Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Why Special Ordering Works...

I mentioned earlier that I was able to special order Tuna at Albertson's this week... I wanted to explain this to everyone because the promo from last week is continuing through this weeks' sales, so if you weren't able to get what you needed you'll get a second chance.

Here's how I special order:

1. I make sure I have to coupons I need. If I need to get more (especially if they are coupons that are found in the store) than I look online. With the Tuna, I wanted to get my family stockpiled, so I wanted a full year supply. This would require a lot of coupons, and I didn't want to get pegged a Tearpad Stealer, so I headed off to E-bay to do my bidding. I actually found a great "Buy it Now" Auction, where I could enter the quantity I wanted, and buy them right away. I did this all on the first day of the sale. I purchased the coupons on ebay, and paid right away, and then emailed the seller, explaining my time frame to him, so he would ship my coupons in a timely manner.
2. After I order my coupons, I head to my store, to talk to the "freight manager". I always try to order my "special orders" through the same person. When choosing who to have order your items, choose a manager. The last thing you need is some punk teenager (said with all the love in the world- I love when the "punk teenagers are my checkers! :)) who will forget to order it, order the wrong thing- or forget when they arrive and put them on the shelf.
3. I write down the manager's name who helped me, and I write down the day and time he said I could come to get them.
4. Lastly, don't wait for a phone call... They usually tell me they will call me, but I rarely get a phone call. So I just head in once I get my coupons and I know my stuff will be there.

Special Ordering is a life saver! I have NEVER had my store mess up my order
and it's always come in time for the sale.

Other Krazy Tips:
-Try not to place your special order at a store that's super KRAZY. I like my store, because there aren't a lot of coupon shoppers, and so they aren't so overwhelmed with people buying what I am special ordering. that they get lost.
- It's best not to special order a large quantity of items that you'll need doublers for. You'll want to purchase them all at the same time, to ensure you get them, and you may have a grouchy checker if you are going 100 transactions with 3 items each.

Still have questions about this process? Leave a comment and we'll try to help you out!


The Hendricks ID said...

Just not the Catalina to make them like 10 cents right. I special ordered but I think on Friday morning so the warehouse was out. They called me and said they are going to re order and they should come in soon. ANyway so you are saying the 5.00 off will still come off when you buy 10 making them 25cents, but isn't the ccatalina ending today or something. I think I will still get some for a quarter just not aqs many. Anyway let me know if you know if the whole sale willbe going on through this week.

Heather Wheeler said...

Lindsey- the Stakist Catalina ends on JULY 14th... So you'll be able to get it CHEAP!

The Keevy Family said...

Thanks so much for all this info! I just started doing this last week when you posted about the Starkist deal and I couldn't find any of the coupons to use. I just posted about my scenarios for the week with my Ebay coupons on my blog here:

Peanut butter for under 30 cents with free bread and tuna for 26 cents. I love cheap protein!! :)


megan said...

I bought some tuna pouches coupons on Ebay to use with a special order - hopefully the pouches don't expire sooner than the cans because I'm stocking up!


Lady Thought said...

Have you ever special ordered at Rite Aid? I am very interested in the diaper deal but when I went they were out of jumbo packs.

idahogirlb said...

The Keevy family how do you get Peanut butter for under 30 cents with free bread. Am I missing some thing. Thank Idahogirlb

Biggest Loser Sheffler said...

I have the peanut butter coupons coming in the mail as well as the free bread ones, but there is a limit of 6 per purchase.

Do any of you know if you can get the manager to extend the limit even though you are using coupons? And of course, no doublers would be used on this purchase.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your post! I referenced it on my blog today.

Tracy C said...

My Albies won't let me special order - too many people didn't come pick up their stuff. Any tips on ones than do? Or ways to persuade mine to start?