Monday, June 29, 2009

Family Night Downtown with BOGO FREE Sundaes!

Thank Goodness for Free Ice Cream!
We've got Dreyers on the cheap this week, but if you're dreaming of something more. . . . head downtown and try out Ben & Jerry's sundaes at a BOGO FREE price! To find a participating store near you go HERE.
How do you take your Sundaes? Waffle bowl or brownie? Nuts or no nuts?
Me: Cookie dough ice cream, Brownie, {hold the waffle bowl. I'm not a total pig, I don't have to eat the bowl it's served in- geesh!} oh, and extra hot fudge, whip cream, nuts AND a cherry!
How 'bout you? Place your order! Leave a comment!

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carriejo said...

Why do I recieve these emails to late in the day?!! I recieved it @ 8:08 tonight, and I noticed that Joanie posted it @ 7:52 A.M.