Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Albertson's Double Ideas

Kraft Promo:
Spend $10, Save $3 Instantly
The Final Price factors in the promo savings, the manufacturer coupon and a Albertson's double coupon
You can do multiple sets of $10 and earn $3 off for every $10 spend, but if you want to use more than 3 doublers- you'll have to make separate trips

Angel soft bath tissue 12 rolls or 6 double rolls $3.34
Double the $.50/1 IP
Final Price: $1.34

California Pizza Kitchen Pizza For One or Flat Bread Melts $2.50
Double the $1/1 from 5/17
Final Price: FREE

Crystal Light Drink Mix 10-12 qt. Canister $3.34
Double the $1/1 IP
Final Price: $ .34

General Foods International Flavored Coffee $3.34
Double the $1/1 IP
Final Price: $.34

Jello Pudding or Gelatin Ready to Serve $2.50
Double the $1/2 IP
Top right- click coupons
Or use the $.60/1 IE or FF
Final Price: $1.25

Knudsen Cottage Cheese 16 oz. $2.50
Double the $1/2 IP
Final Price: $.25

Kraft 2% Shredded or Chunk Cheese $2.90
Double the $1/1 IP
Final Price: FREE

Kraft Bagel-fuls $2.50
Double the $1/1 IP or HERE
Final Price: FREE

Kraft BBQ Sauce $1.00
Double the $.75/1 from 5/3
Final Price: FREE

Smart Balance Heart Right Spread $2.50
Double the $1/1 from 4/19
Final Price: FREE

South Beach Cereal Bars $2.50
Double the $1/1 IE or FF
Final Price: FREE

Star Balsamic Vinegar $2.00

Double the $.50/1 from 4/5
Final Price: $.40

Other Krazy Deals

Bayer Quick Release 10 ct. $1.99
Double the $1/1 from 5/31
Final Price: FREE

Edge shave gel $1.49

Double the $.75/1 from 5/17
Final Price: FREE

Nestle Ready to Bake Cookies $3.00
Double the $1/1 IP
Final price: $1.00

Quaker Chewy Granola Bars $1.49
Double the $.75/2 from 5/3
Final price: $.74

Quaker Life Cereal Maple & Brown Sugar $1.49
Double the $1/1 IP
Final Price: FREE

Skintimate Shave Gel $1.49
Double the $.75/1 from 4/26
Final Price: FREE


Sarah said...

Southern California Albertson's don't do double coupons! :( They don't even do the doublers in the ads or the newspapers.
I usually end up going to Stater Brothers because they are a little bit cheaper than Albertson's. Do you know of a blogger that does what you do you only with Stater Brothers though?
Thanks Bunches!!! :)

Chelsea said...

Where are the doublers? Are they in todays paper, or in and in-store ad? Also, do you know how long the doublers are good for? Thanks!

Miss Anna B said...

The doublers are good for a week and they are in the in-store ad. YOu have to ask for it though. Seems all the stores have gone that way because (this from the mouth of multiple managers and asst. managers) too many people were taking "lots" of copies at a time.

Kristen said...

Just to let you know, I bought three of the Cystal Light and a $2 catalina printed. This means that I made $1, yipee!

Sara said...

Just thought I'd let you know the manager of our store is AMAZING! I asked if he knew when they'd get more flat bread melts in and he asked what the deal was on it. I explained with promotion and coupons its free! He called the vendor right away and is having TONS of it stocked this weekend...AND he handed me 32 $1 off coupons good for Digiorno or California flatbread melts!!!! Which means a lot of free food! Well, I had to pay 35 cents for each paper for the 3 doublers. A certain jewelry store commercial jingle comes to mind when I see the manager. LOL! *hint hint* I really do hear that in my head everytime I see him..makes me laugh!

Ashley said...

I just wanted to say that I had a great Albertson's run today. I have been having a hard time finding the "grove" with Albertson's so today made me feel much better. I bought $20 worth of the buy $10 get $3 off deal and so then got $6 off and I also had a bunch of coupons so then my total was like $7 and the cashier said "don't forget to use the doubler coupons!" (I had forgot!) So then I ended up with about $5 oop :) And I had a free redbox code :) Yay!

MKB said...

I can't find the jello pudding coupon. So sad.

The Keevy Family said...

I posted my first transaction for this week on my blog here:

It's going to be a great week! Thanks for listing these ideas for the double coupons.

Marie said...

The Jell-o puddings and gelatins were actually $1 each before the $3 instant savings. So if you got the instant savings, they were 70 cents each. Then with the coupons (which was a Kraft IP for $1/3 not $1/2) your total would have been $1.10 for three Jell-o's. But if you doubled it, it was 10 cents for three Jell-o's! That is what I did...a great deal!

Sarah said...

I did a transaction with two of the Country Time Lemonades and got a $1 Catalina!