Monday, June 1, 2009

10 Days to Become a KCL {DAY 10}

{Making KCL a Way of Life}

You are probably sick of our mantra, Buy Before You Need while it's CHEAP or FREE, and avoid having to buy it at FULL PRICE when you absolutely need it!!

At the Grocery Store this line of thinking works very well. We are all on our way to creating a stock pile that will support our families (and friends, and neighbors, and subdivisions and towns!!:) should we ever need to cut back on our spending. If you have been doing this long, you are spending LESS at the grocery store and accumulating MORE! It's a wonderful thing.

So- if you are a KCL at the grocery store, it's time to start thinking about taking this a step further, and Making KCL a Way of Life...

Create a Stock Pile of Kids Clothes-
I like to have a basic supply of clothes for my kids in 2 sizes bigger than they are in. My son is in 4T currently, and I am working on buying enough 5T and 6T clothes to get us by, just in case we aren't able to buy them in the future. I shop Second Hand, Garage Sales and Clearance Sections of my favorite stores. My new favorite way to accumulate kids clothes for cheap is to stack an Old Navy Sale or Clearance item with an Old Navy Weekly Coupon.

Check Out Books and Movies from the Library-
This is the best way to find the movies and books you want, FOR FREE. Plus- I am always very motivated to get them read, since they have a due date! The free Redbox codes are also our favorite way to get the most current movies. Since they started doing this, we have canceled our Netflix subscription!

Buy Toys for Birthdays When you Find them on Clearance-
Every year after Christmas Target clearances most of their toy section. I take this opportunity to stock up on my kids birthday presents, friends and cousins birthdays and so forth. I am also a fan of garage sales for this... I just bought my son a bike for $10 for his birthday and spent double that on a last minute cake at Albies... (don't even get me started!)

Stock Up on Office and School Supplies while they are on Clearance-
I love Target for this as well. After school starts they clearance all their supplies, and I stock up on what I will need for the year for our office, for craft supplies, and for everything my kids may need throughout the year.

KCL is a Way of Life, We Refuse to Accept the Retail Price of Goods-
and We Find Ways to Control Our Budget!
How is everyone else Making KCL a Way of Life?


Niki H said...

I love the clearance sections and I've started going to the big consignment dealios (Kidsignments).

Here are some ways I save $$. Aaron Brothers has a penny sale twice a year. Buy 1 frame or canvas get one for a penny. The next one is in June/July timeframe.

I make my own baby I bought a "magic Bullet" blender and it makes it so easy. Also, I buy the big plain yogurt container and mix it with the smaller flavored yogurts to cut sugar and cost.

I'm kindof a sheet snob so I buy 500+ threadcount sheets from TJ Max or Ross. The colors are limited but I care more about the feel.

Niki H said...

that should read "I make my own baby food"... funny how 1 word missing changes the meaing

TheTalkingTurtle said...

You mention books and movies at the library but what about music? Free cds from the library are cheaper than Itunes. If your library doesn't have the music you want try an inter library loan; also free. :-)

Joanna said...

Niki..LOL but you DO make your own baby! hahaha

We've started going to the local library a lot more for books and music. I was pretty surprised at the selection of NEW CD's available. My 13yo daughter found some of her favs there and was thrilled that she was able to get them from the library.

I'm not a big consignment shopper but I was thinking about selling a lot of my little guys clothes at the bumblebee sale later this month in Meridian. This year they are also including mom clothing and scrapbook items. This is great for me because I have way more clothing then I really need and my scrapbook room was converted to a bedroom after I had my last baby.

Beattie Family said...

It's funny, I've actually been had the KCL lifestyle for years but am just getting into couponing! Our family's motto, started by my extremely 'thrifty' mother is, 'Never pay full price for anything!' I just never knew I could get food for absolutely free!

Amber said...

Here's my favorite thing about being a KCL: you can still get the good stuff! I have always been kind-of cheap in my own right (I had no idea!) but since couponing, I buy even better stuff than I did before, and get it for much less. After couponing for about a month, my husband asked me why we haven't always done this. It's because, like I said, I had no idea! Part of my kcl way of life is ebay. Not just buying coupons on it, but you can get really good clothes and toys for a great price. A lot of them have either never been used or are slightly used. I have also learned to stock up at the end of each season for next year. Before my first child, people told me to do it during the end of winter clearance. I should have listened. When he was 1, I paid full price for a lot of winter clothes I should have bought when I was told at 75% off. Time goes so fast, and the kids wear the clothes before you know it!

shelley said...

Heather and Joanie,
This series is GREAT! I'm a loyal KCL (so NOT A NEWBIE) but I do occassionally get overwhelmed and slack off. This has been a real boost to get me back on track! AND I can see how much I've learned since I started! Thanks again for your dedication to this site!!!

KariY said...

A few of my friends give me a hard time for buying ahead (very cheaply, of course) for my oldest son's clothing needs. While out garage saling with other moms, I have to be careful not to be too pushy about encouraging them to do the same. In time, they may realize that buying ahead is a good thing to do, but it won't help if I get on their case about it.