Thursday, June 4, 2009

I must like Food

Krispy Kreme is celebrating National Donut day by giving away a free donut of your choice on June 5th. I know, I know, you get a donut anyway when you go in, but I always feel like I gotta buy a donut when I go in those days...I don't think I'd feel like I'd have to buy one this day though :)


reikkmmom said...

I didn't get a free donut when I went in with 5 kids to buy a dozen donuts? How do you get the free ones?

I did notice that if you bring in an ugly tie between now and Father's day you can get a free dozen original donuts though.

amanda said...

Went this morning before the kids had to go to school (year round) and they gave us our free donuts of any choice and as we are walking away with our box they offered us a free glaze one as well. Two donuts per person for the trip not a bad deal!. Remember you have to go early morning or evening for the free glaze!

alysia said...

I think that you gotta ask about it?...that's all I did.