Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Match-ups Math

We have had LOTS of emails from confused readers and coupon virgins questioning our math skills. This is mostly pertaining to our Albertson's Posts, like this one.

Here is the break down...

When Albertson's runs a sale like the General Mills promotion that ends today, where you spend $25 and save $10 on your next order... we factor the $10 savings into the 1st transaction. This is deceiving if you are doing only 1 transaction, but for most of us Krazy Coupon Ladies we will take that $10 Catalina and use it on the next transaction in which we buy $25 worth of General Mills products. Often during the week we will do 10 transactions with products in the promo.

For example:

All Small & Mighty 3X 32 oz $4.50
Use the $1/1 Small and Mighty HERE
Final Price: $1.70

We have received many emails asking us how we are getting $1.70 when we subtract $1 from $4.50, Confusing right?

Well when you save $10 after spending $25 that is essentially a 40% savings per item. So we take the Sale Price of $4.50 and deduct 40% (or $1.80) Which gives us $2.70 and then we factor in the $1 off coupon... Final Price: $1.70


Michelle Willis said...

That was very nicely explained :)

justinandash said...

I have kind of a stupid question, but when I buy $25 worth of products, does it all have to be from one of the sections (such as the $3.00 section), or can I mix and match all of them?

Chelsea said...

I really like the picture you used for this post.....nice rat tail!

The Barker Clan said...


I'm am not sure if I am supposed to be answering this for you or not, but yes you can mix and match the items as long as they are all part of the promotion.

Also, if anyone cares, I made sure to put a couple of the Wishbone spritzers with each of my transactions because it had a high value coupon and it really brought my total down. At the Albertson's on Five Mile and Overland they had these coupons taped to the spritzers as wellas on the shelf. Just a thought!

Kelley said...

I totally got my coupons STOLEN by someone at the Albertson's in Layton, UT last night! (Fairfield rd)
That's like 20 hours of work and over $600 in coupons. I'm just SICK. Get this; they left my purse, and took my coupon orginizer while my back was turned!
I told the manager, she said it's not surprising to her, it happens a lot. (??) So....never let your coupons out of your sight. I'm starting from SCRATCH today :(
But I did manage to save $166 off my order that night on my first transaction, thanks for the tips...now will someone send me any extra coupons? :(

justinandash said...

The Barker Clan-
Thank-you so much for the response and the tip!

Susie and Cody said...

to Kelley:
I can't even believe a fellow couponer would steal your coupons!!! How low. I forgot my folder once and I thought for sure some crazy coupon lady would pick it up but luckily it was safe in the lost and found.

Mama Yo said...

Kelley -

What a bummer that your coupons were stolen! HOW SAD FOR YOU! We are currently having a coupon giveaway over at Fabulessly Frugal - it's worth a try! Good luck to you.


Lynn said...

Just a comment on the math. I think we all need to be careful in calculating our savings. I see posts (more so on other sites I think) where someone says, "I got all this for only...,"then they go on to say how they used a catalina from a previous shopping trip to bring their total to an amazingly low price. However, if that savings from the catalina has been calculated into the original purchase that got you the catalina, you run the risk of thinking you've "saved" that amount of money twice. I always try to look at it like I'm paying what the register says I'm paying, that way I'm not deceiving myself. I just realize I'll be saving that money later. I just love it when Albertson's automatically takes off the discount at the register. It just makes it so much easier.

Heather Wheeler said...

Lynne- I agree. We outline the deals that way, because most of the time KCL's are rolling their catalina's with the Albertson's deals and doing multiple transactions, and we are actually paying the final price listed, because we have the Catalina's to use.
It is a great point though, to calculate your actual cost- based on what the register says.

Thanks for the comment!