Friday, May 29, 2009

WinCo this Week

I checked out WinCo this morning and found some good deals. Let me know if you found anything else! I spoke again with the general manager and he assured me no stores should be declining to accept your internet printable coupons.

Nabisco Multi-Packs $3.98
  • peelies {pictured at right} for FREE Nabisco Multi pack when you buy 3 Capri Sun 10 packs
  • Use $1/1 Nabisco Multi-Packs (probably won't be allowed to use in conjuction with the "free" coupon, but it doesn't hurt to ask)

3 Capri Suns @ $1.97 each
3 $1/1 Capri Sun Sunrise from Smart Source 4/19
1 Nabisco Multi-Pack @ $3.98
1 peelie for Free Nabisco Multi-Pack
Final Price: $2.91 for 3 packs of capri-suns and 1 Nabisco Multi-Pack

Strawberries 4 lbs for only $2.98!

Yo-Plus Yogurt 4-packs $2.08
$1/1 HERE
Final Price: $1.08 for 4-pack

Darigold Single Serve Chocolate Milk $0.88
$1/2 HERE
Final Price: $0.38 each when you buy 2

Kraft BBQ Sauce $0.98
$1/1 HERE
Final Price: FREE

California Pizza Kitchen Pizza $4.78
$2/1 Printable no longer available
$1/1 HERE
$1/1 from Smart Source 5/17
Final Price: $2.78-$3.78

Bar S Bacon 12 oz $1.78

Bar S Jumbo Hot Dogs $0.88
$1/2 HERE
Final Price: $0.38

Ritz Chips $1.98
$1/1 HERE
Final Price: $0.98

Triscuits $2.38
$1/1 HERE
Final Price $1.38

Wheat Thins $2.38
$1/1 HERE
Final Price $1.38

Dry Idea Deodorant $2.61
$2/1 HERE
Final Price $0.61

Band-Aids $1.94
$1/1 from Red Plum 4/26
$1/1 from Smart Source 2/8 or 3/15
Final Price: $0.94

Kraft Mac n Cheese $0.50

Kraft Easy Mac $0.75
$1/2 HERE
Final Price $0.25 each, when you buy 2

Eggo Waffles $1.48
$1/1 Coupon (didn't get it in Idaho, but some on EBAY)
Final Price: $0.48

Smart Ones frozen dinners starting at $1.50
$4/10 HERE
Final Price: $1.10 each, when you buy 10

Pop Tarts $0.98
look for $0.55 peelies
Final Price: $0.43

Kelloggs Select Cereals $1.48
$1/1 Printables no longer available
Final Price: $0.48

Jello (powder) $0.50
$1/3 HERE
Final Price: $0.17 each, when you buy 3

Cool Whip $1.00
$1/2 HERE
Final Price: $0.50 each, when you buy 2

Grey Poupon Mustard $1.97
$1/1 HERE
Final Price: $0.97

Planters peanuts $1.98
$1/1 HERE (not sure if these are still available, I'm not seeing it on my computer)
Final Price: $0.98

Chex Mix $0.98

Quaker mini Rice Cakes $0.98
$1/1 from Red Plum 3/29
Final Price: FREE

Powerade $0.75
$0.75/2 tearpads or buy on EBAY
Final Price:$0.38 each, when you buy 2


nic said...

I didn't see the Planters Peanuts coupon either! 8]

Julee said...

Which Winco was this?

Joanie Demer said...

I shopped at Boise Downtown. Prices for the most part should be effective within the region.

Amber said...

I went and got the macaroni and cheese packs at albertsons that are buy 1 get 1 free that also has the peelies for the caprisuns on the mac and cheese box. You could also use the nabisco coupon with that deal. I hope that makes sense.

Van Horn Family said...

Does the Boise Downtown WinCo take IP coupons?

Joanie Demer said...

Yes, downtown Boise DOES take IP coupons. All WinCos should be accepting them. The manger this morning told me they'd stopped taking some obviously fraudulent coupons (like one for a free bag of $35 dog food). They still accept all the valid IP coupons that will scan in.

Amy said...

So is it true that the ads will be changing on Monday? I am not very familiar with how WinCo works, except that they will now take my IPs!!!

Joanie Demer said...

Amy, I'm not sure what you mean about "the ad changing Monday". WinCo doesn't have ads or publicize their prices. The company doesn't have the man/woman power to do it. They are a simple company that doesn't advertise and doesn't mark up prices much either. Prices should be effective regionally for the most part. The first aisle when you walk in are the items that are on sale- these items have been bought by the truckload at a discounted rate. Sometimes if one store buys a truckload and another doesn't then one store won't have the same deal as the next, but from my experience, they're pretty similar.

WinCo does say they operate on Sunday to Sunday mark downs, but in my experience a sale price at WinCo lasts, at least 3 weeks. They have a lot less variability than other stores. Hope that helps.

Amy said...

Thanks for clarifying, I asked my question all wrong! I know they don't advertise, but as for the rotation of whats on sale...well I had no idea they could last up to three weeks! That is fabulous! Thanks for the helpful information! I love WinCo and I absolutely love your site! Thanks for helping us all save so much!

Clan McEldery said...

Does anyone happen to know the price of Sure Jell Pectin? I live 45 minutes away and am wondering if it is worth the drive for my pectin and free sugar coupons. Thanks

Dana Christensen said...

I go to the Twin Falls Winco often and have had my internet coupons declined. Is there a coupon policy I can print out to show cashiers? Thanks!

Julee said...

My mom went to the Fairview Winco and they were just putting out the 2.98/4lbs strawberries - they were limit one per customer. So she and my dad each got one and then went out to the car and back in for another box each. Thanks for the heads up - this price is great!

Kelly & Aaron said...

I am confused! The Smart Ones, how does $4 off 15.00 (total cost of 10 at $1.50 each)equal $0.65 each? TIA

Joanie Demer said...

Smart ones 10 @ $1.50= $15
$4/10= $11.00
$1.10 each.

oops, my bad. You'd think my math skills would begin improving. . . Good catch, thanks.

Cathy said...

I went to the Winco in Eagle this morning, and they didn't have the strawberries on sale. They were "6.98 for 4 lbs. Also, the CA Pizza Kitchen's that are on sale are the thin crust ones, NOT the "new rising crust" pizzas that our $2 off IP coupons are for. Bummer! Better luck next time.

Amy said...

Clan McEldery, the MCP Pectins were still on sale at both of my local Winco stores, so your chances are pretty good!