Saturday, June 6, 2009

From the KCL Inbox II

I'm not impartial, but I'd say KCL has the greatest readers on the web! Thank you all so much for your tips and encouragement! Here's a few emails from Friday and this morning.

in Boise says, "So I just thought I would let you guys know that the little small paper that gets thrown on your driveway every once in a while had MORE doublers in it yesterday!!! The crappy part is that I didn't get one of those papers!!! But if you did you might want to go look at it again! Thanks!"
Jeanette in WA says,

"Your site has quickly become my favorite- so I thought I'd pass along a couple of things. First, Crystal Light can be a money maker at Albertsons. Buy 3 of the canisters. Use 3 $1/1 IP's, each with a doubler. Then, use the free skin essentials Crystal Light IP. The total should come out to 1.00. Then, you should receive a $2 catalina back for buying 4 Crystal Light. This makes it a $1 money maker on 4 Crystal Lights.

Also, I've seen $1/2 coupons for goldfish crackers at both Albertsons and Target. At Albertsons they are priced 4/$5. Using 2 $1/2 coupons with doublers, this makes them $1/4- wahoo!"

Jaelin says, "Krazy Coupon Ladies,
Thank you so much for what you have taught me. I was able to make this awesome trip of really normal staple food and made my hubby so happy! We struggle sometimes with the availabliity of the good for you food vs. the not so good foods with couponing. This sale coupled with the great Kraft coupons really helped out! So the pizzas aren't great for you, but they were basically free, so I am okay with that!

7 Kraft Cheeses
5 California Pizza Kitchen Flatbread Melts
2 Airwick Refills ( I took expired coupons, so I could have saved $2 more if I was paying more attention and took the current ones)
2 Pkgs. 12 rolls of toilet paper
4 Smart Balance butter spreads
2 V8 Fusion
1 Pkg. Marshmallows
2 Knudson Cotttage Cheese
2 Country Time Lemonade Canisters
4 8 packs of Juicy Juice
2 Lunch Meat packages
1 Edge Shaving gel
1 Tobassco
1 Planters Nut bar
I did my transactions wrong and could have bought two more juices and gotten the red box and ice cream for free, but oh well. I was stressed about time. I also was looking through my receipts and noticed they didn't take the $3 off one of the transactions, so I am taking that in on Monday to fix.
So, total out of pocket was $30.81 (plus the $3 so $27.81)
Total saved: $115.53
We took four ladies and left at 6:30 in the morning without any kidlets and we all did amazingly well!

Darlene says, "Good morning!

Clearance Deal on Kashi Cereal

Twin pack of Go-Crunch for $3.84
BEST PART! Peelie for free 1/2 gallon Silk milk Peelie is good until 12/31/09

There were 9 twin pkgs. on the shelf when I left the store this morning."

Kelly says, "I love this deal and do this EVERY time I go to Red Robin.
It's their Dinner and a Movie Deal - Just ask the server, there's no advertisements for this on their site or in the restaurant.

For $31.99 (with tax)
You get:
$20 Red Robin Gift Card
2 Adult Movie Tickets to Cinemark - $16.50 value - It's not for opening week premiers but it worked on "Angels and Demons" for us last Saturday Night- a week after opening night
1 free cheese sticks appetizer - $6.99 value -

$43.50 of Items for $32!

Our Hometown Values mailer has a $5 off $20 purchase at Red Robin coupon every month, I use that for the bill, along with the gift card that same day.

So Technically I got our entire date night (Red Robin appetizer, drinks, two meals, and and two movie tickets) for $31.99!

You can use the gift card anytime, as a gift, or for your visit that day; you must purchase this deal separately (before you order food)
Other than that there's no restrictions!"
When you sign up for their birthday club, you should get a "$3 off your next bill" coupon at your email and a free burger on your birthday.
But right now if you go to their site and play their match and win game you have a chance to win a $10 gift card. They say to come back again the next day if you don't win, and they gave me a "Free bottomless beverage with the purchase of any two gourmet burgers" coupon. Not sure if you can win the $10 multiple times or not, but it's worth a try! It says they're giving away 20 $10 cards a day through September 13th.


maygan said...

About the Crystal Light at Albertsons this week. My store had signs up on an end cap that says you get a free bag of Ritz Toasted Chips when you buy any 2 Crystal Light products and use your card. I don't know if it's one free bag per transaction or one for every 2 CL products you buy...but it's worth checking out!

Aranda Family said...

I also had a very successful shopping trip. My family loves the Country Time Lemondae so I was so happy to hear about this promo. I bought 3 lemonade canisters and a flat bread melt to try it out, with my coupons, the doublers and the promo my total OOP was 49 cents!! I was so excited, thanks for all the help!!!