Thursday, June 11, 2009

Krazy Cheap Huggies!!

Thanks to our reader JoAnna D for sending us this scenario!

Huggies Pull-ups Promo at KMART!!

If you buy $20.00 worth of participation brands you get $3.00 back spend $35.00 get $7.00 or buy $50.00 and get $14.00. I have 2 boys in diapers and Pull-ups and Huggies are one of the participating brands (and I'm very brand specific) so I thought I'd go check it out.
1st transaction
2 packs of Pull-ups $9.99 each
4 packs of Huggies $9.99 each

Use These Coupons:
-(1)$5.00/$50.00 Kmart Coupon (USE THIS FIRST and remember your total before tax MUST be over $50.00 that was why I bought 6 packs)
-(2) $3.00/1 Pull-ups IE or FF or $2/1 from 4/19, 5/17,
-(4) $3/1 Huggies Pure and Natural from 5/17
My total was $59.94 (plus tax)
-$23.00 in coupons

TOTAL $36.00 OOP and I got a $14.00 "Catalina" and a Kmart coupon booklet with $75.00 in coupons
If you factor in the Catalina, it comes out to about $3.50 a pack

Thanks JoAnna!

Transaction Idea #2
5 Huggies Jumbo packs $9.99 each
1 tub of wipes $2.99
Total $52.94

Use the Coupons:
$5 off $50 Kmart coupon
Use (5) $1.50/1 from 5/17
(Or buy the pure and naturals and use the $3/1 from 5/17)
Use (1) $1/1 body product from 4/19
Total After Coupons $39.44
Earn the $14 Catalina
Total Price: $25.00
$2/1 Little Swimmers from 4/19
$2/1 Huggies Pull-ups from 4/19, 5/17
$3/1 Huggies Pure and Naturals from 5/17
$3/1 Pull-ups IE or FF


Unknown said...

Can these cats be rolled? How long is the promo?

ausandtif said...

Looks GREAT! I, too, would LOVE to know if these catalinas can be rolled into a second Huggies transaction!

Sia Hills said...

This sounds like a great deal. Target had pampers pull ups (box of 72 clearanced out to 9.98 -$1/1 coup. I thought that was good...but this is much better!

JoAnna D. said...

Yes it ROLLS!!

I bought 5 more packs of Pull-ups using $3.00/1 and 2 ziploc bags using $1.00/2 so my OOP was $26.35 and I got $14.00 back....and all you Huggie's mama's don't forget to submit all these rebates to caregivers marketplace!!!!

Sara said...

I have used the $3.00 off Pure and Natural coupon at Target on regular Huggies with NO beeps. It has worked several times. I'd try it out for this deal.

Unknown said...

Is this deal good at any Kmart? I was looking through our local add, Coeur d'Alene, ID and couldn't find it...Is it in store?? Sorry I am new at this! Thanks :)

JoAnna D. said...

Ryan and Carrie,

Check online at (enter your zip) to see if your local store is running this promo. Look for the ad that has tents on the cover and says "Storewide summer savings", SEVERAL brands are included in this promo. The back of the ad said prices are good until JULY 13th......wowzers

Unknown said...

Thanks, they even let me use the cat before I paid!!

Unknown said...

Ok, one more question. Can you print multiple copies of the same $5 of $50 Kmart coupon? Or do I need to sign up with multiple addresses instead?

Cali said...

The Huggies pure and natural are 10.99 at my Kmart so you could just buy 5 packs and not need to buy wipes.

Cali said...


Hmmm... if you can use the $3/1 Pure and Natural coupon on the regular diapers maybe the $3/1 Pull-ups would work on regular diapers too?

JoAnna D....

Is there a date on the cat that printed for you at Kmart? Or can you use it right away?

Me again said...

According to another site, here is a list of all the brands included in this Catalina.

Nature's Source
Scrubbing Bubbles
Little Swimmers
Pull Ups
Wish Bone

Me again said...
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JoAnna D. said...


I was able to use the catalina from last night this afternoon, I would have used it last night but they were closing. The cat I got today ex. 06/25/09, so it's valid for 2 weeks and I'm sure I'll be back in there stocking up for my boys.

Enriquez Family said...

I had my total of about $53, with coupons and everything my total went down to $40, and it only printed off a $7.oo off my next order. What did I do wrong? I returned it all it wasnt worth it to me, and also, i didnt get my coupons back! Im so mad at Kmart!

Meridian Mama said...

Was anyone able to verify that this promo works at the local (Nampa or Boise) Kmart? Thanks...

Jill and Jeff said...

I am new to this. I just printed my $5 off $50 and it isn't valid until June 14th. Does anybody know when this promo ends?? The coupon also says the purchase needs to be $50 before tax and other discounts. Does that mean coupons?? Thanks!

JoAnna D. said...

Meridian Mama...

I live in Meridian too and rolled this deal here locally at the Boise Kmart on Fairview. This is such a great promo....TONS of brands and TONS of match ups!!!!

Meridian Mama said...

Thank you, JoAnna! I'll give it a shot over the weekend... :O)

Cali said...

Okay... update...
I used my (3) $3/1 off Pure and Naturals and (2) $3/1 pull-ups to buy 5 of the regular Huggies diapers with success!! I also found a pack of the Huggies travel wipes in the bath section for .99 to get my Huggies total over $50.

My 1st transaction went great but the second not so great. I went back in to buy 5 more packs with my $5 off $50 coupon and $14 cat and Kmart said I couldn't use 2 store coupons! BOOOO!! Did anyone else experience this problem??

JoAnna D. said...


BOO HOO...I was also told I could only use 1 store coupon per transaction. Still a killer deal for Huggies, and FYI for anyone submitting these to Caregivers Marketplace for rebates, the Pure and Natural are not part of the rebate program.