Thursday, June 25, 2009

Get Yourselves to Target!! Hand Soap MONEY MAKER!

Now through July 13th
Buy 2 Softsoap Ensembles Refill Packs @ $6.00 each
And Earn a $5 Target Giftcard!
Use 2 $2/1 Target IP (very bottom coupon)
AND Use 2 $2/1 Softsoap IP
Final OOP: $4.00
When factoring in the $5 Gift Card this is a


Jo said...

I couldn't get a 2nd IP to print from the softsoap site. Anyone else?

chewymama said...

i couldnt either. you'd have to have someone else who would print one off for you. It says "one per customer" right on the coupon as well. But even without it the soap still only costs $1 after the GC. I did the deal today.

andrea.roche said...

Here's a question for you. I just noticed the Target coupon says "One offer per transaction". Yet, they've always let me use two, including for this deal. Any thoughts?

Becca said...

Yeah it's one per computer. I did this deal a week and a half ago.

andrea.roche said...

And my comment was referring to the use of TWO of the same Target coupons per transacation. Normally fine, but I just noticed that note on the bottom. Not towards the use of two manufacturor coupons. Just wanted to clarify b/c I am wordy and confusing. (obviously)

Here's another Target deal I found. You have $1.50 off Ziplock containers from I don't know what paper (it expires July 4)

Stack with $1/Ziplock bags OR containers.

Prices vary upon what you buy, but free-cheap

Maven of Savin' said...

I just bought the pump and the double refill yesterday(first I asked about a $5 gift card - whether I needed 2 pumps and she said there was no deal) Do you think I can return them both and get 2 refills to get the giftcard? Is it published anywhere? And how do they handle the return if I used coupons (I obviously would need them for the purchase??

Anonymous said...

well just did this today... just go to the young teen cashier and score!

rcat said...

Did this deal 2 times - First time awful - Mean cranky cashier - had lots of issues with all of my coupons and I ended up calling corporate - Second time no problemo
Boise Target

chewymama said...

definitely scope out your cashier! i avoided one yesterday who'd given me trouble before and picked a nice, sweet lady. many coupons beeped (all were valid deals) but she just put them all through, there were people behind me.

Cathryn said...

Just left Target (Eagle/Chinden) - I couldn't find any refill 2pks., just singles. Are they somewhere different from the rest?

Joanie Demer said...

I was at a different location, but YES, they were on an end cap on a different aisle. The hand soap aisle just had the singles and the doubles were on the end cap.

Anonymous said...

Is this an unadvertised deal? Went int o my local Target here (Dallas) and there were no advertisements posted by the product as usual, when they offer a promotion like these. Maybe this one is your are only?