Thursday, June 25, 2009

Krazy Curling Iron Deal at Walgreens

This Week Walgreen's has their
Studio 35 Curling Irons on sale f
ONLY $4.99

Go to the pharmacy and ask them for a Walgreen's Pharmacy Coupon Booklet,
where there is a $3 Off Coupon for this Item!
Final Price: $1.99

Plus- it has been my experience with the Pharmacy Book Coupons, that you don't have to cut the coupons out and hand it over. They can scan it from the book, and they don't need to keep it! Score!

Thanks The Thrifty Mama for this great deal!


Jill and Jeff said...

I was told that they don't have the coupon booklets anymore. Is the Pharmacy coupon booklet the same thing??

Julene said...

The pharmacy booklet is really just a pamphlet, not like the rebate book that Wags used to do.

Jill and Jeff said...

Oh...thanks!! That's good to know!

Lisa Henderson said...

They had to search high and low for it at my Walgreens. They told me they would let me do it this time but usually you only get that if you sign up for a prescription drug plan. Dont know if that is true but I got my curling iron for $2.12 w/ tax! Thanks! There is nothing like getting a great deal on something that you are already looking to buy!

Unknown said...

Thanks! I've been wanting a new curling iron!