Friday, June 5, 2009

From the KCL Inbox: Target Trip

Our reader Rosie wrote:
Hi KCL! I LOVE your blog. It is by far my favorite site to visit as I've been learning the krazy couponing ways. I have really learned a lot in the few short weeks I've been couponing, stockpiling and buying more for less with my family's budget. Thank you!

I wanted to share the trip I made to Target today. Here is how I did:

1 Kashi Waffles
on sale for $1.77
used $1.50/1 coupon
final price: $0.27

One Twin Pack Goldfish Crackers
on clearance for $3.50
no coupons
final price: $3.50 - this is almost the same price a single box, and I got two buying this!

4 Pace 30 oz. Salsa
on clearnace for $2.71 each
used $0.75 coupons.
Final price: $1.96 each ($7.84 total)
It doesn't seem like a great price, until you remember that they are twice the size of the regular jars for about the same price... and its a great pantry item!

1 lb Boneless Pork Chops
On sale for $2.50
Used $1/1 Hormell Always Tender
Final Price: $1.50

1 Whole Gold N Plump Chicken
On sale for $3.49
Used $1/1 Target coupon
Used $1/1 Manufacturer coupon (available on their website)
Final Price: $1.49

3 Boxes Hefty 1 Zip Quart Bags
On clearance for $1.50
Used $1/1 coupon
Final price: $0.50 - not as good as free with an Albies doubler, but my stores are always wiped out on doubler days

1 box Hefty 1 Zip Gallon Freezer Bags
On clearance for $1.67
Used $1/1 coupon
Final Price: $0.67

1 box Hefty Kitchen Garbage Bags (45 Count)
Regular price: $5.94 (we needed them... dead out!)
Used $1/1 Target Coupon
Used $1/1 coupon
Final Price: $3.94... and it let me save my Albies doubler for something else. =)

2 packages Vanity Fair Beverage Napkins
On clearnance for $1.14
Used $0.50/1 coupon
Final price: $0.64

1 box Dora Popsicles (not pictured)
Regular price: $2.79
No coupons or anything, but it soothed the fat lip my toddler got at the store and allowed me to continue shoppig (in peace, at that!). Well worth it!

Now, if only I hadn't also needed more printer ink ($47! OUCH!!!) It would have been an awesome trip. On grocery stuff I spent $26.42 (including tax) and saved $22.95 by buying things on sale/clearance and using my coupons.

Thank you so much for running your great site! It has really helped me out and gave me the courage to quit my job after I have my 2nd baby. I knew that if I could save money by couponing we would never miss my income.

Rosie Thornock
A KCL in training. =)


Amber Red said...

Woo hOo I didn't know the waffles were on sale and my kids love those.

Frugal Living NW did a post of cheap ink...just and fyi great job.

Rosie said...

yeah... the ink really irked me. We refilled out last cartridges, but apparently Canon (our printer brand) has their ink cartridge chips basically "shut down" and the printer will no longer recognize them once they've printed a certain number of pages. We now have a work around for resetting the cartridge's page count when we get them refilled, but there was nothing we could do with the ones the printer refused to recognize other than toss them out. We're mad a Canon over it and won't buy another Canon printer because of it.

Proud Mom of 5 said...

Rosie, take your used printer cartridges into staples and get $3 rewards toward future purchases! maiden name is Thornock! Where are you from? It is always fun to see someone else with the name, because somewhere along the line we are related...the Thornock name originated with my 2nd great grandparents in England!

Bev (Thornock) Tank