Wednesday, May 13, 2009

This Weeks 3 Best Walgreens Deals

Reach prevent Toothbrush $0.99 after in-ad coupon
Use $1/1 from 4/16
Final Price: FREE

B1G1 Walgreen's Brand Diapers and Wipes $8.99
(prices will vary- this is regular retail of one of their packs of diapers)
Go to the Pharmacy and ask for their booklet of savings. It has a $2/1 coupon for the diapers.
- Apparently it will auto deduct for each package you buy)
Final Price: $2.50/package
Thanks Abundant Food Savings!

Axe Movie Ticket Promo
Axe Products 25% off
Buy 3 Products, Earn 1 Movie Ticket
Buy 5 Products, Earn 2 Movie Tickets
Use the $1/1 from 5/3


The Hendricks ID said...

Would you think the trial size would work also? When the dove deoderant was on RR the trial size worked. Just wondering then it would be really cheap for movie tickets.

Heather Wheeler said...

Lindsay- if you try- let us know!

One Minute Environmentalist said...

I've been using a $3/2 or $1.50/2 Reach product coupon. I've been picking up one toothbrush and a dental floss. $.99 Q from Wags plus $3 Q is a moneymaker; $1.50 Q with Wags Q = $.25 per item.

I don't know what paper the Q's were from; I am a newbie and hadn't started writing the dates on the inserts. But, I have only been at this since March, so they are still rather recent. Their exp. is 12/2009.

I've also been picking up the Maxwhite toothbrush. It's on sale for 2.99, gives a $2 RR, and I have a $1 Q for Maxwhite toothbrush from an insert. Final cost is .01 MM.

Kelsie said...

I tried the trial size Axe it doesn't work. Just so you know.

Josh & Kate said...

I attempted to get the walgreens coupons and the pharmacy dept told me I had to sign up in order to receive them... is there something I can print off to show to them, so I can get the great deals. Fortunetly my girlfriend gave me her diaper coupon, and so after RR I got 8 packs of diapers for $5.27... happy!

Leslie said...

My pharmacy also told me that they can't "just give them away". I told them I wanted to hear about the program and the guy said 'no way'. So I won't be participating in this deal..bummer the premium diapers work well for us for daytime use.

Sarah said...

I was able to get the coupon at the Wags on Eagle/Ustick. I just picked up 2 packs, but was wondering if it kept taking off $2 for each additional one. Has anyone bought more than two packs with one coupon?

Emily said...

I bought 8 packs of walgreens diapers and pullups at a time and I only had to use 1 coupon. The $2 came off each pack, making them only $2 a pack.

Julene said...

Yup, the $2 comes off of every pack, no matter how many you have. I bought 6 packs and it came off all of them. I used RR and paid $1.15!!