Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Albertson's Preview!!

Hold on to your hats and kiss your double coupons goodbye (just for a minute)
and get ready for a
Krazy Albertson's Promo!

It's been awhile since we have seen a promo like this:
General Mills
Spend $25 Save $10 on your next order

Here are some links you should start printing to get you ready....
  • All Small and Mighty $1/1 HERE
  • BC Frosting $.50/1 HERE
  • BC Suddenly Salad $.40/1 HERE
  • Chex Mix $.50/1 HERE
  • GM Cereal $1/3 HERE
  • GM Cereal $1/2 HERE
  • Total Cereal $1/1 IE or FF
  • Wishbone Dressing $.75/1 IE or FF
  • Yoplait Go-gurt $.75/2 HERE

Thanks to Pinching Your Pennies for the Matchups.

Check back tonight for a complete break down of the promo and other sale items!


Idaho Lucas Fam said...

I have a question on the General Mills Promo. Will the coupons print only if you do $25 transactions or if I do $50 worth will it print two catalinas for $10 each? Thanks!

Shelly_rue said...

In the past it has only printed one pre transaction.

Sara said...

Question! Is it worth waiting until Sunday to shop this sale? What if there are doublers in the Sunday ad? Then the deals would be SO awesome. Would everything be cleaned out by then do you think??

Becky said...

If it says DO NOT DOUBLE at the top of a coupon, such as some of these printable ones, can you still use them on doublers?

rattriffic said...

i just want to make sure everyone knows that your gas rewards from albertsons are based on your amount before the prefered card and any coupons you use. so if you buy 200.00 worth of stuff only pay 30.00 bucks for it you get 20cents of per gallon ( based on the 200.00) just FYI

heather said...

Wow - you krazy laides must really think you're somethin.