Monday, June 15, 2009

Albertson's Doubler Ideas With Peelies

Roman Bread $2.79
-$1/1 peelie found on some loaves
Doubled = .79

Rhodes Frozen Rolls 36 ct. $2.79
-.75/1 peelie found on some bags
Doubled = $1.29

I love these deals because you don't have to have ordered a bunch of newspapers and saved a ton of coupons. Anybody can do these, just look for the peelies. Anyone else have any you have seen?


Amanda said...
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Amanda said...

My Albertsons had Mt Olive Sweet Relish in a squeeze bottle on sale for $1.69, and there was a $0.75 off coupon that I doubled. I only paid $0.19 for each relish that I purchased.

Sorry- it was a tag on the product- so you didn't need a newspaper subscription!

The Barkers said...

I have seen the infusium hair product on the sales rack at two different Albertsons now! It was $1.50. We have a $1 off coupon from last sunday I believe. So if you have damaged hair(I know I do) .50 is great! It smellls super good too.

JoAnna D. said...

Barkers, What Albes did you see this at? I LOVE Infusium (leave in) and would love to use my coupons.

Lisa said...

Our Albies had the Roman bread for $1.99. So with a double on the attached coupon makes it free. :)

The Barkers said...

The broadway store is where I bought mine! I love it too! There was some for $3.00 and some for $1.50! It was the leave in treatment! Good luck!


FreeFamWorld said...

Does anyone know when updates their coupons? Is it weekly or not quite that often? Seems like I've seen the same items for quite a while with nothing new coming up.