Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Winner of the KRAZY Yan Photography Giveaway is. . .

Yan Photography is offering an AMAZING deal for those who book sessions with her soon! It's the perfect Mother's Day gift for those procrastinating husbands! She's offering some KRAZY perks to get you in front of her lens this month! 25% off Session Fee, $50 print credit and THIS MONTH ONLY a free 11x14! Wow!

For one of you, it's all comin to you for free. The winner of the Kraziest Giveaway yet on KCL is. . .

Ashlee, who said, "This is a great giveaway! I hope I win...this is my first entry!" She made 3 entries and on her third said, "(can you tell I REALLY want to win????) I am now a subscriber to your great site! Thanks!"
{Little did she know she would win with her first entry!}

Ashlee, send KCL an email and we'll get you in touch with the amazing Yan!

I was talking to Diana last night and we both are a little heart broken that the giveaway has to end and we have to pick one winner and 240 (well. . . you know the word I'm not saying). Diana wants to extend an amazing offer to the rest of you! Yan photography would love to offer a FREE 11x14 to any one who books a session; they must schedule THIS MONTH to receive the free print.
Isn't that krazy? 11x14 is such a great size to hang on a wall! This is in addition to Diana's ongoing offer for KCLs:
25% OFF Session Fee
$50 Print credit!

Go find your husband and tell him this is your Mother's Day wish!!

Last, make sure you check back at KCL tomorrow for the start of another giveaway!


Rick said...

Joanie said, " winner and 240 (well. . . you know the word[s] I'm not saying)."

Runners Up?
Second Places?
Winners at Heart?

Ashlee said...

Wow!!! Thank you so much!