Monday, June 22, 2009


Complete this survey for 1 Night's FREE Rental at Redbox.
The code is good June 22-23

Be sure to return the movie by 9pm the following day to avoid being charged!
Thanks Common Sense with Money!


Angel said...

I took the survey and got the code. However when I tried to use the code the RedBox told me it was invalid.

Heather Wheeler said...

Angel... Hmm... I wonder why it didn't work for you! I used it twice yesterday, once for each of my debit cards! Sorry for your trouble, and that I don't have a good answer for it! :)

Tricia said...

Heather - which store did you rent them at? Because the survey is for research about why you rented from "C-Store" whatever that is... I'm sure the code only works at whatever store the survey was for... as a reward for completing their survey. They survey seems to be for market research. So will you share which store so we can all partake? Thanks!

Heather Wheeler said...

Tricia- I am assuming c-store means convenience store, and I rented mine from an albertson's fuel center. Hope this helps- and remember it expires tonight!

birkley said...

I tried at two different redbox machines and neither one worked. I was really bummed. We were going to get a kids movie and one for the adults.
(One was at a walgreen's and the other was walmart. )