Thursday, June 4, 2009

Your {Doubler} Questions Answered!

Albertson's Double Coupons.. Explained!
  • The "Doublers" as they have been nicknamed- are actual store coupons that read "Twice the Value" of Your Manufacturer Coupon.
  • They are good on any manufacturer coupon up to $1 in Value
  • So, if you use a $1 manufacturer coupon, and then the doubler- it will take off another $1
  • If you have a coupon for $1.01 or $1.50 ect., they will NOT (or should not) take an additional $1 off
  • Since the Doubler is a Store Coupon- You can not use them in conjunction with another In Store Coupon. For example- If there is a In Store coupon (in their ad) you can not use that coupon and a doubler- since that is technically 2 store coupon (just like you can't use 2 manufacturer coupon on 1 item)
  • There is a limit of 3 Doublers per transaction or visit. In some areas the coupon specifies Limit 3 Double Coupons per family per day...
  • Doublers are typically good Sunday through Tuesday, but it is becoming more common for them to be good Wednesday - Tuesday
  • If you are buying an item for $1.88 and you have a $1 manufacturer coupon- and a Albertson's Doubler- THEY HAVE TO ADJUST THE DOUBLER DOWN TO $.88. Please don't let your checker tell you you can't use the doubler. Just nicely explain to them that you are not expecting overage, and that they need to just adjust down the value of the coupon!
K-mart Double Days... Explained!

  • When K-mart doubles coupons it is a little different than Albertson's. They double all week, Sunday through Saturday, and they will double any manufacturer coupon up to $2 in Value
  • All you need to do, is bring your coupons in, and their really smart registers take off the $2
  • They do automatically adjust the "double" down,
  • so that you don't get overage.
  • Their computers are not perfect and sometimes won't take off the right amount, or the double. I have my checkers ring up 1 item, then I hand her the 1 coupon and watch the screen to make sure it comes off right.
  • This time around it sounds like K-mart is limiting each customer to 10 coupons per customer, per day. This is a bummer, but I am still excited they are doing it at all!
  • Go Early, Go Often
  • Find out when their shipment/stock days are


Tia said...

How do you find out which KMARTS are doubling? Will it be in their add?

Anonymous said...

•If you are buying an item for $1.88 and you have a $1 manufacturer coupon- and a Albertson's Doubler- THEY HAVE TO ADJUST THE DOUBLER DOWN TO $.88. Please don't let your checker tell you you can't use the doubler. Just nicely explain to them that you are not expecting overage, and that they need to just adjust down the value of the coupon! Should this read adjust to $0.00?

rcat said...

If the coupons says "do not double" Can you use it?

Joanie Demer said...

this has been my biggest question and I've gone all the way to the top at proctor and gamble to get it answered, but I haven't got in clear yet. My opinion is, it shouldn't matter whether or not is says "do not double" Albertsons gets reimbursed only for the value of ANY coupon. The other "double" coupon comes out of the stores profit. So it should make no difference to Albies whether or not your coupon says that. But you'll have to make sure with your manager if that's their policy

rcat said...

What about with Kmart? Is it the same? Do you usually try it? Does it depend on the cashier? Thanks,

Joanie Demer said...

Same. Yes. Yes. Yes.

The reason I'm contacted P&G is because I want to know "why they do put do do not double, etc on a coupon" I don't understand who it does apply to.

Doré said...

Thanks so much for explaining the doublers!

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You can add as many as you need to promote all of your posts concerning deals!!

The Keevy Family said...

Thanks for posting this! I am leaving a link on my blog regarding this. When we all play fair everyone wins! :)

cjphoto2 said...

This is a little off subject but... does Kmart offer a raincheck for items out of stock during their sales like Albertsons? And how do I find out when my Kmart's shipment/stock days are?

Glaston Totes said...

Does anyone know if Kmart will be doubling internet coupons?

Joanie Demer said...

Rainchecks at KMart. . .I don't think I've done that before but I just emailed CS and asked them. I'll let you know what they say.
The double coupon image on the insert often excludes internet coupons. My mom in CA has never been able to use IPs, but her in Boise, I've never NOT been able to use them. It'll depend on your store.

The Barker Clan said...

Last week during the doublers, I went to a particular Albertson's and used my $1 off Ritz crackers, which were priced at 1.88. The cashier told me I could not use the doubler for that coupon because it would create an overage. I explained to her that they, in the past, adjusted it so that the coupon was only doubled upto the .88. She continued to tell me I couldn't do it. Then the manager came over and also told me I couldn't do it. I told her that I had gone to two other stores that adjusted the price and again was told they couldn't do it. How much more do you push it? I just went ahead and left my items. She wouldn't even let me double for a product that was 1.99 with a $1 coupon. The manager told me that they were just trying to be consistent with what the other stores were doing. Obviously they were the ones being inconsistent. Again, how much do you push especially when the manager is telling you this?

Carissa said...

Thanks for the post! I'm getting the hang of the Albertson's doublers (there have been lots of opportunites to practice this past month!), but I was lost on the upcoming Kmart ones. THANKS!

Stephanie said...

I was just at Albertson's and used coupons with their Kraft sale. I had several dollar $1.00 off coupons but they only doubled them for $.75 because after the $3 off they only come to $1.75 instead of the $2.50. I have never had this happen before with the spend so much get a dollar amount off. Anyone else have this problem? Is this part of the policy or did my cashier misunderstand?

Amber Red said...

To the Barker Clan
This same thing happened to me (along with screaming kids) Like you I didn't want to make a scene, but i did call corporate (with the advice from KCL and they have an envelope waiting for me to pick up. They said there is no reason why they shouldn't of let me use them ;0

Sara said...

there are 2 Albies stores within 2 miles of each other where I live and one endorses coupons and lets you use doubles-price down. The other one won't mark it down so they won't accept the coupon. Stupid I know. I never go to the other one now because I don't want to argue or cause a scene, and they are not nice at all about coupons, even if I am.

Ashley said...

I know I'm going out on a limb here... but does anyone have doublers they'd be willing to part with??? Doesn't hurt to ask. If so, please let me know.

Ann said...

I e-mailed K-Mart asking whether Oregon is participating, and got this response:

Thank you for contacting Kmart regarding the Kmart Double Coupon Event.

At this time the locations in Oregon are not participating in our event.
Please contact us periodically for further updates.

Thank you for contacting us.

Elizabeth A.,
Retail Customer Care

Kimmie said...

In regards to the "do not double" manufacturer's place on their coupons, I had an Albertson's checker explain that means you can't use one coupon for several identical items, ie... I have three colgate toothpastes and only one coupon for a dollar off one colgate toothpaste, I can't have her just scan the one coupon three times. Kind of makes sense to me because I can't see why a manufacturer would care if the store offers doublers. After all, as Joanie pointed out, it comes out of the stores profit.

Robin said...

Have any of the Portland area KMarts been doubling?