Sunday, June 14, 2009

Target Deals, week 6/14-6/20

Here is the list of deals and coupon match ups for this week at Target. Some of my favorites this week: Breyers Ice Cream, Archer Farms Chips and Salsa, Skippy PB & Orowheat bread. Learn before you go: Target Coupon Policy
Gift Card Deals & Coupon Match-Ups
Buy 3 participating products and receive a $5 gift card:

Huggies Jumbo Packs $8.99

Snug & drt, l
ittle movers, little snugglers & pull-ups

$3/1 Pull-Ups IE or FF
$2/1 Snugglers or Movers IE
or FF
Huggies diapers, any $1.50/1 SS1-5/17
Huggies Pull Ups, any jumbo pack, $2/1 SS-4/19 or 5/17

Scott 12-pack mega roll TP $6.99
Final Price: $5.32 after factoring gift card savings

Viva 8 pack regular or 4 pack double Paper Towels $6.99
$0.50/1 IE or FF
Final Price: $4.82 after factoring gift card savings
check back later for sample scenarios!

Buy any 5 of these products, receive a $5 gift card!
Breyers, Ben & Jerry's, Klondike, Popsicle $2.50 each
$1/1 Breyers from 5/17 SS
$1/1 Ben & Jerry's (didn't get this coupon in Idaho, buy some online!)

Buy 5 Breyers ice creams $12.50
Use 5 $1/1 coupons
Subtotal $7.50 plus receive a $5 gift card.
Net Total: $2.50 for 5 Breyers Ice Creams! $0.50 each!

Final Price for Ben & Jerry's, Klondikes, Popsicles and Breyers without coupons: $1.50 each

Feeling the burn after gorging on all that ice cream?
Buy 42ct Prilosec OTC, receive a $5 gift card Prilosec OTC 42 ct. $24.99
Prilosec OTC, 42-count packs $7/2 P&G-6/7
Prilosec OTC, any size $3/1 P&G-6/7
Final Price $21.99 plus $5 gift card
NEW SECTION: Buy the following specific items, get another item FREE!

Buy 3 Kelloggs Raisin Bran, Cocoa Krispies or Apple Jacks $2.75
$1.00/1 Raisin Bran HERE
Final Price (if you use 3 coupons): $4.75 for 3 boxes raisin bran and GALLON MILK

Buy Kraft Singles $2.79 & Oscar Meyer Deli Lunch Meat $2.79
$1/2 from Smart Source 5/10 (you'll have to ask if you can use the $1/2 coupon)
Final Price: $4.58 for 2 OM deli meats and Kraft Singles

Buy 3 Lean Cuisine Frozen Entrees $2.00
Various $1/4, $1/5 coupons available for purchase online
Final Price (w/o coupons): $6.oo for 3 lean cuisines and LEAN POCKETS

Buy 2 Archer Farms Chips $2.33 each
$1.00/1 Target Coupon (print 2)
Final Price: $2.66 for 2 bags of chips and SALSA

Digiorno 12" pizza $5.50
$1.50/1 Digiorno flat bread from Smart Source 5/17
Final Price: $4.00 for pizza and COKE

Welches Squeezable Grape Jelly $1.79 & Skippy Peanut Butter $1.79
$0.40/1 from Unilever 4/5
Final Price: $3.18 for PB&J plus free loaf of Orowheat bread!

Other Coupon Match-Ups

12 Packs of Pepsi Products $2.75
$1.00/1 Target Coupon
Final Price: $1.75

Sunchips $3.00
$1.00/2 Printable Coupon
Final Price: $2.50 each

Quilted Northern Toilet Paper, $6.29
Use $1.00/1 coupon from Red Plum Insert 4/26
Final Price: $5.29

Old Spice Deodorant $1.99
Use $1.00/1 Coupon from P&G Insert 6/7
Final Price: $0.99

Secret Deodorant $1.99
Use $1.00/1 Coupon from P&G Insert 5/17
Final Price: $0.99

Pledge Fabric Sweeper $4.99
$2.00/1 Printable Coupon
Final Price: $2.99

For more Krazy Target deals and for the only blog "Fe-Mascot" you'll find with skinnier legs than the Krazy Coupon Lady {wink, wink!} visit my friend Ginger's site:
Attention Target Shoppers!


Rachel said...

What $1/1 coupons for Breyers are you talking about? Would love to get my hot little hands on some of that action.

Joanie Demer said...

The Coupon is for:
Breyers Ice Cream, any 1.5 quart or larger $1/1 (expires: 7-12-09) It was found in the Red Plum Insert in the Sunday paper on 5/17.
If you don't have a newspaper subscription, look online: ebay or thecouponclippers and buy some coupons. This sale is a good one!

Happy ice cream eating!

Amber Red said...

So do some cities not have the same coupons? I have been looking in my 5/17 insert and I don't see that 1$ off coupon for the ice cream. My is a .75 cent one. I bought the seattle times. did this happen with anyone else?
Thanks for your time :) Amber

Heather said...

The Milwaulkee Target had the Breyer's for $2.29! Also, the A-1 Steak Sauce was .99 cents after the $2 coupon from yesterday's insert. I did the Huggies deal and then handed my gift card to my husband in line behind me who then used it for another 3 packs of diapers AND got another $5 card.

Heather said...

Also..... the Suave body wash is $1.49 and the kid's body wash is included! I used the $1/2 (sorry, don't know which insert or date it's from because I clipped it).