks it out, let us know what you find!
Thanks to Saving with Shellie for the info!

Small Chex Mix Bag (by registers) $.99
Use this $1/1 Target Coupon (expires May 9th)
Final Price: FREE

Bliss Bars (also by the register) $.99
Use this $1/1 Target Coupon
or $1/1 from Smart Source 5/3
Final Price: FREE

Always Infinifi Pads $8.99
Use $4/1 coupon from P&G 5/3
Receive Gift Card for $5 for every 2 purchased
Final Price: $10.00 for 2 packs and you get a $5 gift card


Ashley Hancock said...

I'm new to the couponing. What does P&G mean? And where do I get those coupons?

Keri Lyn @ She Saved said...

I think on the Infiniti Pads you need to purchase 2 packs to get the $5 gift card...anyone know for sure? These are some spendy pads;)

Ann said...

I went to Target this morning and got the Chex Mix and Bliss bars. The coupons worked on them. My cashier was new and said I couldn't do it but the manager came over and told him differently. Thanks for the heads up! Great deal!

Buff said...

I was just looking at the Bliss coupon and it says $1 off a 9.6 oz bag or there a different coupon from 5/3 that I missed?

Buff said...

Der, sorry, just read the previous post.

Chris, Heidi & Eden said...

They (Infiniti pads) are buy 2 and get the gift card. I bought 4 this morning and got 2 gift cards! Ashley- P&G is for Proctor & Gamble. There was a P&G insert in this last Sunday's paper! Good luck!

Joanie Demer said...

Keri Lyn,
I think you're right about the buy 2 pads to get the $5 GC. Savingwithshellie reported otherwise, but I think you're right.

Joanie Demer said...

Heidi, Thanks for your comment. I'm going to amend the GC part of the post!

SGLoughlin said...

Call me crazy, but I don't really use printed coupons. I do all of my coupon shopping at because they have coupons and you earn cash back for purchases you make through their site. I just got a rebate check for about $45 and plan to use it on there again.

trash2cash4u said...

My Target didn't have the small Chex Mix by the registers, but there were clearance bags for .68 back in the grocery department and I did receive the .32 overage!!! Works for me!

Porter Prodigies II said...

I went to Target last night to get my Chex and another deal, they have $1off "Nabisco Snacks"...the cashier was so afraid to take my coupons because they were $1off of a $1 product and she said she wasnt allowed to have a zero balance item!!! It was such a mess, they called loss prevention (the gal that watches for thieves!!), the manager and two other cashiers! It was so embarassing, they wouldnt take my coupons at all! I called corporate and they said "We are really cracking down on the use of illegal coupons, and making sure that every coupon is used for the right item" HELLO PEOPLE!?!? Ugh, it made me so angry! They also told me that not only could they not have a zero balance item, but the picture on the target coupon wasnt the EXACT same item I was buying, even though it clearly stated "Quaker Snack". I need to find a new target because there are too many deals to pass up, but our Target has illiterate employees!

tifferbob said...

I got the Chex Mix only after two managers were called and the second manager said I would have to ring them up seperately. I said that would be fine with me and the two managers gave eachother "the look" and rang them all together. It was a hassle, but my two year old and I ate a FREE bag on the way home.

Letia said...

Milwaukee Target has a new "policy" today, they will only take ONE coupon per purchase, which in their mind is transaction. ie: I could only use one lysol disinfectant coupon. Even though some of my coupons were manufacturer coupons and don't state anywhere on there per purchase. I even talked to Vicky the cashier manager and told her she was going to lose alot of my business as I go to Target for 90% of my needs. She said I could do separate transactions but that's not realistic when there were 10 people behind me and I had 2 kids in tow. She didn't care a flying flip how I felt. I don't want to step foot in there for a very long time.

Carissa said...

I wne to the Boise Target (Milwaukee) today and couldn't find either the Chex Mix or The Bliss bars. Must have been out. I run into that a lot at this Target.
Letia, the girl at the checkstand I went to today took both a Target coupon and MFC for the Hershey's bliss bags I bought. Total of 4 coupons for 2 bags and didn't even bat an eye. But I have had a cashier before give me a really hard time about it. SO FRUSTRATING. Their corporate policy says they can take one of each (1 Target & 1 MFC) for each item. I would call guest services if you have a problem. I printed a copy of the policy and carry it with me...though thankfully I haven't had to use it yet! Good luck!

Heather Wheeler said...

I called corporate to ask them about their policy, regarding your experience, and he said that they should not be only allowing only one coupon per transaction. He did say that corporate gives a LITTLE wiggle room, as far as limiting the number of coupons per transaction, but that usually only happens when a product is in high demand.
Also, most of the Target Printable Coupons say "limit one coupon per transaction" and if they choose to enforce that one, they are with in their rights. (understandable)
He advised me to call Erika (who is the front end manager at the Milwaukee store and speak with her about your experience.

Hope this helps!

Also- I had a great experience today at the Nampa (Idaho Center) Walmart... I first went to Target only to find that they were out of all the stuff listed on our post, and so then I headed to Walmart and used the Target coupons without a hitch. I got ritz crackers for .28 cents, other Nabisco Snacks for $1, and CPK Pizzas... My checker's name was Goldie, (with hair that matched her name) and she was super nice about the coupons, especially considering I had 2 out of control kids!

Sarah said...

I went to the American Fork, UT Target today, but had some of the same frustrating results the others had.

I found the Chex Mix bags for the clearance price of $0.68--two of my bags didn't have the stickers on them. I also found the Bliss candy bars. My checker gave me a "no go" on all of them after he had rung them up.
We had a manager come over, and she agreed to let me have the two bags that didn't have the clearance sticker on them b/c they were $0.99 instead of $0.68. She said she has never accepted a coupon that was worth more than the item itself. I tried to explain that it was ok, but she wouldn't budge.
She also said I couldn't have the Bliss bars b/c they didn't match the picture of the bag of candy on the coupon. All it says is "$1.00 off Bliss candy." It doesn't specify which candy it has to be, but she was sure it only meant the bags.
I ended up going back and getting some more of the $0.99 "non-clearanced" Chex bags, and two bags of Bliss candy instead of the candy bars.
Oh well--still got a few freebies, anyway!.

This is my first week of coupon clipping, so I didn't really didn't have any clever ammunition to throw back at her. After reading one of the other posts from today, it sounds like the store policy can put an end to too many coupons per purchase anyway, right?

On the other hand, I did get a bunch of gift cards after buying Fiber One stuff, though!

Amanda said...


I have had your exact problems when going to the American Fork Target. If I have coupons I now just completely avoid that Target. I like the Orem, UT target though.

mrsmorris said...

Success (almost!) with Target! I went last week and my first stop was Cust Svc to ask if they would adjust my coupons down. Got a big OH NO from the girl. I knew she was wrong, but I had not printed out the KCL post explaining Target's policy. So...tonight I called the store and asked my coupon question. Once again, no we won't take a coupon for more than the product costs - it won't let us.

After some discussion she said she would go ask the manager, to be sure she was giving me correct info. You could hear the amazement in her voice when she came back to the phone. She said they can in fact adjust coupons down. She told me she had worked there for two years and no one had ever told her, nor any other cashier, about this. She said her manager would be putting up notices.

I will bring the policy with me in case of future problems, and I noted her name and her manager's name. It's really sad when the customer is the one to inform an employee of their company's policy.

Next chance I get, I will be at Target (in Washington) with my $1.00 off AXE coupons, buying Target's travel size for $.97.